From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 46 - Master Sheng’s Gift (2)

Chapter 46: Master Sheng’s Gift (2)

He Yan’s name appeared on the registration form. The date was a day after the incident had occurred.

In the third column of the registration, there was the ID number of the person who inquired.

According to the birth date on the ID number, Jian Yiling could confirm that it was indeed He Yan and not someone else with the same name.

The last column of the registration was a reason for watching the surveillance:

[Earrings lost. Suspect that a thief got into my room.]

Yu Xi continued to speak, “The second book records everyone who has checked in at the hotel this year. I looked into it and it seems as though He Yan hasn’t stayed in this hotel this year at all.”

As Yu Xi spoke about these things, he examined Jian Yiling’s expression.

He was unsure of whether he explained everything in enough detail. He wondered if Jian Yiling could understand what he was saying.

If she didn’t understand, he would explain it further. He needed to make sure that she understood what he was getting at.

However, of course, Jian Yiling understood what these records meant.

She had also previously tried to query about the surveillance of Heyunshan Resort. However, the surveillance on the day of the incident had mysteriously disappeared.

And now she had evidence on her hands that suggested that He Yan went to the hotel on the day following the incident. He Yan would have had the opportunity to either delete or take away the surveillance whilst the rest of the Jian family was busy with Jian Yunnao’s injury.

“Why would you check this?” Jian Yiling asked as she looked up at Yu Xi.

Yu Xi spread out his hands and quickly emphasized that he had nothing to do with the situation. “I didn’t do this. Master Sheng did this. I only showed him the posts on the campus forum of Shenghua High School.”

Yu Xi had also graduated from Shenghua High School. As a result, he had an account for the Shenghua campus forum.

The graduates from Shenghua High School kept their accounts. This allowed them to visit the campus forum any time they wanted.

Yu Xi had seen the post regarding Jian Yiling on the forum and thus, he showed it to Zhai Yunsheng.

He didn’t take part in anything that happened after.

From the time that he had shown Master Sheng the post from the forum, only two to three hours had passed before the two records had appeared before him.

These two books were also delivered personally by the manager of Heyunshan Resort.

Thus, Jian Yiling turned around and looked at Zhai Yunsheng who was leaning on the sofa and asked, “Why did you investigate these things?”

Although her voice sounded soft, her tone was firm and serious.

Zhai Yunsheng’s hand kept tapping on the armrest of the sofa. Slowly, he answered Jian Yiling’s question, “Compared to the rumors, I like using my own eyes to view things. It was not difficult to find out the time and place. And for the rest, I just asked for the surveillance from the other party.”

Based on the time that Jian Yunnao got injured, he could easily find out what the Jian family was doing at that time. From that, Zhai Yunsheng could also find the time and place where the incident occurred.

After that, Zhai Yunsheng had asked the hotel to provide a copy of the surveillance. However, the manager of the hotel had told him that that part of the surveillance was missing.

It was strange for the surveillance to disappear in less than half a month from the incident.

Thus, Zhai Yunsheng asked for two other records of the hotel. Those records were currently in Jian Yiling’s hands.

It was not a simple task to get the records of who had checked into the hotel and who had seen the surveillance. It was especially difficult to obtain them from a hotel that had a strong background such as Heyunshan.

However, this wasn’t a problem for Zhai Yunsheng.

Jian Yiling went silent. Zhai Yunsheng’s gift was indeed quite different from what she had expected and it was what she currently needed.

After thinking about it for a moment, Jian Yiling raised her head and said, “I can’t take it for free. I can do anything that you need.”

Jian Yiling’s eyes were sincere and her tone was firm.

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