Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: I’m Most Happy to See You Go Bad

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If Sheng Xiao’s words were put differently to mean: anyone who belongs to me must reach the top in every way, Mu Qiqi thought that she would be willing to do anything, including offering her life.

However, Sheng Xiao only considered her his by default… Not as a woman.

It was natural since she was less than eighteen. Wouldn’t she be a little too young and tender in every way?

On the other hand, countless women across Jianchuan would queue up to get into Sheng Xiao’s pants given who he was.

Sheng Xiao gazed carefully into Mu Qiqi’s eyes to study her thoughts.

Then, he smiled mysteriously.

“Rest up. I still have things to do.”

“Okay. See you.” Mu Qiqi nodded in understanding, lowering her head to hide her expectations.

Sheng Xiao rose from the couch and left Mu Qiqi’s room. Her face was already very red, even if he didn’t know what rose-colored place the girl’s thoughts were taking her…

For his part, the reason he had left immediately, unwilling to even look a little longer at her was because that seventeen-year-old girl had been drawing his gaze one too many times!

After Sheng Xiao left, Mu Qiqi looked down at her own figure beneath the sheets, which was very much lacking compared to those fashion models… what way is there for her to develop quicker?

And she was definitely almost eighteen…

On that note, it was less than ten days from her birthday.

While everyone else’s birthdays were filled with happy memories, her own were spent with scolding from her father and her family, or even humiliated in front of countless guests.

Mu Qiqi’s eyes welled with tears at the very thought.

But it was fine. She was almost an adult!


Meanwhile, the lawyers received the reply from Jing Yun that their client agreed to Papa Mu’s suggestion, and promised that they would not interfere with Mu Tangxue’s transfer to Eaton.

Finally managing to salvage some dignity, Papa Mu simply gave up on his daughter.

In his mind, he only ever had one obedient daughter in Mu Tangxue whereas Mu Qiqi had always been deadweight, and he certainly could not ask for more!

“All the necessary documents are signed, so we’ll be leaving to brief our client. We’ll meet again, Mr. Mu, Mrs. Mu.” Having done their job, the lawyers took the agreement with them and quickly left the Mu family’s residence.

On the other hand, Mama Mu had her grievance but did not dare to say a thing.

A daughter, gone just like that.

Soon, Papa Mu noticed that Mu Tangxue found Mu Tangxue hidden at the corner of the living room, with one of her feet poking out. He hence called out gently, “Dear, come here.”

Having been perceptive towards the emotions of others since a child, Mu Tangxue quickly took a seat beside Papa Mu when she saw his mildness.

“Dear, you are our family’s only daughter from now on. I’ll give you the best and most precious things—baby girl.” Papa Mu clapped his hand on her shoulder.


“But after you’ve transferred to Eaton, you must keep an eye on Mu Qiqi and stop her from doing as she likes. Do you understand?”

Papa Mu looked at Mu Tangxue expectantly, perfectly aware of how smart her younger daughter was. Mu Qiqi didn’t hold a candle to her, and that was not about to change even if she was gone from the Mu family.

“I know, Daddy.” Mu Tangxue nodded.

Even if she couldn’t kick Mu Qiqi down to hell, she had at least prevented her from coming home.

Mu Qiqi might be receiving help, but if she kept running into trouble at school, would that rich French national continue supporting her? Keep dreaming on!

Mu Tangxue’s very intent on getting into Eaton was to play the same trick she always did: make Mu Qiqi her scapegoat and punch her into the seventh circle of hell.

“I’ll have someone make the arrangements as soon as possible.”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

“By the way, your birthday is around the corner. Remember to invite all your classmates, we’ll have a party here at home.”

Papa Mu’s plan was simple: let everyone see how he treated the sisters differently!

Mu Tangxue was certainly pleased, as that would definitely help her bond with her classmates and pull them to her side.

“Dad, I want to be in the same class as Mu Qiqi.”

“No problem.”


After spending the night sick, Mu Qiqi recovered and appeared strong and healthy the next day. Even before the sun rose, she was already in her tracksuit and jogging in the middle of winter.

Su Zipei had breathed a sigh of relief after receiving the guardianship transfer agreement, because it meant that the Mu family are not going to have their way with Mu Qiqi anymore.

As such, Mu Qiqi could now live the way she wanted.

The only thing that worried Su Zipei was that Mu Tangxue would be transferring to Eaton, even entering the same class as Mu Qiqi.

With Mu Tangxue being so good at acting, she was afraid that Mu Qiqi would be hurt by her tricks like before!

“Aunt Zipei, I know what you’re thinking. But relax, I’m not who I was before!”

“But if she tries to hurt you…”

“Wait and see,” Mu Qiqi replied.

With Sheng Xiao, she now had confidence.

She would not be afraid no matter what Mu Tangxue tried.

“Well, get ready. It’s time for school.”

“Okay.” Mu Qiqi changed into her uniform and climbed into Old Lin’s car, only to find Sheng Xiao there as well.

He was laid back, his eyes closed—it was obvious that he did not have a good rest.

“Um… Brother Xiao…”

“Say nothing.” He replied simply. “My car is in for repairs. Old Lin will be driving for me today, but he’ll take you to school first.”

However, Mu Qiqi did not think so.

Jing Yun would definitely come up with something if Shen Xiao’s car broke down.

And was it possible for Huang Yao’s Crown Prince to have only one car?

Still, Mu Qiqi kept her silence and did not try to expose him. She felt warmth in her heart and was unsure if her feelings were imagined—Sheng Xiao might only be there just to check that her fever broke.

He also said nothing on the way to Eaton, and only spoke when they almost reached the school, “Mu Tangxue would be coming today.”

“I know.” Mu Qiqi nodded flatly.

“You’re not afraid?”

“I was a little worried I couldn’t handle it at first, but I’m not afraid now… after I’ve seen you,” Mu Qiqi said earnestly. “You’re my confidence.”

Sheng Xiao opened his long and narrow eyes at her words, took out a pen from his pocket and handed it to Mu Qiqi. “A charm for protection.”

“How is that a charm?” Mu Qiqi said as she received it, although she was already beside herself in joy.

After all, Sheng Xiao’s warmth lingered over the pen.

Sheng Xiao said nothing, but instructed her to shift a tiny mechanism on the pen.

Mu Qiqi got it right then—the pen had a voice recording function.

“I will use it well!”

Sheng Xiao grinned like a demon at that. “Mu Qiqi, I know I said it before, but I’m most happy that you’ve gone bad.”

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