Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Bringing You To Do Something Naughty

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“You could not have done better.”

Qian Qian gave Mu Qiqi a thumbs-up before whispering, “I took a photo of your sister in the cake too. I’ll give it a fix before I send it to you later…”

Mu Qiqi gave her a hug but also urged her, “Hurry home. It’s cold out here.”

“Well, that brilliant show was definitely worth the cold!” With those words, Qian Qian got into her chauffeured car and gave Mu Qiqi a wink before leaving.

Mu Qiqi was beaming as well, and soon found Old Lin’s car.

The chauffeur was surprised that Mu Qiqi left so early, and quickly asked, “Miss Qiqi, are you upset?”

“No. There’s just no point in staying—it’s better to go home and give Aunt Zipei company.” Mu Qiqi replied. “Uncle Lin, let’s eat together later.”

“I’m just a chauffeur, that’s inappropriate.” Old Lin laughed.

“But you are just like Aunt Zipei in my heart. You are someone who really cares for me.” Mu Qiqi replied sincerely.

Old Lin laughed. He was certainly content and felt respected, since Mu Qiqi took him for someone elder and never once belittled him. “I really hope I can keep driving you around.”

“I like you too, Uncle Lin!”

Old Lin floored the pedal right then so that Mu Qiqi could return to Su Zipei as soon as possible.

Still, when Su Zipei saw that Mu Qiqi had reached home so early, she thought that her niece had been bullied as well, and quickly asked, “Did the Mu family…”

“No, Aunt Zipei. It’s just that I miss you.” Mu Qiqi said endearingly.

“That’s good then. I thought…” Su Zipei relaxed and showed Mu Qiqi to her cake. “Well, you’re now eighteen and an adult. No one can tell you to do anything you don’t want to from now on.”

“I’ve never had much and I don’t have anything I could give you, just this bracelet.” Su Zipei then presented Mu Qiqi her gift. “It’s not that valuable, but I did my best.”

Mu Qiqi’s eyes were red when she received the box from Su Zipei. “It’s the best gift I’ve received.”

She was surprised by the ‘starry’ theme of the bracelet: it was several irregular blue stones stringed together, and it matched her hairpin perfectly.

‘So what if I don’t have parents? I have Uncle Lin, Aunt Zipei, Xiaoxiao and that’s enough.’ Mu Qiqi thought.

She wore the bracelet and made a wish in front of the cake before singing her own birthday song with Su Zipei and Uncle Lin.

Her heart felt greatly warmed in this night when she came of age.


Meanwhile, Mu Tangxue needed almost two hours and a major scrubbing to completely clean herself after falling into the cake.

Then, she burst into tears in her own room when she remembered her utter humiliation.

Mama Mu was helpless, and could only hold her to calm her down. “Dear, it’s okay…”

“Mommy, I’ve never been so embarrassed.”

For once, Mu Tangxue was really sad at the thought of having so many guests watch her fall. Angry and ashamed, she could not help wanting to bury herself in a hole somewhere.

She had never expected that Mu Qiqi would actually do something like pushing her into a cake in the middle of a public scene.

“It’s all your sister’s fault,” Mama Mu said angrily. “I really don’t know who’s been watching her… no discipline at all, such an embarrassment.”

“Mommy, I’m so sad!”

“Alright, dear. Your father will help you get even.”

Get even? How?

Was he going to kidnap Mu Qiqi from Eaton and beat her violently? They were both her daughters, but if Mu Qiqi could do something like that, she was certainly not afraid of any payback from the Mu family.

Nobody had expected that Mu Qiqi would become so crafty that she would push Mu Tangxue into the cake in front of everyone.

Even Papa Mu had his doubts about the story when he returned home and heard what happened at the party.

His impression of Mu Qiqi was that she was a coward, meek, and always frightened. How would she embarrass Mu Tangxue in front of everyone?

How dare her!

Even so, Mu Qiqi definitely dared to. After all, she had someone who really got her back!


After her birthday party, Mu Qiqi returned to her room for some rest.

‘How is Xiaoxiao doing in France?’ she wondered. ‘He would definitively be busy, right?’

Be that as it may, she could not control herself and sent him a message.

[Xiaoxiao, I taught Mu Tangxue an almighty lesson tonight. Cool, right?]

[It’s Christmas tomorrow too, so Merry Christmas.]

Mu Qiqi thought there was no telling when Sheng Xiao would actually see that message, and was about to wash up when Sheng Xiao’s reply arrived.

[Come out. Wear layers.]

Mu Qiqi was left dumbstruck for a moment.


[Yes. And don’t get caught by your aunt.]

Mu Qiqi’s heart was thumping wildly, but she did as she was told and wore a thick cotton-padded jacket. Then, making sure that Su Zipei was in her room, she sneaked out of the house.

She looked around when she reached the small garden outside the mansion, but couldn’t find any sign of Sheng Xiao. Just as she was about to give him a call, a large hand suddenly reached out from the darkness and pulled her into a sports car.

“Shouldn’t you be in France?” Mu Qiqi asked in surprise when she saw Sheng Xiao.

“I’m suddenly not in the mood.” Sheng Xiao started the ignition and took Mu Qiqi away from the small mansion.

“Where are we going?”

Sheng Xiao turned at the question, his eyes conveying danger as he looked at Mu Qiqi. “I’m bringing you off to do something naughty, of course…”

Mu Qiqi was afraid of looking at him right then—her heart was beating quickly and she was blushing.

Did Sheng Xiao know that she liked him?

She was too afraid to even say a word along the way, and it was when they arrived at a beach that Sheng Xiao stopped the car and got out, braving the chilly winds.

Mu Qiqi followed him and found someone flying floating lanterns, each of them wafting ever higher.

It was indeed beautiful, just as it was cold…

Her entire body was shivering.

When Sheng Xiao saw that, he pulled Mu Qiqi closer to him and sandwiched her in his arms.

Her heart beat even quicker, and she was almost suffocating…

“Why here?” Mu Qiqi asked, looking up. I’m cold, Xiaoxiao…”

Unable to do a thing about that, Sheng Xiao simply led her back into the car and opened the sunroof. Though her cheeks were red, it was freezing.

Sheng Xiao simply pinched his cheeks, and Mu Qiqi grabbed his hands in the pain.

The touch left both of them stunned.

Then, Mu Qiqi quickly let go by reflex, but Sheng Xiao surprised her by holding her hand in return.

Mu Qiqi turned into stone.

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