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Chapter 46 - Chapter 46: Completing the Drawings of 100 Level 2 Talismans

Chapter 46: Completing the Drawings of 100 Level 2 Talismans

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At this moment, the total True Essence in Jiang Chengxuan’s body had increased by more than 30% compared to before. It was almost comparable to that of a fifth level Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator.


It might even be more.

Most importantly, after breaking through to the third level of the Foundation Establishment Realm, be it refining Dharma artifacts or making talismans, there was a significant increase in speed and success rate.

In less than three months, Jiang Chengxuan successfully refined the two mid-grade Level 2 Dharma artifacts, the Green Wood Heavenly Light Shield and the Shadow Splitting Light Blade.

Then, he spent more than half a year successfully refining the high-grade Level 2 Dharma artifact that Shen Yuanlong had given him, the Void Dragon Sword.

In addition to the Purple Flame Sword and Purple Gold Spirit Shield that he had, Jiang Chengxuan had a total of five Dharma artifacts that could be used to fight and defend against enemies.

Among them, the Purple Flame Sword and the Green Wood Heavenly Shield were mid-grade Level 2 Dharma artifacts.


The Void Dragon Sword was a high-grade Level 2 Dharma artifact that could be used as his trump card when he was on the losing side.

After doing all this, Jiang Chengxuan began to cultivate the two mid-grade Level 2 spells, the Sea Burning Flame Explosion and the Tortoiseshell Earth Spirit Shield.

Perhaps it was because he had the Yin Yang Five Elements Spiritual Root, but when he cultivated the two spells, it was actually smooth-sailing.

In two years, Jiang Chengxuan had cultivated these two mid-grade Level 2 spells to the early stage.

With these two early stage spells, Jiang Chengxuan was enough to pose a huge threat to mid-stage Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators.

After that.

He spent another year and a half cultivating the Breeze Sword Technique rewarded by the system to the late-stage.

Although he had not tested the strength of the late-stage Breeze Sword Technique, based on the power of the early-stage Breeze Sword Technique, it was definitely not a problem to threaten a cultivator at the sixth level of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

After it was done, Jiang Chengxuan finally focused on drawing Level 2 talismans.

However, he did not draw the golden-armored puppet talisman immediately. Instead, he found a few relatively simple low-grade Level 2 talismans to draw to warm up.

For example, the Wood Rejuvenation Talisman, the Giant Fire Snake Talisman, the Nirvana Water Ice Sword Talisman, and so on.

They were all relatively simple and easy to master among low-grade Level 2 talismans.

However, perhaps because he had mastered the ability to draw difficult talismans like the Golden Armored Puppet Talisman, when he began to draw talismans like the Wood Rejuvenation Talisman, it was surprisingly smooth.

Without failure, he drew many in a row. Even the time he spent was not as much as he had imagined.

In this way, Jiang Chengxuan finally confirmed that his talisman-making mastery had probably reached the peak of low-grade Level 2.

As long as he took another step forward, he could break through to the mid-grade Level 2.

Without any hesitation, Jiang Chengxuan immediately took out the Extreme Yellow Jade, the Heavenly Spiritual Dew, and some other supplementary materials to draw the Golden Armor Puppet Talisman.

Half a year later.

When Jiang Chengxuan drew the last stroke on the Extreme Yellow Jade with the Heavenly Spiritual Dew, the entire hade immediately lit up with a dazzling light.

The originally yellow jade now had many extremely complicated patterns on its surface.

If cultivators below the Foundation Establishment realm used their divine sense to decipher the patterns, they would probably suffer a blow to their soul. Possibly, they would also be injured physically.

Is this the golden-armored puppet talisman that the system rewarded me with?

Jiang Chengxuan held the golden-armored puppet talisman up and sensed the difference between it and the other talismans. He could not help but be stunned.

The things rewarded by the system were indeed different.

Its value could no longer be measured by grades.

He did not doubt at all that once the method to make this Golden Armor Puppet Talisman was sold at the trade fair, it would definitely cause the various Foundation Establishment families to compete for it crazily.

Even a Violet Palace Realm immortal family like the Shen Immortal Family would be very tempted.

As Jiang Chengxuan thought, he continued to make the second Golden Armor Puppet Talisman.

Having succeeded once, Jiang Chengxuan was clearly faster at making the second Golden-Armored Puppet Talisman.

This time, he only spent five months to successfully make the second Golden Armored Puppet Talisman.

By the time he made the Golden Armored Puppet Talisman for the third time, his speed had noticeably increased. This time, he only used four and a half months to successfully draw the third Golden Armored Puppet Talisman.

Hence, he already had three Golden Armored Puppet Talismans.

Next, he only needed to find another Extreme Yellow Jade. Coupled with the additional bottle of Heavenly Spiritual Dew in his hand, he should be able to make the fourth Golden Armor Puppet Talisman.

However, he did not know if the value of the Extreme Yellow Jade and Heavenly Spiritual Dew, the main materials used to make this Golden Armor Puppet Talisman, would soar after people found out that they could be used to make the Golden Armor Puppet Talisman.

Another two years passed.

There were already 50 to 60 low-grade Level 2 talismans in Jiang Chengxuan’s hand.

It included offensive, defensive, detoxifying, healing, and bewitching talismans.

However, what made him slightly frustrated was that during this period of time, he had tried to draw mid-grade Level 2 talismans many times, but all of them failed.

Later on, he realized that the thing that restricted him from successfully drawing a mid-grade Level 2 talisman was probably not his current talisman-making mastery, but the talisman brush in his hand.

Using an ordinary low-grade Level 2 talisman brush to draw a mid-grade Level 2 talisman was undoubtedly challenging.

After failing to draw another mid-grade Level 2 talisman, Jiang Chengxuan finally put down the talisman brush in his hand.

It seemed that he had to buy a mid-grade Level 2 talisman brush.

Just as this thought flashed through his mind, the system’s voice suddenly sounded.

[Ding! Congratulations, host. You have completed 100 drawings of Level 2 Talisman. You have received Talent +1.”


Jiang Chengxuan was surprised to hear this voice.

What was going on?

He didn’t remember the system giving him a mission before.

If he could obtain the system’s reward just by doing something a hundred times, then wouldn’t he also receive a reward by eating a hundred times and sleeping a hundred times?

Could it be that this was related to the mission given by the system previously to draw 30 Level 2 talismans?

With this mission as a prerequisite, when he accidentally drew talismans a hundred times, he unlocked the hidden mission.

No matter how he thought about it, this seemed to be the only possibility..

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