From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 44 - The Post has been Deleted

Chapter 44: The Post has been Deleted

Hu Jiaojiao took the initiative to speak to Jian Yiling. “Jian Yiling, I’ve noticed that Qiu Yizhen takes a detour when she has to walk by you. You’re so smart! Although Qiu Yizhen would be in a worse situation if you posted the video, she would constantly cause you trouble. However, since you didn’t post it, she isn’t messing with you at all!”

After a few days of observing everything, this was the conclusion that Hu Jiaojiao came to.

Qiu Yizhen no longer caused Jian Yiling any trouble. Furthermore, all the videos that were online regarding Qiu Yizhen were also deleted by her father. He used his money to deal with this matter privately.

Jian Yiling nodded her head silently.

After they got along for a few days, Hu Jiaojiao was no longer that afraid of Jian Yiling anymore. She began to get used to Jian Yiling’s silence.

Hu Jiaojiao continued to talk to Jian Yiling, “Oh, also, have you gone onto our school forum? All the posts regarding you in these two days have been deleted by someone!”

The posts have been deleted?

Jian Yiling navigated to the page of the school forum on her phone. Sure enough, all the posts that were previously popular had been deleted.

“Did you get someone to delete them?” Hu Jiaojiao asked.

Jian Yiling shook her head.

Jian Yiling never thought about deleting the posts. Almost everyone in the school had seen those posts. Deleting them couldn’t change that fact.

“Are you not interested in who deleted them?” Hu Jiaojiao asked again.

Jian Yiling once again shook her head.

Hu Jiaojiao stroked the bottom of her chin. “According to my many years of watching Detective Conan, I think that this matter is not simple! It might be… It might be done by someone who is secretly in love with you!”

At this moment, a member of the student committee came over. Her name was Liu Wen.

Liu Wen was wearing a pair of glasses that had very thick lenses. Her expression was very serious and she was the top student of Class 8.

Liu Wen knocked on the desk of Jian Yiling. She reminded them that, “Next Tuesday will be the second monthly exam this semester. Please attempt to pass the exam. Don’t drag our class back anymore.”

Most of the students in Shenghua High School could be divided into two types. The ones who had good grades and the ones that had bad grades but had a strong family background.

Hu Jiaojiao and Jian Yiling belonged to the later.

They were the lowest-ranking students in Class 8.

This was one of the reasons why they were assigned to be sitting at the same desk.

Liu Wen turned around and spoke to Hu Jiaojiao individually. “If you don’t get good marks in the exam, you can only be someone who collects rent for the rest of your life.”

Hu Jiaojiao’s family owned an entire building in the Hengyuan city. They also owned several shops and factories. Every year, just by collecting this rent, they could earn a lot of income. This income could be someone else’s entire life savings.

Because of her bad grades, Hu Jiaojiao was on the verge of returning home and spending the rest of her life collecting rent.

After hearing this, Hu Jiaojiao sighed in despair before lying onto the desk. She wailed for a bit before saying, “Please don’t mention it. Whenever you mention it, I become even more stressed.”

Liu Wen continued to speak, “Then set yourself a small goal first. Don’t fail any subjects.”

Hu Jiaojiao continued to cry, “Sister, you say this is a small goal. However, it’s incredibly difficult for me! You might as well ask me to earn a small amount of a hundred million dollars!”

“I can borrow you my notes. Do you want them?”

Liu Wen could only help them with so much.

Hu Jiaojiao immediately interwove her fingers and sincerely thanked Liu Wen. “Yes, yes of course! You’re the best! I love you!”

After obtaining Liu Wen’s notebook, Hu Jiaojiao hurried to the photocopying room.

As Shenghua High School was a private school, the teaching facilities were quite good. There were printers for the students to use that were free of charge.

Hu Jiaojiao printed two copies of the notes. One was for her and the other was for Jian Yiling.

Jian Yiling looked at the notes that appeared in her hands before she looked at Hu Jiaojiao again.

Hu Jiaojiao made a cheering gesture for Jian Yiling, “Jian Yiling, let’s pass the exam this time! We need to have a goal! Maybe we will actually achieve it! Don’t you think so?”

“Okay,” Jian Yiling replied.

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