Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 1045 - Little Qi's Side 32

Chapter 1045: Little Qi’s Side 32

“I thought you wouldn’t come.”

“Then why wait?” Little Qi asked nervously as she touched the shoulder strap of her bag.

“Just wanted to wait and see…” He Yanzhi handed her the helmet. “I’ll give you a ride?”

“Didn’t you say you’re moving? I’ll go with you…”

“If you don’t go home every day, won’t my father-in-law and mother-in-law look for you?” He Yanzhi said in a relaxed tone as she walked to his motorcycle. He couldn’t stop teasing Little Qi.

“They know…” Little Qi’s face was slightly red. “If you don’t leave now, others will see you.”

“So, my father-in-law and mother-in-law already know of my existence.” He Yanzhi continued to smile and turned back. He grabbed Little Qi’s hand and placed it on his waist. “Hold on tight. I won’t be responsible if you fall.”

Little Qi didn’t resist. She just hugged him and put her face on He Yanzhi’s back naturally.

Soon, the two of them arrived at the apartment that He Yanzhi was going to move to.

Little Qi looked at the surroundings and asked He Yanzhi, “Did you move here on purpose?”

Because this place was only a few kilometers away from Banyan Courtyard. Little Qi would even pass by He Yanzhi’s home on her way home.

“I also found it by accident. The surroundings are safe and the facilities are complete. When Grandma comes to live here, she can also find a partner to chat with. There’s absolutely no reason for you…” He Yanzhi replied with a smile on his face.

However, he said this because he had considered that he could see Little Qi often.

The bitterness in his heart after school suddenly turned into the sweetness of this moment.

Little Qi got off his motorcycle and said to him, “I haven’t seen your grandma yet.”

“Auntie Hong took Grandma back to stay at her place for a few days. I’ll let you two meet after things are settled here.” He Yanzhi parked the motorcycle, but he didn’t go straight into the apartment. Instead, he took Little Qi to take a look around.

“What are you looking at?”

“I’m checking the surroundings and terrain. You know, is It safe enough?” He Yanzhi stopped and took out the key from his school bag. He opened the door of his new house. “Feel free to look around.”

Little Qi pushed open the door and entered, but the next second, He Yanzhi grabbed her arm and pressed her against the wall.

Then, He Yanzhi’s handsome face came closer. “Do you know that now, I can do whatever I want to you?”

“Then you have to ask my fist first.” Little Qi was not flustered, and she would never admit that when he approached her, her heart beat faster.

“I really want to kiss you.” He Yanzhi touched the corner of his mouth and then let go of Little Qi. “The house is a bit messy. Help me clean up?”

“Yes.” Little Qi would never admit that she was affected by He Yanzhi’s action just now.

“Why is your face suddenly so red? It’s not summer now…”

“You know the answer.” Little Qi glared at him and then began to tour the small place.

He Yanzhi originally thought that as a princess, Little Qi never did any housework.

However, she rolled up her sleeves and began to work.

She ran up and down happily.

When He Yanzhi saw this, he once again forced her into the corner of the room. “You’re such a good wife and mother. I’m really touched.”

“Ptui, you’re clearly thinking in your heart that a young lady like me, who looks like she doesn’t touch anything, actually knows how to do housework. That it’s really a miracle.”

Seeing the bun Little Qi had her hair tied up in, He Yanzhi gently touched it. “Do your hair up like this in the future. I like it.”

Who could stand such an atmosphere? Little Qi quickly tilted her head and looked out of the window. “It’s getting dark. I have to leave…”

“I’ll send you up.” He Yanzhi laughed heartily.

The little girl was clearly starting to get emotional.

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