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Chapter 7

The Independent Cultivators’ Trade Fair Begins

A month passed quickly.

When Jiang Chengxuan walked out of the cave abode and was about to head to the DongWon Pavilion to attend the independent cultivators’ trade fair, he already had 44 Water Sword Talismans and 10 Water Shield Talismans on him.



In a month, Jiang Chengxuan successfully drew a total of ten Water Shield Talismans.

It had to be said that drawing a high-grade Level 1 talisman was much more difficult than drawing a mid-grade Level 1 talisman.

The time and True Essence it took was several times higher.

At the same time, their value was several times that of a mid-grade Level 1 talisman.

At this moment.

Jiang Chengxuan had already arrived at a huge pavilion that covered an area of about a thousand square meters.

This was the DongWon Pavilion, where the independant cultivators’ trade fair was held.

Jiang Chengxuan took a cursory glance and realized that more than hundreds of independent cultivators had gathered here.

As time passed, there would be more.

“Fellow Daoist Jiang.”

At this moment, someone suddenly called.

Jiang Chengxuan turned around and realized that the people who were calling him now were Xu Haichuan and his wife.

“This way.”

Xu Haichuan smiled and waved at him.

Jiang Chengxuan immediately walked over.

After they exchanged pleasantries, Xu Haichuan pointed at a middle-aged man beside him and said,

“Come, Fellow Daoist Jiang, let me introduce you.

This is Fellow Daoist Zhang, Zhang Yunfei.

Previously, when Hongyan and I were in that ruin, Fellow Daoist Zhang helped us.”

As he spoke, he looked at Zhang Yunfei and continued with a smile.

“Fellow Daoist Zhang, this is Fellow Daoist Jiang, Jiang Chengxuan I mentioned to you before.”

“Fellow Daoist Jiang, nice to meet you!”

After hearing Xu Haichuan’s introduction, Zhang Yunfei immediately cupped his fists at Jiang Chengxuan politely.

Jiang Chengxuan immediately cupped his fists politely in return.

At the same time, he was surprised to find that this Fellow Daoist Zhang was actually a rare sword cultivator.

He carried a sword box on his back.

Such people were usually more straightforward and would not scheme against others.

The reason why Xu Haichuan and his wife went to the ruin with Zhang Yunfei back then was probably because of this.

As they spoke, many more people arrived at the pavilion.

Xu Haichuan and his wife secretly sent a voice transmission to Jiang Chengxuan.

“Fellow Daoist Jiang, do you see those people over there?

They are all old independant cultivators at the last-stage of Qi Refinement who have been in Ganyang City for more than 30 years.

The one on the left is called Feng Kun, a ninth-level Qi Refinement cultivator.

He is famous for his golden black halberd. It is said that he cultivates a body tempering technique and is extremely strong.

In the middle is the smiling tiger, Li Boren. His weapon is a pair of blades. He is also a ninth-level Qi Refinement cultivator. Many cultivators died in his hands.

Fellow Daoist Jiang, if you meet him in the future, you have to be careful.

The person on the right is Chen Zixian. Although this woman is only at the seventh level of Qi Refinement, she is a famous Level 1 high-grade alchemist among us Qi Refinement independant cultivators.

Many fellow daoists have once looked for her to refine pills.

The last one is Zhou Yuanfang. It is said that this person has once escaped from a new Foundation Establishment cultivator. Even after so many years, he is still safe and sound.

It can be seen that this person is not ordinary.”

It had to be said that Xu Haichuan and his wife were familiar with many cultivators.

Jiang Chengxuan also learned a lot from them.

Just as the couple was about to continue, Zhang Yunfei suddenly said flatly.

“It’s starting.”

They turned around and saw that on the platform in front of the crowd, a ninth-level Qi Refinement cultivator in a Daoist robe had already taken the lead to go on stage.

He first cupped his fists and greeted the cultivators below the stage before taking out two things from his robe.

One was a high-grade Level 1 Dharma artifact, a curved saber, and a high-grade Level 1 spiritual fruit called the White Cloud Fruit.

They were all quite good things.

The former was worth about 300 spirit stones.

The latter was slightly lower, but it was still worth not less than a hundred spirit stones.

This was mainly related to the fact that the White Cloud Fruit was one of the supplementary ingredients for refining a certain Level 2 medicinal pill.

Otherwise, an ordinary high-grade Level 1 spiritual fruit would be worth dozens of spirit stones at most.

At this moment.

The Daoist-robed cultivator said to everyone, “Everyone, I believe you know the value of the two things in my hand.

“I want to use them to exchange for a high-grade Level 1 Dharma artifact like a horsetail whisk and an item of equal value.”

Soon, a burly man with a curly beard stood up.

He happened to have a horsetail whisk-type Dharma artifact that the Daoist-robed cultivator needed in his hand, so he immediately tradedhanged it with him.

As for the White Cloud Fruit, Chen Zixian traded it with two high-grade Level 1 True Essence Returning Pills.

The True Essence Returning Pill could help a late-stage Qi Refinement cultivator recover his True Essence.

One was worth about 60 to 70 spirit stones.

The Daoist-robed cultivator clearly had a good bargain.

However, from the looks of it, Chen Zixian did not seem to care.

Then, a few cultivators at the mid and late stages of Qi Refinement went on stage.

Most of the items they took out were mid to low-grade talismans, precious materials, spiritual herbs, and low-grade cultivation techniques.

There were many kinds, but they were not very useful to the current Jiang Chengxuan.

Until the cultivator called Zhou Yuanfang went on stage.

What he took out was a mid-grade Level 1 defensive Dharma artifact and a talisman book that has a comprehensive record of Level 1 talismans.

Jiang Chengxuan was not very interested in that mid-grade Level 1 defensive Dharma artifact.

On the other hand, the talisman book of Level 1 talismans he took out later piqued Jiang Chengxuan’s interest.

If there was a high-grade Level 1 talisman crafting method inside, he had to try his best to get it.

At this moment.

Zhou Yuanfang said, “My mid-grade Level 1 defensive Dharma artifact is priced at 200 Spirit Stones or something of equivalent value.

As for this talisman book of Level 1 talismans, because it’s incomplete, it’s priced at 300 spirit stones or something of equivalent value.”

“Can you tell me which high-grade Level 1 talismans are included in the talisman book?”

At this moment, Jiang Chengxuan, who had been silent all along, suddenly spoke.

Hearing that, Xu Haichuan, his wife, and Zhang Yunfei looked at him in surprise.

Xu Haichuan couldn’t help but ask, “Fellow Daoist Jiang, what are you…”

Jiang Chengxuan smiled.

“Fellow Daoist Xu, to be honest, I just learned to make high-grade Level 1 Talismans not long ago, so I’m quite interested in that Level 1 talisman book.”

These words immediately shocked Xu Haichuan and his wife.

They really did not expect that Jiang Chengxuan was actually a talisman craftsman.

What was more, he had even become a high-grade Level 1 talisman craftsman.

This was really…

On stage, Zhou Yuanfang was stunned for a moment before looking at Jiang Chengxuan.

“In this talisman book of Level 1 talismans, there are a total of three high-grade Level 1 talismans.

They were the Golden Light Talisman, the Earth Escape Talisman, and the Fire Snake Talisman.

Are you interested in it?”

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