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Chapter 774 - 774 What Do You Want?

774 What Do You Want?

When Mi Na saw the man in the video, her expression became even uglier. She knew that she could no longer hide it, so she simply nodded and admitted it.

“Yes, I did promise them that I would bring them no less than 30% return every year.”

As soon as she said this, the executives of Fei Tian Security immediately exploded.


“What is it? This was actually true? President Mi, what exactly are you thinking?”

“Yeah, a 30% return rate is simply impossible.”

“Why didn’t you discuss it with us? How could he make such a promise to a client? You have to give us an explanation.”

“Do you still care about the company? What do you take the company for?”

Everyone was agitated as they questioned her.

Mi Na waited for them to vent their anger before she replied calmly, “Since I dared to make a promise, I naturally have my reasons. You don’t need to know. If I can’t do it by then, I’ll naturally give everyone an explanation.”

There was no lack of people who were dissatisfied with her in Fei Tian Security, and they immediately raised a ruckus.

“What are you talking about? What do you mean we don’t need to know? You’re not putting us in your eyes.”

“We’re all higher-ups of the company. Even we don’t have the right to know? Then who is qualified?”

“Give us an explanation. I want to hear what explanation you can give us when the time comes.”

“You must speak clearly today, or we won’t agree.”

“Yes, I won’t agree to it.”

Mi Na’s face turned uglier and uglier as she faced everyone’s questions. She could only glare at Xu Man hatefully. “Are you satisfied now?”

Xu Man sat there calmly. “What does this have to do with me? You were the one who made a promise to the client that you couldn’t keep behind the company’s higher-ups. You’re really willing to pay any price to poach my clients.”

Mi Na couldn’t help but laugh coldly. “Just because you can’t do it doesn’t mean I can’t. I’m telling you today that if I can’t do what I promised next year, I’ll automatically take the blame and resign.”

The executives of Fei Tian Security immediately looked at each other. They didn’t expect her to make such a military pledge. It seemed that she was really confident.

But then, a doubt arose. Where did she get this confidence from?

Even the top domestic security companies couldn’t guarantee a return of more than 30% for their clients.

Just as everyone was puzzled, Ye Feng suddenly received a message. After reading it, he revealed a playful smile.

“Actually, it’s not difficult to bring customers a return of more than 30%. If it was done properly, it’s not impossible to get a 200% return!”

He pulled out a chair and sat down next to Xu Man.

When everyone heard his words, they all started to criticize him.

“Where did this madman come from? How could he say such crazy words?”

“Haha, a 200% return? Do you think money comes from the wind?”

“There are risks in the stock market. It’s already a blessing to have a 20% return rate. Are you dreaming?”

“Even Warren Buffett has never exceeded 50%.”

Ye Feng faced everyone’s attacks, his expression did not change. “If it was just a normal operation, of course it would not have such a high return rate. However, if it was an unconventional operation, that might not be the case.”

Someone immediately questioned, “Oh? Then we’d like to hear your unconventional operation.”

Ye Feng glanced at Mi Na who was sitting opposite him. “I wonder if President Mi wants to hear it?”

Mi Na’s expression was extremely ugly. “Alright, then tell me.”

Ye Feng had a faint smile on his face. “If it were me, I would gather the funds of these clients and use them elsewhere…”

Before he could finish, someone interrupted him.

“This is illegal fund-raising. It’s illegal.”

“I thought he had some brilliant methods. I didn’t expect it to be illegal fund-raising.”

“Even if you do, how can you guarantee that you will make money?”

“That’s right. If we lose money in other businesses, how are we going to explain it to our customers?”

Even though they could not understand the deeper meaning behind Ye Feng’s words, Mi Na’s expression changed drastically, and she was even a little afraid. “Who are you? Who sent you here?”

Ye Feng looked at her blankly. “What does President Mi mean? I’m just telling you about my investment plan. Why are you so excited?”

Mi Na stood up and shouted outside, “Where’s the security? Chase this person out.”

There were already a few security guards waiting outside the door. When they heard her order, they immediately rushed in.

“Sir, please leave immediately. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being rude.”

The security captain immediately glared at Ye Feng.

Ye Feng was still sitting calmly, looking at the furious Mi Na. “What is President Mi doing? Could it be that I was right and you’re angry out of embarrassment?”

Mi Na didn’t want to listen to him anymore. She immediately shouted at the security guards, “Do you still want to work? Hurry up and throw him out!”

The security captain did not waste any more time. He grabbed Ye Feng first.

But before he could reach out, Ye Feng’s hand had already reached out like lightning and grabbed his collar.

He didn’t use much strength, but with a slight shake of his hand, the security captain was thrown out.

The remaining few security guards were still in a daze. Ye Feng continued to do the same thing, throwing them out one by one and then closing the door with a bang.

Everyone in the conference room was dumbfounded by this scene.

The security guards of Fei Tian Security were all hired from the best security company in Yang Cheng. Every one of them was experienced. In Ye Feng’s hands, they were the same as a group of chicks.

This time, no one dared to underestimate this young man.

Ye Feng clapped his hands and sat back down, smiling at Mi Na. “Let’s continue?”

Mi Na fell back into her chair and looked at him in horror. “You… What exactly do you want?”

Hearing Mi Na admit defeat, Ye Feng took the opportunity to raise his request, “Actually, what I want is very simple, I want you to return all the clients that you robbed from Dong’an Security, this shouldn’t be too much, right?”

Mi Na was still struggling. “It’s the client’s freedom to choose which company to invest in. I can’t control it…”

Feng Jingyi immediately sneered. “You can lie to others with your words. If you didn’t promise them a 30% annual return, would they choose Fei Tian?”

Mi Na immediately fell silent, calculating in her heart.

If she really returned those clients to Dong’an Security, the higher-ups of Fei Tian Security would not let her off. It was very likely that she would not be able to keep her position as CEO.

She was thinking about how to get away with it first and then think of other ways.

At this time, Ye Feng spoke again: “My patience is limited. If you still want to play any tricks, then I don’t mind telling you how you achieved a return rate of more than 200%.”

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