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Chapter 570 - Chapter 570: Su Qingchan Trapped, Jiang Chengxuan to the Rescue (2)

Chapter 570: Su Qingchan Trapped, Jiang Chengxuan to the Rescue (2)

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Moreover, Su Qingchan felt an indistinct suppression in this space, which seemed to weaken her strength the longer she stayed.

Realizing this, she took a deep breath, knowing she couldn’t afford to drag this out.

In the next moment, her Star Moon Sword burst into a brilliant, piercing light. A sword qi, sharp to the extreme, erupted from the blade.


With a light sound, the sword transformed into a radiant, moonlight-like sword light, slashing fiercely at the demonic dragon and tiger.


Demon blood sprayed.

This all-out strike from Su Qingchan left a hundreds of meters long gash on the bodies of the dragon and tiger.

Their bones and organs were severely damaged.

Had their bodies not been incredibly strong, they would have been cleaved in half by this single blow

This sight caused Blood River and others to slightly narrow their eyes, surprised at the ferocity and sharpness of Su Qingchan’s attack.

Despite the lack of intelligence of the dragon and tiger, their strength was even superior to everyone present.

Yet, they were nearly bisected by Su Qingchan’s attack.

The demonic cultivators exchanged glances, feeling fortunate they had prepared this trap.

Thank goodness.

Now that Su Qingchan was trapped within the purple-black light pillars, no matter how powerful her real strength was, she would no longer be able to cause any trouble.

In the next moment, a surge of purple-black light flooded out within the array, enveloping and rapidly healing the dragon and tiger.

It could be seen with the naked eye that the two creatures whose bodies had almost been damaged by Su Qingchan’s sword just now actually began to rapidly recover.

In a moment, the dragon and tiger were as good as new.

“How is that possible?”

Seeing this scene, Su Qingchan’s beautiful eyes immediately constricted.

The expressions of Perfected Lord Flowing Snow and the others in the Big Dipper Array changed instantly.


After recovering, the dragon and tiger were enraged.

The two of them quickly rushed towards Su Qingchan.

The terrifying power instantly compressed the sword light in front of Su Qingchan.

In the blink of an eye, the originally cold and sharp sword light was only left with a thin layer.

From the looks of it, it was in danger of being broken at any time.

Then, unnoticed by all, a silent sword tip suddenly appeared behind Blood River.


The sword tip instantly pierced Blood River’s heart.

This made Blood River, who was paying all his attention to Su Qingchan, tremble slightly as his eyes widened.

What… What happened?

Before he could fully grasp the situation, a collapsing bang echoed within his body, signaling the irreversible destruction of his flesh, bones, organs, and Nascent Soul.

Even his attempt to escape by burning his blood Qi was futile.

How come?

Blood River was filled with terror.

He wanted to warn everyone.

However, for some reason, all his aura and voice were firmly locked in his body, preventing him from making any movements and sounds.


It was only when his body completely disintegrated that the man with a pair of fleshy wings on his back and the others sensed the commotion on Blood River’s side.

However, they were immediately faced with an extremely sharp sword light that blinded them momentarily, causing their thoughts to freeze for an instant.

In that brief moment, the silver-haired elder was split in half.

As blood splattered, the silver-haired old man’s Nascent Soul immediately fled in panic.

Before he could react,

In the void, a burning purple heavenly fire immediately surged towards all of them like a tsunami.

“Not good! This… This is the Purple Sun Heavenly Fire!”

Dry Bone immediately cried out in fear.


They all knew what power the so-called Purple Sun Heavenly Fire held.

It was the unique talisman of Heavenly Lord Purple Flame.

Realizing that Heavenly Lord Purple Flame might have arrived, the remaining four demonic cultivators no longer cared for anything else and tried to escape quickly.


Just then, a massive golden furnace, as large as a mountain, suddenly descended from above, pressing down towards them with overwhelming force.

There was a clang.

The lid of the furnace opened, and a torrent of pure golden Sun True Fire, like an ocean wave, furiously rushed towards them.


In an instant, the silver-haired elder, who had only his Nascent Soul remaining, was incinerated into ashes by Purple Sun Heavenly Fire and the Sun True Fire.

The remaining three, including Dry Bone, were chilled to the bone.

The combination of Purple Sun Heavenly Fire and Sun True Fire was a fatal threat to them.

However, in the next moment, to their utter astonishment, the Purple Sun Heavenly Fire and Sun True Fire didn’t chase after them but instead turned in a different direction, surging towards the five purple-black light pillars that trapped Su Qingchan.

“Damn it! We’ve been tricked!”

It was only then that the three demonic cultivators reacted.

The person who had appeared was not Heavenly Lord Purple Flame but merely a Nascent Soul cultivator with a Purple Sun Heavenly Fire talisman.

His real target was not them but the purple-black light pillars trapping Su Qingchan.


The Purple Sun Heavenly Fire and Sun True Fire simultaneously struck the purple-black light pillars, causing thick white smoke to rise and emitting a corroding hissing sound.

The array’s light began to flicker unstably, looking as if it might be breached at any moment.

“You’re courting death!”

Angered and feeling deceived, the three demonic cultivators immediately stopped fleeing.

Instead, they took out the demonic treasures they relied on to become famous and attacked Jiang Chengxuan, who had already appeared.

“It’s Fellow Daoist Jiang!”

In the Big Dipper Array.

Perfected Lord Flowing Snow and Perfected Lord Star Sea recognized the person immediately.

At the side, Mo Tiancheng and the other two also showed a hint of joy on their faces.


They were all well aware of the capabilities of Jiang Chengxuan and Shen Ruyan, especially after Perfected Lord Flowing Snow’s introduction.

Knowing Jiang Chengxuan’s strength, they realized that the opportunity to counterattack had arrived.

Missing this chance would mean possibly never having such an opportunity again.

Thus, the three Nascent Soul grand cultivators, without any hesitation, commanded everyone to join them in leaving the array to confront the enemy.


Mo Tiancheng suddenly summoned a hexagonal array disc, which emitted a powerful sealing force.

In an instant, it blocked the combined attack of the three demonic cultivators for Jiang Chengxuan.

“Fellow Daoist Jiang, we’ll block the enemy behind you for you. You don’t have to be distracted. Just focus on saving Fairy Su.”

Mo Tiancheng’s voice suddenly sounded in Jiang Chengxuan’s ears.

Hearing this, Jiang Chengxuan nodded slightly in acknowledgment, grateful that they were not just standing by but were actively participating in the battle.

In the next moment, another flame appeared in Jiang Chengxuan’s hand.

The flame alternated between milky white and pure gold colors.

He rubbed it hard and instantly turned it into a platinum fireball that flew towards the five purple-black pillars of light..

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