Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Chapter 45: Debating on the Grand Dao

Chapter 45: Debating on the Grand Dao

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Finishing his words, Zhao Tiange faced Zhong Boya with a nod and turned around to leave.

The vast majority of youths followed Zhao Tiange. Only a small portion of students was enraptured by the Spiritual Energy Particle Collider. They stayed behind to ask Zhong Boya more deeply.

“That was close! I even thought that these two might start a fight!” This contention was largely outside of Li Yao’s realm of expectation. His face was covered in a cold sweat. Fear still lingered in his heart when he had spoken.

These two university professors were at least at the Building Foundation stage. They broke out with all their strength to produce an imposing air that was absolutely frightening. This was not something that Li Yao could bear.

“Who said this wouldn’t happen! 修真者, Cultivators, Daoists. The character 真 has the meaning of Truth. Every Cultivator pursues their own Truth. If truths are different, to the extent of being completely opposite, then of course there will be a collision of truths with sparks flying everywhere. There is an absolute need to demolish the opposing party! Fortunately there’s a lot of people here today; both sides were able to control themselves. If this was a different situation with no one around in all directions, the two parties will really go and have a bout. This is trivially common!” Zheng Dongming said with utter sorrow.

“They would be this extreme? They would go so far just for a theory?” Li Yao smacked his tongue.

“Of course they would go this far. Cultivators, or ‘修真’, means to Cultivate ‘修’ in the Truth ‘真理.’ To explain in terms from the Ancient Cultivation World, this ‘Truth’ is our Dao-Heart. Our heart’s path. When our Truth becomes refuted by others, when doubts arise in our hearts, then our hearts become swayed and becomes an ‘Unguarded Dao-heart,’ making it easy to fall to madness. The cultivation of the self is then halted. In serious cases, their world collapses, their cultivation falls wildly, and they become cripples! Legends say that there once was a strong Monad cultivator who debated with others on the Dao. His opponent brought out an irrefutable fact, thoroughly demolishing the Truth he persevered in. The Monad exploded! And his heart became unguarded! An external demonic influence took advantage of the opening and entered his heart, transforming him on the spot into a demonic cultivator! And this demonic cultivator quite nearly caused a great calamity! And so, when cultivators debate over the Truth, it’s more like they’re debating over the greater Truth, the Great Dao. Only the brave can forge ahead and press forward. They cannot shrink back by even half a step!” said Zheng Dongming with utter graveness.

Li Yao looked pensive as he nodded his head.

Indeed, today his world has been broadened. He received so much knowledge on the world of cultivators, but there was a bit that he still did not understand.

“Oh, that’s right. At the end, Zhong Boya addressed Zhao Tiange as Fellow Daoist Zhao. What does that mean? After Zhao Tiange heard this, I saw his attitude become gentler. He even sent his regards to Zhong Boya with a nod before he left. It seemed that he wasn’t that hostile anymore.”

Zheng Dongming explained, “Fellow Daoist is an honorific used in the world of cultivators. The meaning is, ‘I may not agree with your concept, but I recognize that you and I are the same. We both pursue the truth and advance forward on the Great Dao. Our truths may be different, but we both have the same kind of heart — the kind that pursues the truth. Therefore, we are friends, though ones who walk alone on our respective Great Daos’. And that is the ‘Fellow Daoist’. It is a very formal address! When Zhong Boya addressed his opponent as a Fellow Daoist, he gave goodwill on his own accord. Zhao Tiange also did not want to escalate the matter, so he naturally went with the flow and walked off the stage.”

Zheng Dongming, upon seeing Li Yao muttering to himself and not speaking up, laughed and asked, “What is it? Are you interested in Star Nebula University?”

Li Yao thought seriously to himself. He shook his head while saying, “It looks like Star Nebula University’s expertise lies more in the underlying theory in their academic subjects. I have never received a proper education, so my fundamentals are on the weaker side. Also, I am not interested in theory. Is there a university that focuses more on practical applications?”

“Focuses more on practical applications? Of course there is. Let’s go have a look at Empyrean Capital School of Medicine!”

The two walked to the next booth — to the Empyrean Capital School of Medicine!

All who appeared here were doctors wearing white gowns and surgical masks. The air was also filled with a faint acidic smell of disinfectant.

A large glass chamber was placed in the middle of the booth. Confined within was a tiger shaped Demon Beast. It was unknown what sort of secret technique bound it down, but the Demon Beast continued to maintain a frozen state; it could not wag its tail even by a tiny bit.

Its eyeballs whirled and turned chaotically, flickering occasionally with a glow that contained both great panic and savage brutality. This was the only thing that showed that the Demon Beast was a living creature.

A few nervous white-gowned doctors were bustling in front of the console. After a short time later…

A white-gowned doctor lifted his head. With a bright voice, he said, “All students, please watch!”

Thousands upon thousands of traces of dazzling sword flashes flickered in an instant within the glass chamber. Everyone was incited to the point of tears. Quite a few people were even forced to take small steps back.

When everyone was able to see the glass chamber again, they discovered that the savage aura within the tiger-shaped Demon Beast’s eyes had already been frozen.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

From head to tail, several dozens! Over a hundred! Over a thousand! Thin red lines appeared on the Demon Beast’s body. It was crazy! Incorporeal blades of air had cut the Demon Beast into several thousand pieces!

A white-gowned doctor spoke unenthusiastically, “What is currently going on is our Empyrean Capital School of Medicine’s ‘Demon Beast Slicing Research Project’. We take a Demon Beast and slice it into 0.01 millimeter thick sections. We then use telepathy to scan each section. From this, we are able to clearly determine the composition of the Demon Beast’s body. Taking this data and uploading it to a crystal processor, we are then able to create a complete simulation of a virtual Demon Beast.”

“By going through this process, we are able to know the Demon Beast’s habits, characteristics, and battle strength like knowing the back of one’s hand. And, we are also able to conduct all the various test we could ever want in the Great Illusionary Land without fear of being injured or killed by the Demon Beast.”

“At present, we already have 98 major classes, consisting of 1352 different types, of Demon Beasts in this Demon Beast Slicing Research Project. All students, if you’re interested, then you can apply for our Empyrean Capital School of Medicine… Our mission isn’t simply to help the dying and heal the sick — it’s primarily to exterminate demons and Demon Beasts!”

Zheng Dongming met Li Yao with a wink. “What do you think of this one? But first, I want to remind you. The minimum required score for the Empyrean Capital School of Medicine is very high. It’s pretty much the highest required of the Nine Elites. Even I have no guarantee to test in.”

Li Yao scratched his head, having some hesitation.

There were so many universities, each with their own world shocking miraculous marvels and exterminating techniques. But when compared to the university of his dreams, it seemed that there was still just that small difference in feeling.

“Within our Federation, is there a university that focuses heavily on creating Artifacts? I’m not talking about Artifacts such as the Spiritual Energy Particle Collider, but rather for military use. For example, flying shuttles, flying swords, crystal rail cannons, crystal-powered mobile armors … These sorts of War Artifacts.”

“Of course, there is. Just ahead is the Deep Sea University. In the Federation, they are the strongest in the field of crafting and refining. That place is known as the ‘Refiner’ Holy Land!’ Zheng Dongming pointed to a booth not too far away.

“The Holy Land for Refiners!”

A flame ignited and blazed within the depths of Li Yao’s eyes, transforming into a myriad of fiery serpents that danced wildly.

Like with all the other booths, the Deep Sea University’s booth had a bunch of people crowded together. It looked like the vast majority of students were extremely passionate about this university which had more of a focus on practicality. Li Yao could barely squeeze into the crowd.

In the middle of the booth was actually the enormous model of a city. It had mountains and it had rivers. It had skyscrapers and it had mansions. The sky even had flying shuttle passing by occasionally. It was small but was complete in every detail. It was crafted to be a perfect imitation.

Right at this moment, a dozen or so metal-crafted miniature Demon Beasts suddenly flew from one end of the booth, bringing with them an ear-splitting and piercing whistle. They charged into the miniature city.

At nearly the same time, over a hundred pentagonal metal balls rose abruptly from all around the city. The cubes spun rapidly in the air to form a giant net that blanketed the sky. They tangled around and held the invading flying Demon Beasts at bay, immobilizing them.

After a burst of “Ding Ding Dong Dong” sounds of fighting, all the flying Demon Beasts were intercepted by the pentagonal metal balls. The Demon Beasts were sucked and firmly stuck to the surfaces of the metal balls by an indescribable force.

“All students.”

It was a man whose hair was as white as a crane’s and whose complexion was as rosy as a child’s. This purple clothed man was full of hale and hearty vigor. With beaming smiles, he said, “The model you all just saw was the ‘Anti-Demon Beast Defense System’ that our Deep Sea University has researched, developed, and crafted. It has already been purchased by the military for use in every strategic city in the Federation. It can withstand a simultaneous attack of up to 1500 Demon Beasts and can even repel the flying swords of the strong Demonic Cultivators. With this kind of Artifact, it doesn’t matter if it's a powerful Demon Beast or a demonic cultivator. As soon as they enter the airspace of our Federation, they become gifts with their hands tied, waiting to be taken prisoner!”

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