From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Returning to School

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After taking a seven-day break, Jian Yiling was to return to school.

Today was Monday.

At this time, the most popular post on Shenghua High School’s forum was still the one that talked about Jian Yunnao’s injury. The one which said that the culprit was Jian Yiling.

It was because Jian Yiling didn’t come to school for an entire week that caused everyone to wonder whether Jian Yiling had been expelled by the school

[Jian Yiling did not attend school on the seventh day. It seems that it is even more likely that she has been expelled.]

[If I were her, I wouldn’t have the face to even come back to school.]

[That’s true. How could she do that to her brother? That sort of person is not worth being alive. It is such a pity that a talented individual such as Jian Yunnao had such a thing happen to him. I wanted to hear him play the piano again at the literature and art event.]


[All the brothers in the Jian family are all outstanding. I don’t know how Jian Yiling was brought up]

[She’s the embarrassment of the Jian family. She’s the rat poop that ruined an entire pot of porridge for the family!]


On the way to school, Jian Yiling sat at the back seat with her laptop on her lap. She quickly scrolled down the news on the campus forum.

At this time, a new message popped up on the computer.

[Dr. F.S., when would you have time to meet? We are very interested in the content that you have provided to us. However, you also know that we can’t believe you based on purely communicating online.]

Jian Yiling quickly typed out a reply: [Not available for the time being. If there is a problem, contact me online. I have submitted relevant papers to the CNS already.]

Soon, the other party replied: [It takes the CNS around three months to go from auditing to publishing. That is too slow. If you have another way to prove to us, that could save us a lot of time.]

It could be seen that the other party viewed the matter as pressing.

If Jian Yiling was the talented individual that they needed, then it would be best for them to contact Jian Yiling offline immediately. It would be better for them to directly recruit her into their team.

Jian Yiling replied: [Apologies, I have other things to deal with right now.]

The other party was silent for a moment before they replied to Jian Yiling: [Okay, let’s maintain in contact online then.]

They would have to at least maintain in contact with her online.


After replying to the message, Jian Yiling closed her laptop and tucked it into her school bag.

The driver sent Jian Yiling to the school gate and she got off the car.

The autumn sunlight that shone on her body was quite warm. Jian Yiling carried her bag and walked inside.

Jian Yiling’s appearance at school immediately attracted the attention of the students around her.

Because of the incident of her pushing someone, Jian Yiling was coined the term ‘malicious sister’ by everyone in the Shenghua High School.

When they saw her appear, everyone’s expressions became strange. From time to time, they would look at Jian Yiling. The look they gave was either one of curiosity or hostility.

Mo Shiyun also got off the bus at around the same time. A student next to her immediately grabbed at Mo Shiyun.

“Shiyun Shiyun, Jian Yiling returned to school! You have a good relationship with Jian Yunnao. Do you know why Jian Yiling pushed her brother? And how come she can return to school unscathed? Does her family not care?”

Mo Shiyun smiled lightly, “I’m sorry. I don’t know much about this matter. But if I were the Jian family, I would want this major thing to become small. And small things to become trivial.”


After listening to Mo Shiyun’s words, the student nodded. They thought that her words were very reasonable.

“You’re right. I’ve heard that the Jian family has always favored Jian Yiling more than her brothers. And now, what I have heard seems true. Even if she deliberately hurts her brother, she can still come back to school without anything happening to her.”


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