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Chapter 183 - Chemistry Competition Questions are Way Too Difficult

Chapter 183: Chemistry Competition Questions are Way Too Difficult


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After Jian Yiling gave Luo Xiuen and Cheng Yi their gifts, she went to change her clothes and disinfect herself. She needed to get ready to go into the operating room.

This operation was not difficult for Jian Yiling. It was the removal of a tumor in the lung.

The operation was completed in around an hour.

Jian Yiling’s performance lived up to everyone’s expectations.

As expected, they didn’t need to worry about Jian Yiling performing the nerve repair surgery.

After the surgery, Jian Yiling went to Qin Chuan’s mother’s ward. After her checkup, it was already twelve o’clock.

Then, Cheng Yi drove Jian Yiling to the examination venue for the chemistry competition.

The venue was located at Hengyuan University. The organizer had borrowed a teaching block from Hengyuan University to use as an examination room.

Jian Yiling had arrived at the venue with ten minutes to spare.

The invigilator at the door looked at the examination admission slip before looking at Jian Yiling again. The invigilator had to double-check to make sure that there wasn’t a mistake.

The reason for this was simply because Jian Yiling didn’t look like a high school student.

After they made sure that all the details were correct, they let Jian Yiling into the venue.

Out of everyone, Jian Yiling was the last one to arrive in the examination room.

The test lasted for two hours. Within an hour, Jian Yiling had handed in her papers and left early.

Most of the other students came out when the time was up. However, there were also a few that gave up and left the examination before the two hours were up.

After exiting, most of the students had an ugly expression on their faces.

A student who took the exam posted their thoughts on the school forum:

[This chemistry competition wasn’t designed for humans! The questions were way too hard. I didn’t even understand most of the questions!]

One after another, the other students also responded to the post.

[There wasn’t a single multiple-choice question. I couldn’t even guess a question correctly.]

[Is this really a high school chemistry competition? I’m doubting my life.]

[To be honest, I wasn’t sure of any of my answers.]

[I could do the first few questions. However, I had no idea how to solve the last few. I wrote some random chemical equations for the last few questions. Hopefully, that gives me a few marks.]

[Those who get a high score in this chemistry competition are gods. We are all mere mortals that can only look up to them!]

[I’m wondering whether anyone can actually get a high score…]

All the students were complaining about the chemistry competition. The questions were much harder than the ordinary competition.

No wonder the prize money for the competition was so high. Ordinary people would not be able to achieve great results.

[I’m suddenly curious about how Jian Yiling did.]

[Don’t even mention it. She came out of the examination venue in less than an hour.]

[The questions were very hard. I feel like everyone would get around the same mark. I don’t think her results would look too bad.]

If everyone scored around 80 to 90 and Jian Yiling scored 20 or 30, that would be quite embarrassing.

However, if everyone scored around 20 or 30 and Jian Yiling scored 10, that mark wouldn’t be considered too bad.

After the test, Mo Shiyun’s face was incredibly pale.

She looked like she was in a trance.

She was not at all confident about how she performed in the competition. This made her panic quite a bit.

She had attempted a lot of questions before the competition. She thought that she could handle any of the questions that were thrown at her.

However, she didn’t expect the questions to be so challenging. Many of them were completely out of the high school syllabus.

The first few questions were difficult but doable. She had encountered quite a few of the questions that were similar when she had been revising.

However, for the later questions, she couldn’t even understand what the question was asking.

Due to this, Mo Shiyun could only pray that the other students had the same experience as her. She hoped that they couldn’t answer the questions either.

If they knew how to answer the questions, she would probably lose her shot at the prize money.

And the consequences of that would be something that she didn’t want to think about.

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