From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 380 - A Bug in the Game (1)

Chapter 380: A Bug in the Game (1)

If they walked faster, out of the five chests, the two siblings would have at least taken two.

Everyone knew how Jian Yumin performed in the last episode. They knew that he wasn’t very good at solving the questions that were prepared by the production team.

And thus, this meant that their performance was purely based on his sister’s contributions.

What happened to being a liability? What happened to just looking pretty? What happened to being a soft and helpless girl?

Things had turned out quite unexpectedly…

The other guests were looking at Jian Yumin with envious eyes. They were jealous that Jian Yumin had such a capable sister!

One of the male guests expressed their envy and jealousy towards Jian Yumin: “Minyu, where can I get such an adorable yet capable sister? Do I have to wait in line? Or do I have to draw lots?”

The male guest was known for being silly yet amusing. His fans were quite amused by his comment. The fans of other celebrities also started to spam [Hahahahaha] on the screen. In fact, even the other guests on the island started to tease him.

However, this male who was seemingly unthreatening caused Jian Yumin to become vigilant again. He stood in front of his sister to protect her.

“You can’t get her anywhere! There’s only one of her!”

The smugness in Jian Yumin’s voice was overflowing as he said this.

[Hahahahaha, look how pleased Minyu is.]

[I’m announcing that I’m no longer a fan of Minyu! I’m now officially a fan of Yiling!]

[The other guests should just give up. You can’t get someone like Minyu’s sister through drawing lots! She’s exclusive to Minyu!]

[Minyu: No male is allowed near my sister!]

The male guest was shooed away by Jian Yumin.

Jokes aside, the guests were now faced with a serious problem to solve. The problem was how to get off the deserted island.

This stage of the show wasn’t supposed to happen so soon.

Based on the production team’s initial plans, the guests weren’t meant to open the treasure chests so quickly.

In the last episode, there were a few chests that were so difficult that none of the guests could solve them. And thus, the production team allowed the celebrities to interact with the audience. The viewers could provide them hints if the celebrity completed a certain task.

However… This part had been skipped in this episode…

They were forced to skip this part…

A bug in the game had solved all the difficult puzzles. She didn’t even give the celebrities a chance to ask for hints or help.

And now, the groups entered the next stage ahead of time. They had to find a way to get off the deserted island using the clues on the clue card.

With more than half the clue cards in the hands of Jian Yumin and Jian Yiling, the viewers could not help but speculate on what would happen next.

[According to Xie Minyu’s stingy nature, he’s probably going to hold onto the seven clue cards so he can win the competition.]

[How can he win the competition with only seven clue cards? His selfish behavior will only cause everyone else to be stuck on the deserted island with him.]

[Well, he wouldn’t even let anyone close to his sister. Can’t you see how much he wants to win?]

Suddenly, all the comments were filled with malicious speculation about Jian Yumin. Did Mo Shiyun’s fans change the atmosphere of the broadcast?

At this moment, the other guests were also unsure of what Jian Yumin and Jian Yiling planned to do.

At this point, Mo Shiyun, who held two clue cards in her hands, came forward to speak.

Her voice was gentle and soft. Her tone made it sound like she was open for discussion: “Why don’t we exchange clue cards? To be fair, we will exchange five clues for five clues. You can keep the remaining two. This way, you can see all the clues. If we don’t do this, we will just be stuck here. We can’t achieve anything if that happens.”

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