Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Nobody Will Come Out Clean!

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Mu Tangxue clearly didn’t expect what awaited her.

Papa Mu had to shoulder the great cost of keeping the matter of Grandma Mu’s death quiet. However, Mu Tangxue had obviously been left desperate and helpless by Mu Qiqi’s continuous retaliations, which was why she was only left with that one vicious move to destroy Mu Qiqi!

That being said, she was clearly mistaken about the present standing, because Mu Qiqi was not afraid of having the matter revealed.

Sheng Xiao had made considerable preparations for Mu Qiqi, with the lawyers representing the Sheng family prepared to contend with Mu Tangxue.

That was why right now, Mu Qiqi felt no fear at all.

Instead, she smiled at her twin sister.

“Mu Tangxue, you’ve just buried yourself by talking about Grandma.”

“I will tell the whole world that you killed her,” Mu Tangxue insisted stubbornly.

Meanwhile, the number of students crowding them were increasing, but Mu Qiqi was not afraid at all about being accused.

She even started to laugh. “You keep saying that, but what a coincidence—I’ve been meaning to talk to the police and have them investigate. In fact, I’ll have Aunt Zipei call them right now. Either way, you want to make a big fuss about it, so don’t think that anybody is coming out of this clean!”

With that, Mu Qiqi whipped out her phone and dialed Su Zipei’s number. “Aunt Zipei, Mu Tangxue has just exposed the thing about grandma. It’s such a happy coincidence—let’s inform the police.”

On the other hand, Mu Tangxue was starting to feel scared when she saw how fearless Mu Qiqi was. It was the panic one would go through after causing trouble.

She had thought that Mu Qiqi would flee in panic, and Mu Qiqi’s reaction was completely beyond what she had expected.

“Aunt Zipei has called the cops!”

Mu Tangxue could only watch as Mu Qiqi held her phone at her, and was at once flustered. “Call them all you want! The whole family knows you killed Grandma!”

Right then, Mu Qiqi stepped forward, staring down at her twin. “‘Knows’? But is there evidence?”

“There were only two of us in the room! I saw you feed her the medicine with my own eyes!”

“You said it! There were only two of us in the room, but now everyone else has seen how great you are at pretending to be innocent. In fact, I actually remember that panicked look on your face after you gave her the wrong medicine…that same look on your face now.”

With that, Mu Qiqi grinned. “We’ve already prepared our lawyers. But since you’ve exposed the whole affair, well…they’ll be visiting the Mu family soon.”

Mu Tangxue’s face turned pale white at that.

“Since everyone knows about that know, it’s not going to be easy to bottle it up again.”

“The Mu family scandal would soon be known to all, and the Mu family stocks is definitely dropping hard. I’m fine since I’m not part of the Mu family, but what about you?”

Mu Tangxue stumbled unsteadily and dropped to the floor, whereas Mu Qiqi turned away with a cold smile to face the onlooking students.

“I’m sorry that everyone has to go through a family scandal. That being said, everyone would soon understand when this makes the news, so I won’t explain things here.”

With that, she left the crowd, with Qian Qian keeping up behind her.

She was basically jogging to keep up with Mu Qiqi and could not help but ask, “And here I was thinking why you sisters are like water to oil… it turns out that your grandmother is involved.”

“The things she has framed me for are more than I count, but the matter about grandma is the last straw.”

“She’s been a freak from the very start, huh,” Qian Qian said, voicing how she felt.

Mu Qiqi laughed coolly. It was only until she reached her seat that she calmly sent Sheng Xiao a text.

Meanwhile, Mu Tangxue was paralyzed by fear. She realized that she had been impulsive and had wreaked major havoc.

What should she do now?

At the very thought, she immediately called Mama Mu tearfully. “Mother…Mommy, I…I did something wrong.”

Mama Mu was stunned by Mu Tangxue’s explanation from the other side of the call. Even so, she thought the matter was fortunately only known within the school and yet to spread, and it could be kept under wraps without Papa Mu knowing as long as Mu Qiqi didn’t try to press on the matter.

“What are you blanking out about? No one else other than your sister can save you now.”

“Hurry up, beg her so that she won’t escalate matters. Your father will skin you if he hears about it!”

“Why were you acting so impulsive, dear?”

Have her beg Mu Qiqi?

Wasn’t that even more horrific than killing her?

Nevertheless, Mu Tangxue shivered in fear at the mental image of her father’s face. Without thinking, she quickly headed inside the classroom.

Lessons were about to begin, but she quickly make her way to Mu Qiqi’s side, reaching out to tug at her arm. “Sis…I was being emotional just now…I shouldn’t have said that, I apologize. Please forgive me.”

Mu Qiqi simply shrugged her off and asked in return, “Didn’t you just say you couldn’t stand it anymore?”

“Didn’t you say that the whole family knows I killed Grandma?”

“What? Did you finally realize you shouldn’t have said that?”

“Sis…I didn’t do that on purpose…forgive me…”

“Forgive?” Mu Qiqi rose to her feet at that word, and glared at Mu Tangxue. “You finally know how to beg for forgiveness just because you know you’re getting into trouble? I will never forget how you tried to get me killed with your every little trick, Sister.”

“I don’t care what the Mu family will do, just as I don’t care about you. And you keep testing my patience—did you assume that I was the same Mu Qiqi whom you bullied at your will and was your permanent scapegoat?”

“I want justice over Grandma’s death, so you either admit you killed Grandma or you get the hell back to your seat. Don’t try to frame me while trying to apologize—you are so pretentious that I feel sick in the stomach. Get that?”

This time, Mu Tangxue was truly stunned and simply didn’t know what she should do.

Mu Qiqi was not relenting at all, and she could only run off and hide in the toilet and call Mama Mu again. “Mommy…Sis is not yielding…she said she would see this to the end…what should I do, Mommy?”

“Don’t panic. I’ll come to you…I’ll take you to Grandpa. He loves you the most, and he’ll definitely protect you.”

After the call, Mu Tangxue stayed in the toilet, afraid to show her face out of guilt.

Mama Mu arrived at the school soon. When she saw that Mu Qiqi was staying in class unaffected, she thought then that she was no different from a cold-blooded demon.

How could she force her own sister into such desperation?

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