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Chapter 666 - Sister Xi's Personal Charm

Chapter 666: Sister Xi’s Personal Charm

Just as Zheng Zhi said this, Jing Fei knocked his head.

He looked at Jing Fei angrily while Jing Fei said, “Sister Xi, I’ll follow your instructions from now on.”

Xue Xi nodded.

Zheng Zhi said angrily, “She’s a P4 and we’re both P9. Why should we listen to her?”

This time, before Xue Xi could speak, Jing Fei said, “Then do you have a way to capture that esper without causing a commotion?”

Zheng Zhi: “…”

He paused and was just about to speak when he heard Jing Fei say angrily, “Son, shut up if you don’t! Don’t push me!”


At first, Jing Fei’s men had blockaded the entire laboratory building. However, as time passed and people were not allowed to leave, it caused a commotion.

Everyone wanted to leave in a panic.

At the entrance of the laboratory building, a group of staff had pulled down the railings and blocked the people who rushed out. More than a thousand students were blocking the entrance, and the hall on the first floor was noisy and deafening.

The students protested:

“What exactly happened? Why won’t you let us leave?”

“That’s right. We heard the alarm and heard that there was a fire. Why won’t you let us leave? Are you going to take responsibility if something really happened?”

“We have a right to life. It’s illegal for you to detain us without giving us a reason!”


The people blocking the entrance were wearing police uniforms and were getting a headache from the questions asked by this group of university students who knew the law. The esper who could change faces was among the crowd. They would change their appearance and position every now and then, then riled up the crowd by saying—

“What are you doing? Have we broken the law? Where’s our freedom?”

“Also, you guys said that you’re the police. Who knows if that’s true? Do you have a warrant to do this?”


The esper police officer said, “Of course there is, but it’s still being processed. It happened so suddenly. We…”

“That means you have nothing. Let us out! You can only detain us after you’ve done the paperwork!”

It was the esper who shouted.

The rest of the students were also anxious.

“I have an appointment with my girlfriend tonight. She has called me four or five times and I’ve been lambasted. Uncle Policeman, Mr. Policeman, let me go. If I don’t go, my girlfriend will be angry!”

“I have a very important meeting to attend tonight!”

“I want to confirm my topic with my teacher!”


The students of Huaxia University were all very busy. Everyone had things to do, and the esper police did not know what to say.

The esper in the crowd smiled.

There were more than a thousand people here. If the crowd continued to exert pressure like this, the police would definitely relax.

However, just as they were unable to control the situation, a cold and indifferent voice sounded. “Everyone, please wait a moment.”

The moment she said this, everyone turned around and saw a red-haired girl standing among the crowd. When they saw her, everyone shouted, “Sister Xi!”

“Acting Director!”

“Sister Xi, quickly, help us. What’s going on? Why did they detain us here for no reason?”

The moment Xue Xi appeared, the people who were about to explode felt as though they had found their backbone and calmed down.

There was no choice.

The students who came here were all doing scientific research. Xue Xi’s name was well-known. Coupled with her personal charm, she had already become a legend in Huaxia University.

Everyone here might not believe the police, but they would believe Xue Xi.

Seeing that everyone was looking at her, Xue Xi slowly said, “I’ve already figured things out. Everyone, quiet down and listen to me.”

The moment she said this, the crowd instantly quietened down and no one spoke again.

The face-changing esper frowned.

Huaxia University was filled with elites from all over the world. They were some of the most arrogant and conceited individuals. The esper had specifically chosen to attack at night because they knew that the teachers had all returned home and that there were only students left. Hence, the esper did not expect that these people would actually listen to a student.

Just as the esper was frowning, Xue Xi slowly said, “A thief sneaked into our school and stole the core documents of the light source machine. So, can everyone cooperate and help catch the thief?”

The face-changing esper said, “We can cooperate with you, but will you not let us off if you can’t catch them?”

Unfortunately, the students did not go along with the esper this time. Instead, they said:


“Light source machine? Where did this thief come from? He actually stole that! This is too much!”

“Sister Xi, what do you think we should do?”

Following the source of the voice, Xue Xi looked at the spot where the voice had come from, but it was already empty.

The more people there were, the easier it was to hide.

Xue Xi retracted her gaze and slowly said, “How about this? Everyone, line up. I’ll check your identities and confirm it. Then you can leave one by one. Is that alright?”

“No problem!”

Seeing that the other students were so cooperative, the face-changing esper could not say anything.

Everyone lined up orderly and walked forward.

The face-changing esper stood in the crowd and had become a mathematics student who did not come to the laboratory next door today.

Then, they saw Xue Xi move a table and chair and sit at the front. As everyone in the queue walked up to her, the esper heard her ask, “You said you’re from the Math Department? Then let me ask you, have you studied linear algebra? You’ve learned the eighth period inside…”

Xue Xi tested a knowledge point.

Those who could participate in experiments had good theoretical knowledge, and the other parties could answer the questions easily.

Xue Xi nodded. “Okay, you can leave now.”

The face-changing esper smiled when they saw this.

They lowered their head. Soon, it was their turn. The two espers standing beside Xue Xi were still talking. “Sister Xi’s method is amazing! You’re asking about knowledge points. The other party is a spy and definitely doesn’t know enough! Son, my Sister Xi is ever the smart one, right?”

The person who was called a son had a stiff expression. When he heard this, he snorted. “Not bad.”

The face-changing esper shook their head. How childish.

If they wanted to come to Huaxia University as an undercover agent but did not have any knowledge reserves, would they dare to come in?

They quickly arrived in front of Xue Xi.

The red-haired girl looked up and asked, “You’re from the Math Department, right? Then let me ask you about an advanced calculus question.”

The face-changing esper nodded.

Xue Xi asked a question.

The face-changing esper’s cautious answer was perfect. They would not memorize the contents of the book, but they would not be ignorant, just like any normal person.

After they answered, Jing Fei asked, “Sister Xi, did he answer correctly?”

Xue Xi nodded. “Yes.”

Jing Fei waved his hand. “Let’s go.”

The esper with the face-changing ability walked forward. If they crossed the barrier, they could continue to become anyone and would never be discovered. But at this moment—

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