Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 271 - Chapter 271: Late Night Visit to the Wei Residence

Chapter 271: Late Night Visit to the Wei Residence

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Luo Xiuran did not understand the meaning of the letter. He asked in confusion, “Yili, what’s the meaning of this?”

Feng Yili’s eyes flashed fiercely as he asked Jiang Ying in a deep voice, “What else did the Imperial Preceptor say?”

“The messenger said that if you’ve thought it through, please visit the Imperial Preceptor’s Residence. He said that the Imperial Preceptor will explain it to you,” Jiang Ying replied.

Upon hearing this, Luo Xiuran warned seriously, “Yili, don’t fall for it! The

Imperial Preceptor is definitely up to no good!”

Feng Yili did not respond to Luo Xiuran’s words. Instead, he said lightly, “It’s getting late. You must be tired. You should go back and rest.”

In the little bun’s courtyard.

As Yu Yunxi covered the little bun with a blanket, she yawned repeatedly, looking very tired.

“Mother, are you tired? Hurry up and rest,” the little bun said, feeling distressed for his mother.

Yu Yunxi shook her head. “I slept a lot last night, but I don’t know why I’m always tired. It’s fine. I’ll rest after this. Don’t you have anything to ask me about tonight?”

“Mother, Father has been poisoned for a long time, right? Was it very difficult for him to bear it alone in the past?” the little bun asked softly as he tugged Yu Yunxi’s sleeve.

“Yes. He’s poisoned by a poison that’s very difficult to cure. It’s been many years,” Yu Yunxi replied gently.

The little bun took a deep breath before he nodded and said seriously, “Mother, it’s okay. Everything will be fine.”


Yu Yunxi patted his head.

After the little bun fell asleep, she rose to her feet. However, as soon as she stood up, she felt a sharp pain in her head.

‘What’s wrong with me recently? Why does my head hurt so much recently?’

Yu Yunxi checked her pulse and could not find anything wrong. She walked out of the room after that, thinking about another matter.

‘How can I get rid of the Springwood Separation poison completely? I’ve already obtained half of Mother’s medical journals, the other half is… The Wei family!’

At this moment, Qian Jiao walked over and asked respectfully, “Princess Consort, are you going back to your room to rest?” “Where’s the Prince Regent now?” Yu Yunxi asked.

“His Royal Highness has gone to the study. He’s still there.”

“Alright. Follow me to the Wei family,” Yu Yunxi said. Perhaps if she was able to take back the other half of her mother’s medical journals, she would be able to discover something.

“Princess Consort, is it safe to go to the Wei family now? Should we inform His Royal Highness?” Qian Jiao asked worriedly.

Yu Yunxi shook her head. “No need. We can handle this small matter on our own. Feng Yili has many things to do so let’s not make him worry.”

“Yes, Princess Consort.”

Taking advantage of the night, Yu Yunxi, Qian Jiao, Qian Qing, and Qian Ji snuck into the Wei Residence. They were dressed in black from head to toe. They stood around for a moment, wondering where they should start to look for the books. However, before they could make up their minds, they heard a commotion.

“Trash! Why is it that you failed to meet Prince Chen even when you went to his residence?” Wei Jian, the head of the Wei family, questioned angrily as he slammed his walking stick on the ground.

Many juniors kneeled in front of him at this moment.

One of them said stammeringly, “Grandfather, we… we asked around at the door of Prince Chen’s Residence. It seems like Cousin Weichen has been very angry recently because the Prince Regent has been ignoring him. Moreover, the Princess Regent went to see the Empress tonight. We don’t know if the Prince Regent’s Residence will support the Crown Prince in the future.”

At this moment, Wei Pu, the eldest son of the Wei family, walked over. He patted Wei Jian’s back to calm him down as he said reassuringly, “Father, Prince Chen has always been on the same side as our Wei family. He’s just frustrated with the Prince Regent’s matter recently so he’s not in the mood to care about us. Please don’t be angry.”

Wei Jian snorted. “It’s not that I don’t understand Prince Chen. He’s my grandson, after all. I naturally understand him and feel sorry for him.

However, the Wei Medical Hall has many employees to support. The Prince Regent’s Residence is no longer helping us. We can’t find enough medicinal herbs. We have no choice but to ask Prince Chen for help.”

At this moment, Wei Meng, the second son of the Wei family, scoffed and said through gritted teeth, “I’m afraid Yu Yunxi has already said something to the Prince Regent and influenced him…”

The others echoed the sentiment one after another.

“Indeed! Grandfather, if it weren’t for Yu Yunxi opening a medical hall, would our Wei Medical Hall’s reputation be so bad now?”

“That’s right. In the past, the Prince Regent’s Residence was willing to help our Wei family. However, now that she’s returned, the Prince Regent seems to have a grudge against our Wei family!”

“I don’t understand what the Prince Regent is thinking. If it weren’t for our Wei family helping him to suppress Springwood Separation previously, would he have survived until now? He’s clearly burning the bridge after crossing it!”

At this moment, a voice of dissension rang in the air, saying, “However, the reason we were able to suppress the Prince Regent’s poison is all thanks to

Doctor Xu’s medical journals. Not only that, but the reason the Wei Medical Hall is famous and the doctors in the medical hall are superior to others is also thanks to those medical journals…”

In the next moment, countless sharp gazes fell on the person who spoke.

“Wei Xin, you traitor! It’s also the Wei family’s ability to be able to obtain Doctor Xu’s medical journals!”

Wei Xin retorted, “What ability? Wasn’t it all because of the Imperial Preceptor’s reminder? All you did was find a way to trick the clerk at the

Resurrection Hall and snatch the books away.”

Wei Xin was Wei Jian’s youngest grandson. He usually did not have anything to do with the Wei Medical Hall. However, he really could not stand the Wei family and Feng Weichen’s actions.

Wei Jian looked at Wei Xin gloomily and bellowed, “Bast*rd, shut up!” Wei Xin reluctantly shut his mouth.

At the same time, Yu Yunxi and the others, who were nearby, heard the conversations clearly.

‘So the Imperial Preceptor told them to take Mother’s medical journals away? What does he want to do? It seems like he has been plotting for many years…’

Inside the house.

Another person asked, “Grandfather, five years ago, the Imperial Preceptor helped our Wei family. Does that mean he thinks highly of Cousin Weichen?”

“That’s right! Grandfather, with the Imperial Preceptor’s support, Cousin Weichen will have a chance of winning the throne!”

Wei Jian sneered when he heard these words. “What do you know? The Imperial Preceptor is very smart. He doesn’t intend to participate in the battle for the throne.”

“Then what is the Imperial Preceptor after?”

“Alright, that’s enough. You don’t have to care about these things. Go to Wei Medical Hall tomorrow and think of a way. The Wei family doesn’t support idle people,” Wei Meng said, waving his hand to dismiss the others.

“Yes, Second Uncle. Grandfather, we’ll take our leave first.’

The group of juniors lowered their heads and scurried out of the room, looking as though they had been relieved of a heavy burden.

When there were only three people left in the room, Wei Meng said reassuringly, “Father, don’t worry. The Emperor only has two capable princes left now. Prince Chen has a very good chance of winning. As long as he succeeds, do you think our Wei family still has to care about the Prince Regent?”

Wei Jian sighed. “I hope you’re right. Back then, I decided to listen to the Imperial Preceptor. I used Madam Xu’s medical journals to come up with a prescription to threaten the Prince Regent.. I don’t know if my decision is right or wrong…’

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