Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 550 - Just Say It

Chapter 550: Just Say It

Judging from how Sheng Kai came home in the afternoon, Gu Ziling knew something bad must have happened to him during the meeting.

What she did not expect was the board of directors suspending him from his position.

Moreover, Grandpa Sheng who had been siding with him did not help him this time. Maybe it was because of what happened two days ago when he was in the hospital. They must have exposed too much of their plan in front of that old man that Grandpa Sheng was now disgusted with them. A change of heart was just a matter of seconds.

Seeing Sheng Kai stay in his study alone after coming back, Gu Ziling just let him be. But occasionally, she could hear loud smashing sounds from the room.

How useless!

Being stepped on by another person, yet he was unable to fight back at all.

Soon after, Grandpa Sheng and Sheng Bowen came home together. In the living room, when their eyes met with Gu Ziling’s, she did not avoid the gaze. Instead, she kept herself calm.

“You have come back, Grandpa and Third Brother.”

“Where’s Second Brother?”

“In the study,” Gu Ziling answered. “Perhaps he is in a bad mood now. He should be fine after he has thought it through.”

“In that case, you should stay at home and accompany him. Don’t let him get involved with the matters of the company for the time being.”

After that, Grandpa Sheng turned his head and looked at Sheng Bowen. “Come with me.”

“Yes, Grandpa.”

Gu Ziling knew that this old man could change his attitude to a person faster than flipping a book. So, she was not going to argue with him now. When the power was completely in their hands, she would settle the old scores one by one.

During dinner, Sheng Kai did not come out.

While Gu Ziling was facing the Shengs alone, Hu Ran’s stepmother called her, much to her surprise.

“Sorry, allow me to answer a call.”

Gu Ziling took the phone to the garden. Then, she heard that woman’s voice. “Ziling, are you free? Can we meet?”

“Mrs. Hu, what is it that you want to tell me this time?”

“You will know once we meet. I’ve heard that you and your husband are not in a good situation. Since we’re friends, it is only natural for me to help you.”

“Alright then. See you tomorrow,” Gu Ziling replied.

Now, no matter what, she had to think of a way to separate Third Brother from his wife. Otherwise, with the support of the Hu family, Third Brother will forever be more powerful than Sheng Kai.

After dinner, in another room.

Hu Ran looked at Sheng Bowen who had just taken his shower and patted the spot beside her. “Third Brother, the power is in your hands now. What’s your plan to handle Second Brother and Second Sister-in-law? They must see you as a thorn in their hearts now.”

Sheng Bowen shook his head. “Grandpa said this is the difference between Eighth Brother and I. If I were like him, I would be able to guess his next move and be prepared to face it. However, I can’t. So, I can just do it one step at a time.”

Hu Ran knew he was a frank person, so she laughed. “You are such a silly person. But a silly person has his own luck.”

“Being with me, you may be in a lot of danger,” Sheng Bowen said helplessly. “But don’t be scared. I will try my best to protect you.”

“Well, I’m not afraid.” Hu Ran nodded. “Let’s go to bed. You will be very busy from tomorrow.”

In Banyan Courtyard (named by Mama Sheng on the day Mu Qiqi and Sheng Xiao registered their marriage).

Mu Qiqi was dragging her tired body into the house. When she saw Sheng Xiao sitting on the sofa doing his work while waiting for her, she squinted her eyes and lay on his laps shamelessly.


Sheng Xiao lowered his head and looked at her smirking. “Just say it.”

“Get me a man who is as strong as Xu Che,” Mu Qiqi said while giving him puppy eyes.

“What are you doing tomorrow?”

“The investigation team found a basement in the hotel. Shanshan and I will be joining the trip tomorrow, but I don’t know what danger lies ahead.”

Sheng Xiao rolled her body over and spanked her hard. “Just say that you want to go. You don’t have to beat around the bush.”

“I’m doing this because I’m worried that you might not allow me to go. See how conscious I am? I don’t wait until something happens before I tell you.”

“The man who has recently joined the investigation team is comparable to Xu Che in terms of martial arts.”


“A national-level champion of martial arts and kickboxing.”

He obviously knew about this long ago.

“Then I’m not worried anymore.”

Sheng Xiao looked at the back of Mu Qiqi’s head. This little one was not at all worried about herself. She was just worried that Sheng Xiao would not agree to it.

“I’ll give you one whole Saturday to do the investigation. On Sunday, you will attend self-defence courses. There might be a lot of skilful people around you, but you still have to learn how to escape on your own.”

“Okay.” Mu Qiqi felt at ease after all that. She got up and continued dragging her heavy body upstairs.

Sheng Xiao put away his documents and stared at the little one, smirking in approval.

It’s good that she knew she had to tell him.

After taking their bath, they lay on the bed. Although Mu Qiqi could barely open her eyes, she asked, “How’s the matter with Third Brother?”

“Just sleep if you’re tired. Don’t be such a busybody.” Sheng Xiao brought her head to his chest.

“No, I really want to know. I want to know everything about you, about your family. If not, I will not be able to keep up with the family chat.”

Mu Qiqi’s voice diminished gradually.

Seeing her fall asleep, Sheng Xiao smiled. “You will still forget it tomorrow even if I tell you now.”

Mu Qiqi had a good sleep lying in his warm embrace until the next day.

The next morning, Mu Qiqi received a call from the professor. Last night, the investigation team had discovered a passage to the basement. There was a huge underground casino hidden in the hotel.

At the end of the passage, there was a solid iron door, locked and collecting dust. It looked as if nobody had entered the place for a long time. However, a strong stench could be smelled from the inside.

And it was none other than the stench of a rotting corpse.

Early the next morning, the backup team arrived at the scene. They got the door open, but they could not find the source of the stench.

So, the team leader informed the forensic doctors to come.

The professor brought Mu Qiqi and Feng Shanshan along to the spacious basement.

The whole space was half the size of the hotel lobby. But in the space, there was only a window and a bar.

There were four pillars in the middle of the room and a washroom on the left.

The whole space reeked of the stench of the corpse, but they still could not locate the source.

Mu Qiqi followed the smell and noticed it got stronger as she neared the toilet.

The professor and Feng Shanshan noticed that too.

“I’ll go.”

Seeing this, Tang Yan stopped the girls behind him and pushed open the door of the toilet.

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