From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Cousin Jian Yujie

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The woman’s heart was swayed once again as she thought about her daughter. Her daughter was lovable, intelligent, and had boundless prospects.


He Yan paused and then changed into a softer tone to continue talking, “Don’t think about it too much. You’re doing the best thing for your daughter. Your daughter is not only beautiful but she’s also talented. She should have the opportunity to stand out amongst her peers. If it’s because of money and she’s unable to attend a good high school and university, then her entire life would be regrettable. Look at her right now, not only does she have exceptional results, but she has also made friends with outstanding individuals. Her future is bright.”

He Yan’s words successfully persuaded the middle-aged woman. Her daughter was her weakness.


“I understand. I am willing to do anything for my daughter. In regards to Mr. and Ms. Jian, I’ll repay them in my next life!”


He Yan was satisfied with this answer, “Then let’s continue what we are doing right now. As I’m still at the Old Residence, I’ll go see this girl again. I’ll figure out what she is up to!”

After finishing her sentence, He Yan hung up the phone.

He Yan had initially called Aunt Mo because she wanted to figure out why Jian Yiling’s attitude had changed all of a sudden.

It turned out that Aunt Mo was useless and she still had to rely on herself.


At the dinner table, Jian Yiling met her cousin Jian Yujie for the first time.

Jian Yujie and Jian Yunnao were the same age. They were both seventeen.

If they excluded Jian Yiling, those two were the youngest grandchildren in the Jian family. They were a few years younger than their brothers.

The other grandchildren of the Jian family were all in their twenties.

Initially, they hadn’t planned to want any more children. However, Grandma Jian had said during Chinese New Year all those years back, that she wanted to embrace a granddaughter. Thus, Jian Shuxing and Jian Shuhong had attempted to give her a granddaughter.

As a result, in the same year, two more grandsons were born.

At this time, everyone had given up. Grandma Jian had also accepted her fate.

It was unexpected that a year later, Wen Nuan became pregnant once again.

And this time, she gave birth to a daughter. This delighted Grandma Jian.

Many things grow in the garden that was not sown there. Sometimes, doing a thing intentionally will not give the result that you want. Rather, it is better to let things follow fate.

When Jian Yujie saw Jian Yiling, he smiled at her.

Although He Yan had always resented Jian Yiling, Jian Yujie really liked his younger female cousin.

This was his only sister and her appearance was incredibly cute as well.

When she was young, she looked like a doll. At that time, he adored his younger sister.

It was a shame that there were too many elder brothers in the family. He couldn’t fight against them and could only watch them play with her from afar.


There was nothing to be done. He and Yunnao were the youngest in the brothers and thus, there was a big difference in height, size, and strength.

He didn’t have many chances to see Yiling. Most of the time, it was in the Old Residence and at those times, most of the extended family were there.

There were seldom opportunities where he had the chance to talk to Yiling.

Thus, Jian Yujie seized the opportunity and tried to get her to have a favorable impression of him.

Jian Yiling returned Jian Yujie’s smile.

Although her smile was on the surface level, in Jian Yujie’s eyes, her smile was particularly cute.

When they were eating, Jian Yujie sat next to Jian Yiling. He kept adding food to Jian Yiling’s bowl.

“Yiling, you need to eat more to grow taller! When I was your age, I was half a head taller than you right now!”

Jian Yiling was relatively small when compared to her peers.

Although she was already in senior high school, she still looked like a junior high student.

“Yes, yes, Yiling, you have to eat more. You don’t have to control your diet to maintain your figure. You’re still young right now. You can worry about your figure when you’re older,” He Yan quickly added on.


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