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Chapter 891 - Do You Trust Qianqian?

Chapter 891: Do You Trust Qianqian?

Shen Jianchuan called Mu Qiqi early in the morning and told her about all the doubts in Old Master Lin’s heart. “Old Master Lin told me about this in confidence. You better not spread the news.”

“Don’t worry, Dad. I will only investigate in secret. Qianqian is not such a person,” Mu Qiqi replied firmly. “Although I don’t know what went wrong to cause Old Master Lin to have such a misunderstanding, I think the most important thing is to have him tell us about the man he bumped into.”

“He doesn’t remember yet.”

“Alright, it’s been hard on you, Dad. I actually made you do such a thing.” Mu Qiqi was a little apologetic. After all, it was already very awkward for the elders to interfere with the love affairs of these little girls.

“The key is to make my daughter satisfied. You have to know your limits.” After saying that, Shen Jianchuan hung up the phone.

Mu Qiqi sat on the bed, her brows tightly knitted together.

When Sheng Xiao changed and returned to his room, he saw Mu Qiqi’s expression and immediately reached out to smooth her brows. “What’s with that face?”

Mu Qiqi sighed and conveniently hugged Sheng Xiao’s waist. “Master Xiao, why do people have to be so complex?”

Sheng Xiao pushed her away gently and held her in his arms. He got her to sit on his lap as he asked, “Tell me. What made you sigh like that?”

“It’s about Qianqian.” Mu Qiqi put on a bitter face. “Old Man Lin suspects that Qianqian has another man, but Qianqian is about to get engaged to Lin Mu’an.”

It was about the two of them again.

Sheng Xiao’s eyes darkened. After Mu Qiqi finished speaking, he said plainly, “Calling Lin Mu’an shouldn’t be a problem for you.”

“I’m just afraid that Qianqian will find out.”

“She has her own life and her own path. You shouldn’t be her nanny here.”

After saying that, Sheng Xiao placed Mu Qiqi on the bed. “If you don’t want to call her, I’ll do it instead.”

“I got it.” Mu Qiqi sighed. To Sheng Xiao, since it was about Lu Qianqian, Lin Mu’an should handle it. However, if she told Lin Mu’an, it was inevitable that something bad would happen between her and Old Master Lin. However, Xiao Xiao was right. She shouldn’t involve herself in this matter.

Thus, on the way to the branch office, Mu Qiqi called Lin Mu’an.

But he didn’t pick up due to his training.

That put Mu Qiqi in a difficult position. How was she going to answer Mama Lu?

She looked at Sheng Xiao beside her. He didn’t say a word and his expression was stern but without anger. One look and one could tell that he was sulking over Mu Qiqi’s worries, even though he didn’t say anything.

“Master Xiao, you’re not cute anymore. The nerve of you to be angry at a pregnant woman.”

Sheng Xiao cupped her face with his hand and pinched her chin. “Do you think my life is too easy?”

Mu Qiqi was stunned for a moment and took the words to heart. “I’m sorry.”

“We’re here. Get out of the car.” Sheng Xiao’s attitude toward her was cold and rigid.

Mu Qiqi was quiet for a few seconds. She wanted to give him a kiss and a hug, but when she saw how angry he was, she pushed the door open and got out of the car.

“President, aren’t you being too strict with Madam?” Xu Che could not help but ask Sheng Xiao when he saw Mu Qiqi leave.

“People who need to be taught a lesson will always need to be taught a lesson. Drive,” Sheng Xiao said flatly. In fact, he was already regretting what he had just said. She had always been sensitive, especially when it concerned him. He would probably have to think about it the whole day.

As expected, Mu Qiqi repeated Sheng Xiao’s words several times to herself from the moment she entered the station.

She also began to reflect on herself. It seemed like she had really caused a lot of trouble and Master Xiao was the one to solve it in the end once again.

He must be tired…

At the thought of this, Mu Qiqi felt very guilty. She really shouldn’t take on too much responsibility in the future.


In the afternoon, Lin Mu’an finally found time to call Mu Qiqi during his lunch break. “Xiao Qiqi?”

“I have something to tell you.” Mu Qiqi told him the whole story without leaving out a single detail. “Now that your grandfather suspects that Qianqian is with another man, he’s definitely worried about you being deceived. Hence, when Auntie Lu confirmed the date of your engagement, he couldn’t help but hesitate because he was suspicious. Auntie Lu noticed that your grandfather seemed to be regretting it. See for yourself what you should do about this.”

“Auntie Lu came to me personally, and I asked my father for help. So, just pretend that you don’t know. Don’t make things difficult with your grandfather and expose my father.”

After Lin Mu’an heard this, he felt that things were far more complicated than he had imagined.

Why did his grandfather think that Qianqian was with another man? Just because of a cufflink? Just because someone said that he knew about his identity through Qianqian?

Could this be enough to prove that Qianqian was two-timing?

“Do you trust Qianqian?”

“Of course I do. Qianqian wakes up early and sleeps late every day. She doesn’t have time to meet other men. I can feel her true feelings for me,” Lin Mu’an said confidently. If there was something wrong with one of two lovers, his or her heart would be elsewhere, and the other party would definitely notice it. Hence, Lin Mu’an didn’t doubt Lu Qianqian at all.

“That man is the key. I don’t know who your grandfather met and why he framed Qianqian.”

“Xiao Qi, leave this matter to me. Since it’s my grandfather and fiancée, it’s my responsibility to resolve the misunderstanding between them,” Lin Mu’an said. “I’ll be continuing my training soon. I’ll think of a way later. Thank you.”

“What about Auntie Lu?”

“I’ll talk to her,” Lin Mu’an replied as he changed into his training uniform. “Don’t worry.”

Lin Mu’an’s handsome face tensed up as he put down the phone. His first instinct was that someone was unwilling to let him and Qianqian get engaged. Not only that, this person also knew everything about his and Qianqian’s family matters.

However, in his impression, he had never sinned against such a person…

The guy better not let him find out who he is…


Mu Qiqi felt a little relieved after she told Lin Mu’an about the matter. However, when she thought about the King of Hades, her heart sank again.

She had to think of a way to deal with him. He was already thirty years old. Couldn’t he be a little more magnanimous?

He was about to become a father. He was still so stingy.

Even though she was complaining, Mu Qiqi knew that it was her fault for not caring about his feelings. Therefore, she deserved to be despised by him, for now.

Then, she would arrange a candlelight dinner to calm him down.

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