Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Chapter 15: Audacious

Chapter 15: Audacious

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Under the clean shining moonlight, a group of teenagers with an uncommon, outstanding bearing was located 20 meters away from Li Yao, separated by a lotus pond. They were Crimson Nimbus Second’s Adonis and Goddess, Helian Lie and Si Jiaxue.

Helian Lie’s expression was cordial as he half rose from his seat, “ Small Xue, my apologies. I was too rash yesterday. I should not have sought out that trash from the common class. I did not expect this matter to travel down the grapevine. You were even questioned by your father. It was completely my fault, please accept my apologies.”

Si Jixue’s manners were, as before, cold as ice and frost. She was like an iceberg that had been frozen for the last 10,000 years. She replied in a tone as cold as frost, “I can accept your apologies; however, I wish for you to put an end to this matter. Remember, I have the freedom to deal with whomever I wish. That bastard is really just a greedy scoundrel that could never be satisfied. It’s none of your business to come criticizing!”

“I understand, I understand. Come, let's go inside and drink a cup with Junior Zheng. Today is his birthday. Let’s not get angry because of a piece of trash,” said Helian Lie patiently enduring her temper.

“I feel a bit tired, I will go back first. Say a word to Junior Zheng for me,” Si Jiaxue had received the crystal processor. She did not give a single bit of face as she turned around to leave.

Helian Lie had a gloomy look in his eyes. He stared fixed at the figure of the beautiful woman until it disappeared. Then he returned to the back of the corridor. There was a cracking sound. The limestone flooring beneath his feat had surprisingly split into a spreading web of cracks.

“Tsk tsk tsk tsk, Your leg strength is quite strong Senior Helian,” an exaggerated sarcastic voice sounded from behind. It looked to be a drunken youngster wearing purple clothing with somewhat swollen eyes.

“Junior Zheng,” Helian Lie retracted his gaze. His expression resumed to being tranquil.

“It’s just a girl. What does it matter that Si Jiaxue’s family has some influence in Floating Spear City if it makes you humble and submissive?” said Junior Zheng laughingly. His right hand was hanging on Helian Lie shoulder without restraint.

Those in the Crimson Nimbus Second who would dared to say that Helian Lie was a humble and submissive person have already been beaten into a condition that not even their parents would recognize.

However, this rich junior, Zheng Dongming, was the third generation eldest grandson of the impressive Zheng Household in Floating Spear City. The family had the backing and support of numerous profound and fearsome cultivators. He was also an elite student, but of the Phoenix Ridge Guild’s Auxiliary High School. His Spirit Actualization Quotient was at 74%. He was a powerful competitor within the college entrance exams known as “Floating Spear City’s Exam Top Scorer”. His strength was faintly above Helian Lie’s.

And as such, Helian Lie could only restrain his ferocity and anger. He said with great difficulty, “You don’t understand my feelings towards Small Xue.”

Zheng Dongming shrugged his shoulders and said with a high pitched voice, “Of cooouurse, how could we common folk possibly understand the subtle moods of the great sacred emotions you possess, Helian? Since I don’t understand, we might as well go drink wine. Today’s my birthday, you aren’t going to keep wearing a sour face are you?”

Helian Lie made a snorting sound. A bit of life returned to his complexion. The two intended to enter the room when several groups of rich youngsters suddenly walked out with weird expressions. Each of them was holding in their laughter until their faces turned purple and their breaths gasped for air.

“What can possibly be so funny? Tell us about it so that we can share in your moment of happiness,” Zheng Dongming asked with a smile.

“Junior Zheng, there’s a bumpkin over there. Who knows what kind of place this guy spawned from. He’s like the incarnation of a Preta who hasn’t eaten for three years. His eating manners are unsightly,” the rich youngster clasped his stomach. He was almost cramping from his laughter.

At places like Little Border Hidden Lake, the customers were mostly made up of people from high society. They focused on the style and the atmosphere; this was a place to socialize. Eating food was not the priority. People took care not to overdo things in order to preserve the grace worthy of elegant nobles.

If one’s first concern was to stuff oneself by swallowing and chewing great amounts of food, there were better places to go to.

Zheng Dongming said lazily, “Although, at present, the quality of Little Border of Hidden Lake is unacceptable, it couldn’t possibly be that someone has specifically come here to eat? It looks like next time we will have to find a more quiet place to go out to eat. Nevertheless, it's only bad table manners. It can’t be that funny to make you laugh until this state?”

“Nope, Junior Zheng. That guy really is too ridiculous!”

A different rich youngster suppressed a smile as he gestured reaching out with his hand. “It was this long, the leg of barbeque meat was this long! Snap Crack! He ate it down in three bites, crushing even the bones to powder! He swallowed everything, not a single speck was left behind!”

The first rich youth supplemented him, “There’s more, there’s more. An entire large bowl of deep sea king crab, shell and all! Shell and all! Was wiped clean in two or three bites by the bumpkin! You haven’t seen the plates after he eats, tsk tsk tsk tsk. They were cleaner than if they were scrubbed and brushed!”

The other rich youth proceeded to follow, “Yep I saw him, eyes blinking not even once, swallow 20 sea urchins in under half a minute, shell and all!.

“In summary, it really is ridiculous! Junior Zheng, do you want to see for a moment?” the two youths spoke in unison.

“Forget it, my interests lie in watching women strip, not to watch dudes eat. Helian, are you into this sort of thing?” Zheng Dongming let out a slight yawn.

“Not interested,” Helian Lie said indifferently.

The first rich youth suddenly said, “Thats right! Senior Helian, I think that bumpkin is wearing your Crimson Nimbus Second’s school uniform.”

“Yea?” Helian Lie glared and his complexion immediately turned somewhat ugly.

Zheng Dongming also became interested. His irises shined. “Helian, although your Crimson Nimbus Second cannot be compared to our Phoenix Ridge Second, your high school is still considered to be among the high side of the rankings in Floating Spear City. Surprisingly, you guys have this kind of person? We must check this situation out!”

“All of Crimson Nimbus Second are the cream of the crop. How can there be this kind of glutton!” Helian Lie said harshly. He glared at the two rich youths for a glance and with large steps he walked in the direction they came from.

Zheng Dongming promptly gave the two rich youths a wink, he mouthed out silently, “If it turns out that you were mistaken, Helian will go on a rampage for sure. You best pray for some luck then!”

After he finished talking, he followed behind Helian chuckling.

They had not even walked down the corridor when they heard the sounds of snapping and cracking. The sound of chewing was like the sound of swords striking.

“This... this really is ferocious enough,” Zheng Dongming mumbled when he saw Li Yao occupying the dining table, chewing loudly. Zheng Dongming stared blankly for a while.

He shot a glance to the person at his side. Zheng Dongming felt Helian Lie was about to explode. He resisted a smile and prodded the person by his side in the waist.

“Senior Helian, may I ask if this... warrior is a great talented student of your school?”

The other two rich youths, who were hiding behind Zheng Dongmings back, could not help letting out “Hee Hees” in laughter.

Helian Lie seemed to have turned into a statue. He was dark and cold, silent for three seconds.

His eyes narrowed into a pair of sharp curved blades. Suddenly, his figure flashed and with a step he crossed over to be in front of Li Yao. His voice was thick when he asked, “What are you doing here?”

Floating Spear City is a large city. Their population numbered several million. Helian Lie did not believe that there could be this kind of coincidence. This trash of the common class had come at the right time to Little Border of Hidden Lake to cause shame.

He must have stalked Si Jiaxue. That's how he got here!

Li Yao had eaten until he was in high spirits. Suddenly, there was someone roaring next to his ear. Turning his head to look, he stared slightly and could not help but frown. As he chewed, he sneered as he said, “I am here to wash myself. Don’t tell me you can’t see that?”

While Li Yao was in the dream of grandeur, he’d encountered many cultivators with tyrannical strength. The sort of small side character that was Helian Lie simply could not become even cannon fodder. Li Yao’s irises automatically displayed a wisp of disdain.

Helian Lie of Crimson Nimbus Second always kept to his word. Even the students of the important class did not dare to disobey him. It was unthinkable that this trash of the common class had not only ignored his warning but also deliberately mocked him with an expression of disdain. Suddenly, his rage was boiling! “You piece of trash! You’re simply tempting death!” Helian Lie suddenly made one large step across. With his hand like a pitchfork, he spread open his fingers and ferociously slapped Li Yao across his face!

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