From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 197 - Making the Surveillance Video Available to Everyone (3)  

Chapter 197: Making the Surveillance Video Available to Everyone (3)

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The post that contained the truth was like a bomb that exploded on the campus forum of Shenghua High School. It made everyone feel confused and dazzled.

As soon as Hu Jiaojiao saw the post, she rushed over to speak to Jian Yiling.

“Yiling, look! Someone posted the actual surveillance video online! This is great! No one ever will slander you about that incident anymore!”

“Mhmm,” Jian Yiling replied. She reacted calmly.

Jian Yiling’s reaction made Hu Jiaojiao quite confused. She asked, “Why aren’t you excited?”

Hu Jiaojiao couldn’t help but exclaim inwardly, ‘Wow, Yiling is so strong. Her emotions aren’t swayed easily’.

“I’ve seen the video before,” Jian Yiling replied. She wasn’t surprised that the video had been uploaded onto the campus forum.

It was only a matter of time.

Even if someone else didn’t upload the video, she would have uploaded it after Jian Yunnao’s surgery.

“Huh? You’ve seen the video before?” Hu Jiaojiao asked. “Hmm… I guess that makes sense. You must have known the truth already. It’s everyone else who didn’t know the truth.”

However, Hu Jiaojiao continued to mumble, “Wait, I have to go and leave a comment as well.”

Upon saying that, Hu Jiaojiao opened the thread and started typing out a message.

[I think that everyone who cursed at Jian Yiling should give her an apology. You guys didn’t even know what was going on. Your words were very hurtful. Just because you’re not using your real name on the forum doesn’t mean that you can just forget about the comments that you guys have made.]

After Hu Jiaojiao posted her comment, she immediately closed the campus forum.

Although she typed that comment, she was still scared that someone would tell her off.


She didn’t have the guts to get into a fight with someone. Even if the fight was online. And even if the other party didn’t even know her real name.


Final Year of Senior High, Qiu Yizhen’s Classroom.

Soon afterward, Qiu Yizhen also saw the contents of the forum post. After seeing the post, her expression was a little rigid.

The truth was out?

Jian Yiling didn’t push Jian Yunnao off the stairs?

Then didn’t that mean that she had been messing around with Jian Yiling for no reason at all?

“Umm… Sister Qiu, it appears as though Jian Yiling didn’t push Jian Yunnao? Then… Weren’t we troubling the wrong person?”

One of Qiu Yizhen’s lackeys asked cautiously.

“What?! Even if Jian Yiling didn’t push her brother, the video showed that she was arguing with him at the top of the stairs! They were also pushing and pulling! If she didn’t argue with Jian Yunnao, none of this would have ever happened! So Jian Yiling is still at fault! She’s still responsible for Jian Yunnao’s injuries.”

Although Qiu Yizhen knew that she had made a mistake, she still didn’t want to acknowledge it.

“Yes, yes. Of course. Sister Qiu is correct! It’s Jian Yiling’s fault!” The two lackeys echoed.

Although her lackeys agreed with her words, Qiu Yizhen still felt quite awkward.

If Jian Yiling cleared her name like that, wouldn’t she end up being the joke?

What a pain.


Class for High Achievers, Final Year of Senior High. Mo Shiyun and Zhu Sha also saw the post.

Yesterday, the Yao Li Chemistry and Advanced Materials Research Institution had declared that Jian Yiling hadn’t cheated. This meant that she had officially come first in the chemistry competition.

Back then, everyone was saying how Jian Yiling’s academics were undergoing redemption.

The only thing that they were still questioning was her character.

And now, it was revealed that she hadn’t pushed Jian Yunnao down the stairs.

In fact, she had even tried to save Jian Yunnao.

It seemed as though her character wasn’t an issue either.

Although there were a few people who still stuck to their guns and kept slandering Jian Yiling, most of the students were now defending her.

All of a sudden, Jian Yiling’s name was no longer associated with malicious and evil.

In fact, there were some people who started to praise her. They said that it was calm and intelligent of her to not refute the previous claims.

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