From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 192 - Want to Bring Yiling Back Home (1)

Chapter 192: Want to Bring Yiling Back Home (1)

Upon hearing Jian Yunnao’s reply, Jian Yuncheng picked up Jian Yunnao’s phone and sent a message to Mo Shiyun:

[What do you mean by pampering and there’s a fine line between right and wrong? What happened?]

Mo Shiyun didn’t know that the person who replied to her was Jian Yuncheng. She assumed that the person who replied was still Jian Yunnao.

When Mo Shiyun saw the message, she was confused for a second.

Usually, Jian Yunnao would understand the words that her message implied. However, today, he asked her to explain herself.

Mo Shiyun hesitated for a moment before she replied:

[Nothing much. Are you feeling better now?]

When Jian Yuncheng saw the message that Mo Shiyun sent, he had an expression of mockery.

She only dared to say something halfway. Now that he asked her to explain herself, she was too afraid to do so.

Jian Yuncheng decided to let Jian Yunnao reply to Mo Shiyun.

Jian Yunnao’s expression was slightly bitter and agonized. At the same time, it appeared as though he was laughing at himself.

It didn’t matter what happened in the last few months. Once upon a time, this was the girl who he had trusted and admired. However, were his eyes blind?

Jian Yunnao replied, [I’m fine.]

The reply was simple and only contained two words.

When Mo Shiyun saw Jian Yunnao’s message, she didn’t know how to continue the conversation.

As she stared at his succinct reply, her originally beautiful and bright face became clouded.


Gradually, everyone in the Jian family heard that Jian Yiling had won a prize in the chemistry competition.

However, this didn’t come as a big surprise to the family.

Ever since Jian Yiling was young, she had been incredibly smart. Her intelligence had been displayed in numerous ways.

Furthermore, she used to love staying in her second brother’s laboratory. She loved to watch him conduct experiments and often chased after him to ask questions.

The two siblings could stay in the laboratory for an entire day.

However, as Jian Yiling grew older, she had started to become unmotivated to study.

When Jian Yiling started refusing to study, the Jian family didn’t say much. They didn’t want to force her to study. Furthermore, they didn’t want to restrict her freedom. If she didn’t like studying, it was okay for her to not study.

However, what the Jian family didn’t know was that Jian Yiling had listened to her second aunt’s words. He Yan had told her to not focus on her studies.

In the original novel, Jian Yiling had believed in He Yan’s words. She had never doubted her second aunt.

For the past few days, Jian Shuxing and Wen Nuan had wanted the Old Jian Residence. They wanted to see Jian Yiling. However, they didn’t have a reason to visit her.

And now, they could finally visit her. They could use the excuse of celebrating Jian Yiling’s results for the chemistry competition.

Immediately, the two of them went with Jian Yuncheng to the Old Jian Residence.

By the time they arrived, it was already 7 o’clock. Jian Yiling had already finished her dinner and returned to her room.

When Jian Shuxing saw Grandma Jian, he asked in a courteous voice, “Mother, is Yiling in her study room?”

“What’s the matter?” Grandma Jian asked. She wasn’t surprised to see the three of them. However, she pretended to act as though she didn’t know the reason for their visit.

“We heard that Yiling won a prize in the chemistry competition. We bought her a few gifts and came over to congratulate her.”

“Oh. But my darling is very busy. She doesn’t have much time.” Grandma Jian replied.

“Mother…” Jian Shuxing dragged out his words. There was a clear implication that he was begging for forgiveness.

He knew that his mother was intentionally embarrassing him. However, there was nothing that Jian Shuxing and Wen Nuan could do. They could only listen to Grandma Jian.

“Go and knock on the door yourself. I am old. It takes too much effort to walk up the stairs.”

Upon hearing this, Jian Yuncheng rushed up the stairs. He took big steps. He knocked on the door when he reached Jian Yiling’s study.

“Come in.”

Jian Yiling’s voice called out from inside the room. Her voice was naturally sweet and soft.

Jian Yuncheng slowly opened the door. He saw his sister’s petite figure leaning over various papers. His heartstrings were tugged.

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