Found 100 Million In My Rented Apartment

Chapter 1004 - 1004 Even God is Helping Me

1004 Even God is Helping Me

After Ah Can snatched the boat and escaped, Liu Fanghai and the others received the news.

Fortunately, Ye Feng had predicted this possibility in advance. He had already arranged for the Golden Broth Security guards to be stationed at the nearby landing points.

And Ah Can happened to bump into the muzzle of a gun.

Liu Fanghai slowly walked out with his men and looked at Ah Can with a smile. “You’re quite good at running. So many people actually couldn’t stop you.”

Ah Can slowly raised his hands. “I say, isn’t this Mr. Ye too ruthless? Didn’t I just steal a piece of his map? Is there a need for him to chase me to the ends of the earth?”

Now that he had more than twenty guns pointed at him, he did not even have the courage to run away.

Liu Fanghai sneered. “You’ve offended Mr. Ye and you still want to run?”

“Even if you run to outer space, we can still catch you. If you don’t want to be shot in the head, then hold your head and squat down.”

Ah Can didn’t dare to resist and could only do as he said. “Alright, I’m convinced. I won’t run anymore, alright?”

Liu Fanghai immediately gestured to his subordinates. Immediately, two people walked out and were about to arrest Ah Can.

At this moment, a childish little girl’s voice suddenly sounded, “Mommy, come and chase me…”

Everyone turned around and saw a little girl about three or four years old running over.

“Don’t come over…” Liu Fanghai shouted, but it was too late.

How could an old fox like Ah Can let go of such a good opportunity? He immediately rolled on the ground and grabbed the little girl in his hand.

“All of you, f*cking step back, or I’ll kill her.”

Ah Can’s eyes were wide open as he pressed the blade against the little girl’s throat. With just a light cut, she would be dead.

The little girl was so scared that she started crying loudly. Her legs kept flapping. “Mommy, Mommy, save me…”

The girl’s mother was also scared silly at this time. It took her a long time to react and immediately begged, “Let go of my daughter…”

As she spoke, she was about to rush over.

Ah Can exerted force with the blade in his hand and immediately cut the little girl’s neck. Blood flowed out.

“Mommy…” The little girl cried even harder.

The woman’s face had turned pale from fright. She stopped in her tracks in a hurry. “I beg you, don’t hurt my daughter. I’ll give you anything you want. I beg you…”

Ah Can couldn’t be bothered with her. He turned to look at Liu Fanghai and the others. “Are you all f*cking deaf? I told you to get lost!”

Liu Fanghai gritted his teeth. In the end, he waved his hand and ordered Golden Soup Security to retreat.

After all, they weren’t from the Office of Personnel. Using guns was already a big offense. If someone died, it wouldn’t be a joke.

Ah Can immediately laughed arrogantly. “Even God is helping me. He sent me a little angel at the critical moment.”

As he spoke, he stuck out his tongue and licked the blood on the little girl’s neck.

“Mommy…” The little girl was crying so hard that she kept calling for her mother.

“Be good. As long as you help me with a small favor, I won’t hurt you.” Ah Can gave her a gentle smile.

At this moment, he did not look like a vicious thug. Instead, he looked like a kind father.

The little girl looked at him blankly. “Really?”

Ah Can immediately nodded. “Uncle won’t lie to children. Let’s make a pinky promise.”

As he spoke, he actually held her little hand and hooked his finger with the little girl’s.

The little girl’s tearful face revealed an innocent smile.

Ah Can turned to look at Liu Fanghai. “Send me a car.”

Liu Fanghai stared at him with a gloomy expression. He was in a dilemma. If he really gave him a car, then the mission Mr. Ye gave him might fail.

“My patience is limited. Don’t force me,” Ah Can urged impatiently and pressed the blade against the little girl’s neck again.

Liu Fanghai had no choice but to compromise. “Alright, I’ll give you the car. But let the child go first. She’s innocent.”

Ah Can laughed sinisterly. “Don’t tell me you’re also treating me like a three-year-old? If I let her go, you’ll probably send me a hearse, right? Hurry up, I’ll only give you five minutes. If you exceed one minute, I’ll break one of her fingers.”

The little girl looked at him blankly, as if she couldn’t understand why this uncle who was smiling at her just now suddenly became so fierce.

Liu Fanghai had no choice but to get someone to prepare a car for him.

Soon, a Toyota Corolla drove over.

“Park in front, put the keys on the front of the car, and scram,” Ah Can continued to order.

Liu Fanghai instructed his men to do as he was told. Then, he looked at him. “Can you let the child go now?”

Ah Can blocked using the little girl in front of him to prevent a sniper from shooting. Then, he walked to the car vigilantly.

He looked at the backseat to make sure that there was no one hiding behind him before taking out the car keys and opening the door.

Then, he started the car again. After confirming that there were no problems, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Go back and tell Ye Feng that I won’t let him off. Maybe one day when he goes to the toilet, sleeps, or makes love, I will suddenly appear behind him, hahaha…”

Ah Can laughed maniacally. Then, his face suddenly became ferocious. He waved the blade in his hand, about to cut the little girl’s throat.

“Don’t…” When the girl’s mother saw this scene, her eyes immediately widened in fear.


At this moment, the sniper hiding in the dark fired again. The bullet almost brushed past Ah Can’s ear and hit the car.

Ah Can couldn’t be bothered to kill anymore. He hurriedly left the little girl behind, then closed the car door with a bang, and sped away.

“The two of you, take the child to the hospital. The rest of you, get in the car and chase after him. Even if you have to chase him to the ends of the earth, you have to bring this b*stard back.”

Liu Fanghai immediately left two female members to take care of the little girl while the rest of the people got into the car.

Weng, weng, weng…

More than ten cars immediately chased after Ah Can.

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