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Chapter 95 - He Is Serious!

Chapter 95: He Is Serious!

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Mu Qiqi was already a grown-up. It should not be a problem for her to be engaged in a romantic relationship. But if it was Sheng Xiao that Mu Qiqi had got involved with, things could get very complicated.

First, their families were enemies for generations. And now, the two had a relationship of giving and receiving help. Even if they put aside these things, after they were together, they would definitely be hindered by the Sheng family.

Mu Qiqi was still young. Lu Wenhua did not wish for her to get into a relationship so early.

Especially with Sheng Xiao!

Sheng Xiao was the crown prince of Huang Yao. He had to take over his father to become the chairman of the diamond business. This meant he had no right when it came to choosing his partner.

So, he had to confirm their relationship.

It would be great if he had got it wrong. But if he guessed it right, he had to make his stance.

Soon, it was eleven o’clock. Mu Qiqi went out of the mansion and got into Sheng Xiao’s car and the couple drove away. Lu Wenhua wanted to follow them but he was afraid that Sheng Xiao would find out. So, he just kept a distance from them.

If he wanted to tell Su Zipei about this, he must have proof that Mu Qiqi was caught red-handed. But he did not want to give her a shock.

So he wanted to think carefully on how to handle this matter first.

After Sheng Xiao left, Lu Wenhua followed suit. But Lu Wenhua was discovered by the security guard whom Sheng Xiao arranged to safeguard the villa. So the guard immediately informed Sheng Xiao about him. “Young Master Sheng, Mr. Lu is following you.”

After Sheng Xiao got the message, he stopped his car at the roadside.

Then, not long after, Lu Wenhua’s car passed by theirs.

Mu Qiqi did not get what Sheng Xiao was doing. So she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Lu Wenhua knows that you are in my car,” Sheng Xiao replied with his eyes looking down. Then he asked Mu Qiqi, “So do you want to admit it or not?”

Sheng Xiao did not care about people knowing of their relationship. But he knew Mu Qiqi cared about it. He cared for her feelings. So, he would do what she wanted. If she did not want Lu Wenhua to know, he would make sure Lu Wenhua thought that it was just a misunderstanding.

“Xiaoxiao, do you think Uncle Lu will tell my aunt?”

“Lu Wenhua is a cautious man. He will not tell your aunt until he is sure about it,” Sheng Xiao said while starting the engine again.

“Then, what will happen if he knows?”

Mu Qiqi looked at Sheng Xiao with a serious face. “I am starting university soon and I am an adult. My privacy and personal life should be protected.”

Mu Qiqi looked calmer as compared to before.

“I am afraid he would not think the same.” Sheng Xiao gave a sly smile. “Who am I and what am I? Oh well, don’t bother. And you don’t have to care about it.”


“Because he will come to me first.” Sheng Xiao’s answer was firm. Then, he drove into their new home.

Mu Qiqi suddenly thought of the shares promised by the Mu family, so she asked, “Can I give the shares to my aunt right away when I get them?”

“Are you sure you don’t want to leave a little bit for yourself?”

Mu Qiqi shook her head.

“I am with you. Why do I need the shares?”

She did not want to get involved with the Mu family anymore because one day, when their relationship came to surface, she could at least deny having any relationship with the Mu family.

Sheng Xiao knew what she was thinking and pinched her cheek. “I told you that you do not have to be considerate of me. You can just get anything you want.”

“I want you,” Mu Qiqi answered frankly. But her sincerity was deliberately misinterpreted by Sheng Xiao.

“Your body… still needs to wait.” Sheng Xiao carried her into the bathroom. They only came out after an hour. Mu Qiqi was too shy to talk about what happened in the bathroom.

After a while, Mu Qiqi fell asleep in Sheng Xiao’s arms. As for Sheng Xiao, he was thinking about the meeting with Lu Wenhua tomorrow.

The next morning, Sheng Xiao went to Huang Yao. Jing Yun informed him that Lu Wenhua had arranged a meeting with him. It was a formal meeting. So Sheng Xiao knew that Lu Wenhua was being very serious about the matter.

“Young Master, you have a half an hour free time during lunch break. You can meet Mr. Lu at that time.”

“Arrange the meeting at a place not easily seen by people and remind me when it’s time,” Sheng Xiao said.


Jing Yun arranged the meeting at the café opposite Huang Yao.

During lunchtime, Sheng Xiao went straight to the café. When he saw Lu Wenhua, he did not wait for him to ask and said, “Are you here for Qiqi’s matter?”

“Looks like you have known about it.”

“I have my people guarding the mansion. They have seen you,” Sheng Xiao replied honestly.

Lu Wenhua heard his answer and frowned. “You and Qiqi…”

“I thought you knew.”

“Why? You know that things will not go well for you and her. And she is still so young… What would become of her if you leave her in the future? What will happen to her? Not to say that your families are enemies, even if you are not, she will not get into your family that easily,” Lu Wenhua questioned him.

But Sheng Xiao looked calm.

He even smiled when he heard this.

“I can see that you are sincere to Qiqi’s aunt when you chose to come to me first,” Sheng Xiao replied.

“I just want to know what Qiqi is to you now.”

“I, Sheng Xiao, never like to hide things from people. You should know this fact clearly. But, it is Qiqi who does not want to make her aunt unhappy and worry about her. That is why we chose not to make our relationship public…”

“You even dare to make it public. Your family will crush Qiqi if you do.”

“How could you be so sure that I will not be able to protect Qiqi?” Sheng Xiao said firmly and asked Lu Wenhua. “She is mine. Since I acknowledge her, I will not let anyone harm her.”

“It is always easier said than done. Your parents will pressure you.”

“Do you think I am someone who relies on his parents?”

“Although your capabilities are outstanding, what if you parents threaten you? Or your father forces you with his death?”

Sheng Xiao chuckled as he heard Lu Wenhua’s words. “You must have read too many novels. I believe you have heard about me. Once I have made up my mind about someone or something, I will not let people change it no matter what.”

“After all, what is done cannot be undone. I am indeed together with Qiqi. It does not matter if you accept it or not, it is a fact. Naturally, I will tell Qiqi’s aunt when the time is right. If you do not want to see her get hurt, it is best for you to go with my plan…”

In fact, Lu Wenhua knew that he could not change anything after the meeting with Sheng Xiao.

He just did not expect that Sheng Xiao would admit it so easily.

“I still have matters to take care of. So I will take my leave now.” Sheng Xiao stood up and walked away.

Then, Jing Yun said a few words to Lu Wenhua, “I was just like you at the beginning. I strongly opposed it. But, in the end, I could not beat his persistence.”

“I am not reassuring you. I just want to tell you this. Although I cannot guarantee that Miss Mu will not be harmed, I can guarantee that Young Master Sheng will endure all the pain with her.”

“He is serious about her! For twenty six years, this is the first time he’s being so serious about a person!”

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