Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 407 - Chapter 407: A Late Night Visit

Chapter 407: A Late Night Visit

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Yu Yunxi pushed Feng Yili away and took a sip of the tea next to her to cool down. Then, she asked, “Tell me quickly. What are you doing here?”

Because Yu Yunxi was in such a hurry, she began to choke and cough.

“Be careful,” Feng Yili said as he raised his hand and patiently wiped the tea off her lips.

Yu Yunxi’s heart raced even faster in her chest when she looked at how serious he was as he wiped her face for her.

“Chu Zhihe is still kneeling…” Feng Yili slowly said, suddenly changing the topic.

‘Oh, Chu Zhihe. I almost forgot about our bet…

“Consort Mu’s heart will probably ache to death if Chu Zhihe kneels the entire night,” Yu Yunxi said with a sneer.

“She planned to order Chu Zhihe’s maidservant to pretend to be Chu Zhihe and kneel in Chu Zhihe’s place. However, Abbot Liao Chen is present so she had to give up on her plan,” Feng Yili said in his deep voice.

“Abbot Liao Chen?”

Yu Yunxi was slightly surprised. Then, she asked, “What do you think about him?”

After a long silence, Feng Yili replied, “I can’t see through him…”

Yu Yunxi was surprised by Feng Yili’s reply. After all, he rarely gave people such an evaluation. After a moment, she massaged her temples and said, “Forget it. We don’t have much to do with him. As long as he doesn’t affect us, we can just ignore him.”

Initially, Meng Xia had suggested that Yu Yunxi come to the Temple of Eternal Peace to regain her memory. However, now that she had regained her memory, she did not need to look for Master Shen Zhi.

“Oh, right, Feng Yili. About the Xiao family…”

“I already sent someone to search the King of Zhenbei’s Residence. Apart from your courtyard, there are no traces of that person in the residence. I’ve already asked people to search the capital…”

Yu Yunxi nodded. She always felt at ease when Feng Yili handled things. She murmured, “It’s time for us to investigate the Xiao family thoroughly…” ‘Why are those people so determined to harm people close to me?’

All of a sudden, Yu Yunxi looked up and asked, “No matter what, I have the Xiao family’s blood running in my veins. As my husband, you’re naturally in danger. Are you afraid?”

Feng Yili frowned. He said, sounding slightly cold, “Perhaps we should forget about Buddha tonight..


“I’ve already shown my sincerity to you. I’ve given my body and my heart to you, and yet, you doubt that I’d go through thick and thin with you. I’m really sad,” Feng Yili said with a sigh, looking sorrowful.

If Feng Yili had a pair of dog ears at this moment, they would be drooping down at this moment.

Yu Yunxi discovered that after she regained her memories, Feng Yili’s personality seemed to have changed a lot.

“That’s not what I mean. I…”

“It’s late at night now. Why don’t we do something to solidify our relationship?” Feng Yili asked as his gaze burned with flames that seemed to want to devour Yu Yunxi completely.

Yu Yunxi coughed and said, hoping Feng Yili would calm down and control himself, “This is a sacred place of Buddhism.”

“Buddha will forgive us,” Feng Yili said with a straight face.

“Feng Yili, that’s not what I meant earlier. I was…”

“I know. You’re just worried about me,” Feng Yili said as he held her slightly cold hand and transmitted his internal energy to her, warming her. He continued to say as his expression turned solemn, “I’m even capable of dealing with Tianxia so why would I be afraid of the Xiao family? Don’t think about pushing me away. I can fight alongside you…”

Yu Yunxi’s eyelashes fluttered slightly as she whispered, “Okay…”

She was touched that he did not blindly insist on protecting her and said that he wanted to fight alongside her instead.

Feng Yili said again, “Xichu’s state banquet is fast approaching. I received a secret message saying that Tianxia sent Feng Weizhou to represent the country.”

‘Feng Weizhou?’

Yu Yunxi’s expression darkened when she heard the familiar name.

“This is Xichu. Moreover, I have people in the capital. He won’t be able to hurt you and Junjin,” Feng Yili said reassuringly.

“It’s fine. We’ll deal with whatever comes our way,” Yu Yunx said. Her mentality was quite good.

Suddenly, there was a commotion outside.

Immediately after that, Meng Xia said from outside in a low voice, “Eldest Princess, the Empress Dowager sent someone here, saying that the Empress

Dowager wants to see you.”

Yu Yunxi’s eyes shone coldly as she said with a scoff, “I’m afraid there’ll be another trap.”

“There’s no need for you to see her,” Feng Yili said frostily.

Yu Yunxi could not help but smile when she looked at his aloof but handsome face. She held his hand and said reassuringly, “Now’s not the time for me to be willful. As the Empress Dowager, her status is indeed higher than mine. I’ll go and see her to see what tricks she has up her sleeve now.”

After saying that, Yu Yunxi got up and put on her outer robe before she left the room.

Feng Yili was worried and wanted to accompany Yu Yunxi, but unexpectedly, Jiang Ying rushed over at this moment.

“Your Royal Highness, there’s movement in our courtyard!”

Feng Yili’s expression darkened in a blink of an eye. After all, the little bun was still in the courtyard. He quickly said, “Jiang Ying, follow the Princess Consort. You must protect her.”

Jiang Ying quickly followed Yu Yunxi while Feng Yili returned to his courtyard.

Feng Yili had just stepped into his courtyard when he saw Chu Yuemu.

Chu Yuemu brought a group of attendants here. He was sitting under a tree in the courtyard and drinking tea as though this was his territory.

Chu Yuemu raised his head and looked at Feng Yili. Despite the slight smile on his face, his eyes were venomous as he said, “You’re here, King of Youshan. Where did you go so late at night?”

Feng Yili swept his gaze across Chu Yuemu’s legs before he said, “Oh, you recovered really quickly, Seventh Prince.”

For a moment, Chu Yuemu could not hide the burning hatred in his heart. After he left the hunting ground, he had a high fever. For some reason, at that time, he remembered that he was hurt by Yu Yunxi and Feng Yili. Unfortunately, the evidence was already gone by that time. His father had also dealt with that matter. In conclusion, he could no longer do anything about that matter. Needless to say, he was not someone who stayed quiet after suffering such a huge loss. He was determined to make Feng Yili and Yu Yunxi pay a painful price.

Chu Yuemu suddenly recalled his mother’s instructions, and he quickly regained his composure. In just a blink of an eye, the hatred and anger on his face disappeared. He ignored Feng Yili’s derisive words and laughed as he took the initiative to pour Feng Yili a cup of tea. Then, he said, “King of Youshan, I didn’t expect you to care so much about me.”

Feng Yili had no intention of wasting time and drinking tea with Chu Yuemu. He said coldly, “Seventh Prince, this is not your residence. If you have something to say, say it before I lose my patience.”

Chu Yuemu’s expression darkened.

‘This barbarian relies on the little bit of military power in his hands to act so arrogantly. Without his military power, how can a vassal king like him act so arrogantly?’

In the end, Chu Yuemu revealed his purpose, saying, “King of Youshan, I wish to discuss a collaboration with you..”

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