From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 783 - Couple’s Mutual Investigation (1)

Chapter 783: Couple’s Mutual Investigation (1)

After leaving Huan You Technology Corporation, Wen Ruo was even more determined to maintain a good relationship with Jian Yuncheng.

Wen Ruo knew that Jian Yiling did not have a good relationship with two of her brothers.

Therefore, this was an opportunity for her.


In the private club, Han Mengyu was dressed in a flowery shirt. He had a red wine glass in his hand.

He didn’t have the elegance of a nobleman yet he also didn’t appear to be a troublesome individual.

“Master Sheng, your brother-in-law’s luck is incredible. At first, everyone assumed that he was going to make losses off this acquisition. However, I never expected him to strike a partnership with Xuming Medical Manufacturers so quickly. He turned the situation around, just like that!”

“It’s not luck.”

Zhai Yunsheng lazily rested on the bench. He wore a white shirt and casual black pants.

“It’s not luck? Then was Elder Zhang convinced by Jian Yuncheng’s talent?”

Han Mengyu felt that this was even more inconceivable.

Zhai Yunsheng: “Things are going too smoothly for the Jian family.”

This was Zhai Yunsheng’s intuition.

From the Wei family’s incident to the Jian family’s acquisition. Everything was going too smoothly. Something just didn’t sit right with him.

Xing Wei: “Speaking of which, we still couldn’t figure out anything about Broken Waves.”

Xing Wei was lifting dumbbells next to him. He was exercising his arm strength. He knew he could not beat Master Sheng, however, he was unwilling to fall too far behind.

Han Mengyu: “Well, either way, it’s good for us no? After all, Jian Yiling is related to the Jian family. This means that they’re always going to be on your side right?”

Xing Wei: “It’s hard to say. After all, at the start, the Jian family didn’t seem to agree on this engagement.”

Han Mengyu: “That’s because our sister-in-law is still young. Master Sheng just stole her from the Jian family! It’s natural for them to be a bit upset.”

Zhai Yunsheng: “For the time being, it’s a good thing. Continue to look into matters regarding Broken Waves. However, don’t beat the grass to scare the snake.”

Xing Wei: “Understood. Oh right, what do you want us to do with what’s remaining of the Wei Group?”

Zhai Yunsheng: “Make his assets become someone else’s.”

Upon hearing this, Han Mengyu’s eyes showed a glow of excitement: “I can’t wait to see Wei Qirui jump around in frustration.”


Feng Wei sent a message to Jian Yiling.

Feng Wei: [Yiling, there’s an organization that’s investigating our company.]

Jian Yiling: [Which organization?]

Feng Wei: [We’re not sure. The other party did this rather cleanly. When they were accessing our server, our systems detected their access. However, when we attempted to track them down, they discovered us. Therefore, no useful information was obtained.]

Jian Yiling: [Are they attacking us?]

Feng Wei: [Nope. It seems as though they’re only interested in the information of our personnel. However, all that information is stored somewhere else. That server is only there to fool people. There’s no useful information on it.]

Jian Yiling: [Tell the security station to take precautions.]

Feng Wei: [Understood. In addition, the report on the earnings for shorting the stocks has been sent to your email. We made a huge profit this time.]

Jian Yiling: [Thank you. Same as before, 60% of the net gain after expenses will be divided amongst the team.]

Feng Wei: [Understood.]

No one would expect Feng Wei to be a member of Broken Waves.

After all, he already had his position in society. Initially, he only joined the company to have some fun.

However, the more he did it, the more invested he became.

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