Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 268 - Chapter 268: Feng Yili Is Here

Chapter 268: Feng Yili Is Here

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Yu Yunxi did not bring anyone with her to Fengyi Palace so she was alone. She followed the path she took earlier, but for some reason, the more she walked, the more remote it became. Her surroundings were completely dark at this moment.

The moon tonight was not very bright, to begin with, and now, it was hidden by the dark clouds in the sky. There was a faint feeling that a storm was brewing.

Soon enough, Yu Yunxi heard the sounds of footsteps behind her. Her gaze turned cold immediately. She brought a silver needle out and held it between her fingers before she quickened her pace. At the same time, the person behind her quickened his or her pace as well. When she heard the other party catching up to her, she spun around, ready to use the silver needle.

“It’s me.”

When Yu Yunxi heard the familiar deep voice, she heaved a sigh of relief, and her heart also calmed down.

“Feng Yili. You’re finally here,” Yu Yunxi said, sounding a little aggrieved.

Feng Yili stroked her head and said in a deep voice, “It’s my fault for coming so late. I heard the Empress summoned you. Did she make things difficult for you?”

“No. She just wanted to probe the relationship between the Prince Regent’s Residence and the Fifth Prince. Even now, she still wants to pull you into their camp. It seems like you, the Ninth Imperial Uncle, is in really high demand,” Yu Yunxi said helplessly.

“In the future, if anyone summons you, just refuse them. I can still protect you and Junjin,” Feng Yili said solemnly.

“Alright, alright, I understand. In fact, previously, I refused the Empress several times. However, when I returned to the Yu Residence today, I found out that Yu Zhongcheng’s relationship with the Empress wasn’t ordinary. Moreover, the Empress also had a hand in framing my mother for having an affair with a guard back then. That was why I went to see her earlier,” Yu Yunxi said coldly, “Earlier, I tested the Empress and confirmed that there was really something going on with her and Yu Zhongcheng. Perhaps we’ll be able to discover more secrets if we investigate carefully.”

“That was too dangerous. The Empress is ruthless. If she knew that you knew her secrets, I’m afraid she’d be ruthless to you again,” Feng Yili said as his gaze darkened.

“It’s fine. Aren’t I safe and sound now?”

“I also heard about what happened to Yu Zhongcheng in the Yu Residence. You…” Feng Yili said in a low voice.

Yu Yunxi frowned slightly. “Yes, I killed him. Feng Yili, do you think I’m heartless?”

“No, if it weren’t for the fact that he was your biological father, I would’ve killed him a long time ago. Next time, if you encounter a scumbag like him again, don’t dirty your hands. Let me do it,” Feng Yili said patiently as he shook his head.

Yu Yunxi’s heart calmed down completely when she heard his words; she felt very at ease. It felt good to be trusted unconditionally.

“In fact, Yu Zhongcheng is not my…”

Yu Yunxi was about to tell Feng Yili that Yu Zhongcheng was not her biological father when..

“Ninth Imperial Uncle, Ninth Imperial Aunt.”

‘He followed me here?’

Yu Yunxi’s expression darkened immediately.

Feng Yili’s gaze was also very dark as he asked coldly, “Crown Prince, did you follow my consort here to continue making things difficult for her?”

Feng Weizhou’s expression stiffened. After a long time, he slowly raised his head, forcing himself to stay calm as he said, “Ninth Imperial Uncle, you’ve misunderstood me. I was only worried that Ninth Imperial Aunt wouldn’t be able to find her way back to Fuyang Hall so I followed her here. However, seeing that Ninth Imperial Uncle is here, there’s no need for me to worry.”

Feng Yili held Yu Yunxi’s slightly cold hand and led her away. When they walked past Feng Weizhou, he paused briefly and said lightly, “Crown Prince, the throne has always belonged to the capable. Instead of spending your time on me, why don’t you think about how to consolidate your position as the Crown Prince and win the people’s hearts?”

Feng Weizhou’s expression darkened, but he did not respond. When Feng Yili and Yu Yunxi had walked a distance away, he took a deep breath and said tiredly, “Ninth Imperial Uncle, the banquet today might not be peaceful. Take ‘He actually gave us a reminder? Did he find his conscience today?’

Before Yu Yunxi left, she raised an eyebrow and glanced at Feng Weizhou.

When Yu Yunxi and Feng Yili arrived at Fuyang Hall, the ministers were already seated. Luo Xiuran and the little bun had also taken their seats, which were very close to the dragon throne.

“Father, Mother!”

The little bun’s eyes lit up when he saw his parents.

Everyone in the hall turned to look at Feng Yili and Yu Yunxi in unison.

The two of them looked very compatible, and many daughters from the noble families looked at Yu Yunxi enviously. In the past when Feng Yili attended banquets alone, his aura was oppressive so many of them did not dare to look at him. However, when he stood next to Yu Yunxi today, his aura became very gentle.

When they arrived at their seats, Feng Yili carried the little bun in his arms and gestured for Yu Yunxi to take a seat first before he sat down.

The women were even more envious when they saw this. How good would it be if their husbands treated them like this?

At this moment, a eunuch said from the entrance, “Their Majesties, the

Emperor and the Empress; and the Crown Prince have arrived!”

Following that, Feng Yijin, the Empress, and Feng Weizhou appeared before everyone’s eyes.

The Empress Dowager had yet to recover so she did not attend the banquet.

As for Consort Qin, she was not feeling well so she did not attend the banquet as well.

Feng Yijin did not think it was necessary for his other consorts and concubines to attend the banquet. As such, only the Empress was by his side.

Based on this alone, it seemed that the Empress was favored by the Emperor. However, Yu Yunxi could tell that the Empress’ smile was very forced.

‘It seems like the Emperor and the Empress truly have no feelings for each other anymore…’ Yu Yunxi thought to herself as she recalled how guarded Feng Yijin had been against the Empress when the Empress Dowager was injured. After Feng Yijin sat on the dragon throne, he said faintly, “Rise.”

Due to Feng Yili’s status as the Prince Regent, he, Yu Yunxi, and the little bun remained seated while everyone had to kneel down to pay their respect.

Feng Yijin looked at Feng Yili and asked, “Ninth Brother, how’s the safety of the capital and palace?”

Feng Yili lowered his gaze and helped the little bun wipe his mouth as he replied nonchalantly, “Imperial Brother, the imperial army isn’t under my control. I’m only managing them today on your behalf. How can I guarantee the safety of the palace and the capital? Imperial Brother, you specifically asked about this today… Could it be that you intend to hand the imperial army to me forever?”

Feng Yijin’s expression darkened as soon as he heard this. He wanted to pressure Feng Vili. Moreover, if anything happened tonight, he could push the blame on Feng Yili. Unexpectedly, Feng Yili turned the tables on him. In the end, he pretended to be calm and said, “Ninth Brother, you hold an important

position, and I still have many things for you to do. There’s no need to trouble you with such a small task of managing the imperial army.”

Yu Yunxi and the others had already expected this response from Feng Yijin. After all, there was no way Feng Yijin would be able to sleep tonight if the imperial army was really handed over to Feng Yili.

At this moment, a eunuch walked over and said, “Your Majesty, the Imperial Preceptor has arrived.”

Upon hearing this, a delighted expression appeared on Feng Yijin’s face immediately.. He said, “Hurry up and lead the Imperial Preceptor in!”

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