From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 468 - Jian Yiling Uncovers the Truth (1)

Chapter 468: Jian Yiling Uncovers the Truth (1)

What was their relationship with Jian Yiling? And was Jian Yiling really their ‘Boss’?

Originally, Qin Yufan had just planned to watch the show unfold in front of her. She hadn’t expected such a thing to happen. As a result, she was quite surprised.

However, she still felt that this matter had nothing to do with her.

It was just that Jian Yiling’s moves and actions had been quite unexpected and out of the ordinary.

When the people inside the room heard the word ‘police’, they all panicked a little.

They all looked towards Shan Yurou and waited for her response.

Now that the situation had changed, were they meant to terminate their plans?

However, instead of stopping, Shan Yurou ordered them to continue: “Don’t let them scare you! Shoo those people away!”

She had already made it this far. There was no point in stopping now.

Even if she made a big commotion, she still had to ensure that her plans were carried out.

Upon hearing Shan Yurou’s words, An Yang snapped his fingers at people outside the door with a relaxed expression.

Then, people from outside the room walked into the KTV compartment in an orderly fashion.

Initially, the people in the compartment only saw the two to three people at the door. However, when they walked in one after another, Shan Yurou and the others realized that there were a lot of people that they were facing.

These people appeared to look rather scary to Shan Yurou and her group.

Initially, when An Yang entered the room, only two of his lackeys had followed him. His lackeys looked like ordinary men. It didn’t seem as though they were capable of doing much damage. However, the group of people who just entered the room looked incredibly tall and sturdy. In fact, it seemed as though they were professional bodyguards.

On the other hand, Shan Yurou had only brought along a few people that she hung out with. In addition to her group, she had also temporarily hired some people to come with her.

She had never imagined that Jian Yiling was protected by such a group of people.

These weren’t people that they wanted to mess with!

If they were executive security bodyguards, then Jian Yiling was way too willing to spend money!

Everyone knew that the salary for these bodyguards was very high. In addition to that, there usually wasn’t a need for such bodyguards in the first place.

Ordinary people wouldn’t hire so many bodyguards on a daily basis.

When Shan Yurou saw that things weren’t going the way that she planned them to, she knew that her plan for the day had been destroyed. It wasn’t going to be possible for her to make another move.

And thus, she showed her softer side to Jian Yiling: “I lost. I will let you know what you want to know. I just hope that you can let me go.”

Then, Jian Yiling said: “You want to frame Qin Yufan.”

It wasn’t a question. Rather, it was an affirmative sentence.

A similar incident had happened in the original novel.

However, in the original novel, the person who was kidnapped was Mo Shiyun.

Back then, Mo Shiyun and Qin Chuan had quite a good relationship.

Then one day, Mo Shiyun’s mother had been taken away. Following that, Mo Shiyun was blackmailed to follow Shan Yurou into the KTV compartment.

In the KTV compartment, Mo Shiyun met Qin Yufan.

Mo Shiyun had questioned Qin Yufan. She wanted to know why she was doing this to her. However, Qin Yufan hadn’t answered her.

Later in the original novel, Qin Chuan had rushed to the scene to rescue Mo Shiyun. And thus, the conflict between Qin Chuan and Qin Yufan broke out completely.

However, according to how events were progressing right now, it seemed as though there was another reason for the event that happened in the original novel.

No one knew that the person who was behind all of this was Shan Yurou. It wasn’t Qin Yufan who had planned all this.

However, in the original novel, even when confronted with Qin Chuan’s questions, Qin Yufan did not explain the matter to him.

This led Qin Chuan to conclude that it was Qin Yufan who wanted to harm Mo Shiyun.

The reason behind this was because Qin Yufan hated Qin Chuan. She had a motive of doing such a thing.

Jian Yiling on the other hand was able to understand why Qin Yufan refused to explain the situation to Qin Chuan.

Qin Yufan didn’t care about explaining a situation to someone that she hated. What was the point of doing that?

In the original novel, the original Jian Yiling was like that as well…

And thus, based on the original plot, the events of today, and Qin Yufan’s reaction, Jian Yiling was able to deduce what was happening right now.

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