Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 7

Aunt Qing Is Interrogated

Yu Yunxi’s expression darkened immediately. If Nanny Liu came in now and saw that Feng Yili was not lying in the coffin, she did not doubt that Nanny Liu would report the matter.

‘Forget about the earring for now. The most important thing is to get Feng Yili into the coffin…’

Yu Yunxi was still figuring out how to get Feng Yili back into the coffin when Jiang Ying suddenly entered through one of the windows.

Jiang Ying wiped the sweat off his face as he said excitedly, “I’m back, Princess Consort. I brought back the things you wanted!”

Yu Yunxi took a quick glance at the medical books and herbs. They were indeed the things she had wanted. She calmed down and quickly said, “Hurry up and send your master back to the Cold Jade Coffin.”

“But that coffin is so cold…”

“Place the blanket underneath him. There’s also this…” Yu Yunxi said as she brought out the jade pendant and placed it on Feng Yili.

Jiang Ying nodded at her gratefully before he quickly placed Feng Yili in the coffin again.

After that, Jiang Ying hid himself while Yu Yunxi hid the medicine herbs on her body and the medical books in the cabinet. Finally, she opened the door.

Seeing that Yu Yunxi took such a long time to open the door, Nanny Liu looked at Yu Yunxi suspiciously as she asked, “Princess Consort, it took you so long to open the door. Did you do something shameful?”

Yu Yunxi’s eyes flashed, and the corners of her lips twitched slightly. Then, she said slowly, “The Cold Jade Coffin made the room extremely chilly. I think I caught a cold so it took longer for me to wake up. Why? Do I need to explain myself to you?”

Nanny Liu smiled insincerely and said, “The Consort Dowager said you lost your composure yesterday and embarrassed His Royal Highness. She’ll definitely punish you later. For now, you’ll have to brew medicine for His Royal Highness first.”

Yu Yunxi only raised an eyebrow. Her expression was calm, but inwardly, she was glad. She had been wondering how she could give Feng Yili the antidote to the Springwood Separation poison, but now, an opportunity had presented itself to her.

When Yu Yunxi arrived at the kitchen, she realized that not a single servant was present. There was no one to help her at all.

Nanny Liu stood at the door and said provocatively, “Princess Consort, you have to show sincerity by personally brewing the medicine.”

Yu Yunxi sneered inwardly and thought to herself, ‘Does she think I don’t know how to start a fire or brew medicine?’

Yu Yunxi did not waste time. She quickly rolled up her sleeve, washed the pot, and started a fire. She was very agile when she worked.

Originally, Nanny Liu wanted to see Yu Yunxi make a fool out of herself, but she did not expect that Yu Yunxi was not troubled at all. This made her extremely angry.

Meanwhile, with her back facing Nanny Liu, Yu Yunxi swapped the medicine. She quickly poured the medicinal herb that Jiang Ying procured into the pot of water.

At this moment, Nanny Liu deliberately raised her voice and said meaningfully, “Princess Consort, I heard that the fire in the ancestral hall yesterday was not an accident. It seems like someone deliberately set the fire…”

Yu Yunxi continued to crouch as she fanned the fire. Her expression was very calm, and no flaws could be seen at all as she said, “Oh, is that so? Then, the culprit must be very powerful to be able to act so audaciously in the Prince Regent’s Residence.”

Nanny Liu walked over and looked down on Yu Yunxi and said, “Princess Consort, do you know that setting fire to the ancestral hall is punishable by death?”

Yu Yunxi put down a piece of firewood. She raised her head to look at Nanny Liu and said casually, “Nanny Liu, I’m not stupid. I naturally know that it’s a serious crime.”

Nanny Liu leaned over and narrowed her turbid eyes. Her expression was a little sinister as she continued to say, “Since the Princess Consort knows this is a serious crime, why would you commit such a crime?”

“Nanny Liu, I don’t quite understand what you mean,” Yu Yunxi said calmly.

“Don’t play dumb! Where was your Aunt Qing when the ancestral hall caught fire? A servant said that he had seen her near the ancestral hall before it caught fire. If there aren’t any accidents, the Consort Dowager should be interrogating her now. Princess Consort, if you admit your mistake and apologize to the Consort Dowager now, perhaps you’ll be able to save your life,” Nanny Liu said. She could barely hide the gloating expression on her face.

Upon hearing this, Yu Yunxi’s heart skipped a beat, and her smile froze slightly.

‘No wonder I haven’t seen Aunt Qing since yesterday… As it turns out, something happened… Nanny Liu must have been testing me as soon as I opened the door.’

However, Yu Yunxi’s expression quickly returned to normal. She covered her mouth and chuckled. Her eyes shone brightly as she said, “Nanny Liu, if Mother suspects me, she can just summon me to interrogate me. However, Mother has yet to say anything, but you’re already here questioning me? Do you think your status in the Prince Regent’s Residence is higher than that of Mother?”

A hateful expression appeared on Nanny Liu’s face as she spat, “Don’t change the topic! You must have instructed Aunt Qing to do something yesterday! You were the ones who burned the ancestral hall!”

Yu Yunxi’s smile vanished, and her eyes glinted coldly as she raised her hand and slapped Nanny Liu mercilessly.


Nanny Liu could not react and dodge in time. In just a moment, her cheek began to swell. She cried out furiously, “How dare you hit me?”

Nanny Liu had acted domineeringly in the Prince Regent’s Residence for many years. However, recently, not only had she been suppressed by Yu Yunxi, but she was also slapped by Yu Yunxi. How could she endure such a thing?

Nanny Liu rolled up her sleeves and pounced on Yu Yunxi. Her body was much bigger than that of Yu Yunxi, and when she pounced over, it was as though a mountain was bearing down on Yu Yunxi.

Yu Yunxi nimbly dodged to the side, and Nanny Liu fell to the ground on all four. She knocked her face on the ground, causing her nose to bleed. All in all, she was in a sorry state.

When the servants waiting outside saw this scene, they tried their best to hold back their laughter. Normally, Nanny Liu would abuse them. Seeing her making a fool out of herself today, they were naturally delighted. At the same time, they thought that the new Princess Consort was truly extraordinary.

This time, it was Yu Yunxi’s turn to look down at Nanny Liu. Her voice was freezing cold as she said, “Nanny Liu, I’m the Princess Consort personally chosen by the Emperor. You dare to slander me and accuse me of burning the ancestral hall. Does this mean you doubt the Emperor’s judgment of people?”

Nanny Liu snarled, baring her teeth. “The Consort Dowager is already interrogating Aunt Qing. How can there be no evidence?”

“It’s just an interrogation; it’s not a conviction. Moreover, even if Aunt Qing is found guilty, who are you to criticize me?” Yu Yunxi said icily.

Yu Yunxi’s imposing aura caused Nanny Liu to shudder involuntarily. Her arrogance seemed to have decreased a little at this moment. Finally, she gritted her teeth and said before running out, “Just you wait! I’m going to find the Consort Dowager! She’ll definitely punish you!”

Not long after, the steward arrived in the kitchen. A gloating expression could be seen on his face as he said, “Princess Consort, the Consort Dowager summons you to the hall.”

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