Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Chapter 34: A Savage Beast Emerges From its Cage

Chapter 34: A Savage Beast Emerges From its Cage

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From that day forwards, Crimson Nimbus Second had a new legend spread around campus.

“Hey, did y’all hear about ‘that’?”

“Of course~ It really was way too scary, too terrible, and too brutal!”

Lunch time in the school’s dining hall, several girls were whispering among themselves. Fear lingered in their hearts.

“What ‘thing’ are y’all talking about? How could it frighten y’all to shivers?” one of the duller girls asked puzzled.

A school girl, with a face full of freckles, looked left and right before saying in a low and secretive voice, “You didn’t hear? There’s someone in the third year called Li Yao. He’s a screwed ghost! I don’t know how he offended Helian Lie, but he even beat one of Helian Lie’s underlings down to the ground. So, Helian Lie’s been provoked into a giant rage! It’s become even worse; he tortured Li Yao! Those who’ve been tortured by Helian Lie don’t resemble people anymore. Their ghosts don’t resemble ghosts!”

“Dear god, Helian Lie! My prince charming! So in the end, how did he torture Li Yao?” asked the dull-witted girl in surprise.

The freckled girl promptly covered her mouth and said, “Be a little bit quieter! How can we talk about something like this loud and screaming? Obviously, we haven’t personally seen the details of the torture. But all you need to do is to take one look at Li Yao and you will know just how miserable people become when they offend Helian Lie!

“She’s right. I’ve heard that Helian Lie locked Li Yao into the school’s warehouse, torturing him day in and day out. I passed through the alley behind the warehouse one time. I heard blood-curdling screams going “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” coming out from the warehouse. Those screams seemed to come straight from the depths of hell! I don’t want to talk about how terrifying it was. It scared me out of my mind! Even though I’d left my shoe behind, I was too scared to go back to get it!” verified another chubby girl.

“Is it as exaggerated as you all say?” asked the dull-witted girl in doubt.

Right at this moment, a boy with a bloody nose, swollen face, haggard appearance, and a completely exhausted body, walked past the girls, trembling and swaying, staggering and stumbling, with an unsteady gait. The moment his buttocks hit the chair, his entire body slumped over onto the table as if he were made of mud.

“Look! That’s Li Yao right there!” The freckled girl’s eyes shined while she poked the dull-witted girl without delay.

The dull-witted girl turned around and looked. She couldn’t help let out a gasp of surprise, “Dear god! It’s even worse than you say! His entire face has turned into a pig’s head! Hurry, look! He’s shivering non-stop all over his body! There are bloody blisters all over his hands and they’re still bleeding! How horrible!”

Right as she spoke, Li Yao suddenly went into a violent twitching fit. His head even jerked up from the spasms.

“You see it, right? Those are the symptoms of being beaten into epilepsy,” whispered the freckled girl.

And opposite of Li Yao came his bro for life Meng Jiang, carrying lunch. In total, there were 10 sausages each as thick as an arm, 20 giant meatballs, a giant wooden bowl of rice, and 10 MRE biscuits meant for military consumption.

“Little Devil, don’t lie to me. Are you really getting special training from Sun Biao? You’re not getting beat up by Helian Lie’s henchmen are you?” Meng Jiang asked once again, his eyes full of doubt.

Li Yao’s mouth pulled back into a laugh that was uglier than crying. He lacked the strength to even talk.

“If you knew it would be like this earlier, it might have been better to just take a beating from Helian Lie!” Bro for life Meng Jiang let out a deep sigh.

From not too far away, the girls continued their conversation in whispers.

“How can he eat so much! He’s simply a monster!” said the dull-witted girl.

“I know the answer to this!”

The chubby girl said with some pity, “According to psychology, when one’s mental pressure becomes too strong, one would involuntarily get an insatiable appetite and would eat an enormous amount of food to relieve their stress. Personally, I have to manage depression all day due to my parents fighting at home, so I can’t help but eat more and more. However…”

The chubby girl glanced down at the two sausages, three giant meatballs, and one large ball of rice on her plate. She looked once more at the giant mountain of meat piled in front of Li Yao, coming to a conclusion, “From the way he eats, he must be at a terminal stage. He’s on the verge of a mental breakdown!”

“That’s so sad!” The dull-witted girl saw Li Yao’s figure twitching from time to time. Her expression was full of pity.

“So that’s why people say that in our school, you can mess with anyone… just as long as it’s not Helian Lie! Even if you offended Helian Lie by accident, you need to beg for forgiveness immediately! By all means, do not go against him. Otherwise… you will end up as screwed as a ghost!” said the freckled girl in all seriousness.

Upon seeing Li Yao’s “Tragic Experience”, this was the common conclusion of every student in Crimson Nimbus Second.

However, Li Yao was described in a totally different image within the e-crane messages between Sun Biao and Peng Hai.

Day Seven of Special Training. Sun Biao’s and Peng Hai’s chat logs.

Sun Biao: “He’s not human! It’s impossible that this kid’s a human! It’s only been the seventh day of special training, yet he increased the gravitational field of ‘Give Up’ to 400kg and completed the whole workout! I even increased the intensity of the training program by 20%, yet that’s still not hard enough to stop him! How about you? Ol’Hai, how goes it on your end?”

Peng Hai: “Needless to say, he sparred with me for a full ten minutes last night. There were many times where I was nearly hit by him. Even if I only used 3% of my true power, this type of feeling truly... puts me in a bad mood! Anyway, I was finally able to make huge improvements on my strength control capabilities under his pressure!”

Day Thirteen of Special Training. Sun Biao’s and Peng Hai’s chat logs.

Sun Biao: “This kid squatted 500 kg of weight and completed two days worth of workouts! Oh that’s right, his Actualization Quotient increased by 4% to 62% in a short three days. Does this even count as being human? Hey Ol’Hai, talk to me! Why aren’t you saying anything!”

Peng Hai: “He managed to hit me with a punch last night in the stomach.”

Sun Biao: “......”

Peng Hai: “......”

Sun Baio: “Hahahahahahaha! If I’m the Degenerate of Cultivators, then that simply makes you the Disgrace of Cultivators! You were actually hit by an ordinary person!”

Peng Hai: “I only used 3% of my true strength! I wasn’t just restricting down to 3% of my physical strength, but I was also restricting my hearing, sight, smell, speed… Everything was restricted down to 3%! It’s perfectly normal to be accidently hit by him! No, this won’t do. Tonight, I will use 4% of my true power!”

Sun Biao: “Then what will happen to your ‘Strength Control Special Training’?”

Peng Hai: “F*ck my strength control special training. This senior needs to first let out some steam!”

Day Twenty-Five of Special Training. Sun Biao’s and Peng Hai’s chat logs.

Sun Biao: “I’ve already raised all of Give Up’s magical abilities to their limits! It’s basically the equivalent of your training difficulty back in the day, yet this kid still can forcefully squat that barbell! It’s way too horrifying! Even I’m a bit scared of looking at his expression when he grinds his teeth with rage. What do you think… .Should I draw some of his blood to get some lab tests done?”

Peng Hai: “Lab tests, why?”

Sun Biao: “This kid absolutely has some Demon Beast blood lineage running inside him. He’s 100% a savage beast!”

The Final Day of Special Training. Sun Biao’s and Peng Hai’s chat logs.

Peng Hai: “Isn’t it the final day? In a few hours, it will be the ‘Hour of Intense Battle’. Over a thousand Third Year students will fight for the 10 tickets. So how is he? How’s the kid’s situation?”

Sun Biao: “I’m not sure how to say this, but I’m a bit scared to let him go out.”

Peng Hai: “Why is that?”

Sun Biao: “I’m scared that when this savage beast emerges from its cage, it will cause the entire school to explode into the heavens!”

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