From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 547 - Compete with a Video Game Streamer (1)

Chapter 547: Compete with a Video Game Streamer (1)

Grandpa Jian was the first to react: “I am honored, Master Zhai. Master Sheng is an incredible man. If my granddaughter were to marry him, it would definitely be a climb in social status for her. However, my granddaughter is still young. Furthermore, in this day and age, it’s all about freedom of marriage. Thus, it’s not good for us to interfere with our grandchildren’s love affairs.”

Although Grandpa Jian said that it was a climb in social status, in reality, he did not want to agree.

However, he had to be polite with his words. Their family couldn’t afford to make Master Zhai upset.

“You’re too modest. Your granddaughter is incredibly cute. I’m afraid that a group of men will fight for her when she grows older. My grandson is quite slow, and thus, I’m afraid that when the time comes, he won’t be able to fight for her! That’s why it’s better to give him a guarantee in advance!”

Upon hearing this, Grandpa Jian did not know how to respond.

The Master Zhai in front of him was quite different from the one spoken in legends.

However, Master Zhai did not think too much about his actions. All of this didn’t matter!

He had to help his grandson!

Furthermore, did it matter if settling marriage wasn’t something done in this day and age? It was going to be fine as long as he said so!

From Master Zhai’s actions, one could tell why Zhai Yunsheng was so stubborn and wilful. It was said that such characteristics were passed on!

Members of the Jian family looked at each other.

If it were anyone else, they would have kicked that person out of the hospital ward already.

However, this was Master Zhai. They couldn’t kick him out or ask him to leave.

“So?” Master Zhai asked the Jian family. He waited for their response.

After a pause, Grandpa Jian still refused: “Sorry, Master Zhai. We still can’t make the decision on this matter. It’s our granddaughter’s decision. We want our children to make their own decisions in life.”

Grandpa Jian said this with fear and trepidation.

After all, if Master Zhai became angry, the entire Jian family could die in his hands.

“Ahh, I understand,” Master Zhai replied. He was a little disappointed. However, he wasn’t upset at all.

After all, he still planned to be in-laws with them! How could he be upset!

Besides, he was begging them to give their granddaughter to the Zhai family!


Jian Yiling received a call from Hu Jiaojiao. In the call, Hu Jiaojiao told her that An Yang was in trouble.

An Yang had been watching a video game streamer. However, he discovered that the streamer was terrible at the game. Although his stats appeared good, he was merely smurfing and destroying low-level players.

And thus, An Yang directly told the streamer off. How could he tolerate such a thing?

He posted those comments on the streaming platform.

In addition, he also made a post about it on his Weibo.

However, trouble started to appear after he posted such a thing on his Weibo. The streamer hired individuals to post malicious messages about An Yang on the Internet.

According to those individuals, An Yang was deliberately smearing dirt on his name.

Then, the streamer asked An Yang to compete in an online match.

The person who lost had to admit their mistake and apologize to the other person.

There was nothing wrong with this.

However, An Yang got beaten up at school today.

His left hand was fractured.

Right now, his left hand was in a cast. And thus, he could not play the match.

An Yang had a suspicion that the streamer did this. However, he could not produce any evidence.

As An Yang wanted to uphold his reputation, he hadn’t mentioned this matter to Jian Yiling.

However, after Hu Jiaojiao pondered about the matter, she still decided to call Jian Yiling. She didn’t want to see him stress.

“No rush. I will handle it.”

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