Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 259 - Chapter 259: The Third Prince’s Explanation

Chapter 259: The Third Prince’s Explanation

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Yu Yunxi forced herself to calm down before she read the letter. Indeed, the writer invited Feng Wei’an out tonight and asked to meet at their usual place. Not only that, but the writer also said that he was in the capital.

‘Who is he? Is he really Godbrother? However, if he’s in the capital, he should’ve sent someone to inform me about it…

Yu Yunxi’s head began to ache. She could not figure out this matter at all.

At this moment, Jiang Ying came over and reported, “Princess Consort, the

Third Prince has regained consciousness.”

“I’ll take this letter with me,” Yu Yunxi said to Su Jingrou.

“Yunxi, I want to come with you,” Su Jingrou said anxiously.

“Alright, let’s go,” Yu Yunxi said. She knew Su Jingrou was very worried about Feng Wei’an so she did not object to it.

When Yu Yunxi arrived, she saw Feng Yili standing at the door. He asked in a low voice, “Do you have something to ask him? You can go in…”

Yu Yunxi looked at him in surprise. “How do you know I have something to ask him?”

“How could I not notice your expression earlier?” Feng Yili asked in return.

Yu Yunxi’s expression was slightly awkward. It seemed like she could not hide anything from him. Finally, she said, “You’re right. I do have something to ask the Third Prince. However, let Jingrou see him first.”

Su Jingrou was very worried about Feng Wei’an after all. Yu Yunxi could ask her questions later.

Su Jingrou nodded gratefully when she heard Yu Yunxi’s words. She said, “Okay, I’ll go in first.”

After Su Jingrou left, Yu Yunxi said, looking troubled, “Feng Yili, there are some things I don’t know how to say…”

Not only was there a symbol of Xinan’s guards on Feng Wei’an, but it seemed like her godfather and godbrother also had a close relationship with Feng

Wei’an. For a moment, she was at a loss and did not know how to explain it to Feng Yili.

“If you find it difficult to talk now, you don’t have to say anything. I can wait,’ Feng Yili said in a low voice. His words calmed Yu Yunxi down immediately.

Neither of them spoke again after that, thinking about what had happened tonight.

Yu Yunxi thought to herself, ‘Godfather, Brother, what’s your relationship with the Third Prince? Do you have anything to do with the Third Prince’s matter tonight?’

After some time, Su Jingrou came out, wiping tears. This caused Yu Yunxi to misunderstand, thinking that Feng Wei’an had bullied the former. She asked worriedly, “Jingrou, what’s wrong?”

Su Jingrou quickly wiped away the tears on her face and said gently, “Don’t worry. I’m fine. I’m just very grateful to you and the Prince Regent. If it weren’t for the two of you, the Third Prince would have…”

“It’s nothing. You’re pregnant so you have to pay attention to your emotions,” Yu Yunxi said patiently.


After giving Su Jingrou a few more reminders, Yu Yunxi quickly walked into the room.

The smell of blood had dissipated a lot, and now, there was only the strong smell of medicine.

“Ninth Imperial Aunt…”

Feng Wei’an wanted to stand up and bow when he saw Yu Yunxi.

Yu Yunxi said solemnly, “You’re already in such a state, but you still want to

Feng Wei’an shook his head and said with a wry smile, “If Ninth Imperial Uncle and Ninth Imperial Aunt hadn’t saved me earlier, I would’ve died…”

“It’s nothing. You’re the Prince Regent’s nephew after all. By the way, how do you feel?” Yu Yunxi asked after walking to the bedside.

“I’m fine. Although it hurts, it’s bearable,” Feng Wei’an said, shaking his head.

With that, Yu Yunxi no longer beat around the bush. She said, “Alright. I have something to ask you. Do you know my godfather, the King of Xinan?”

Feng Wei’an was stunned when he heard this. After a long time, he sighed heavily before he said, explaining, “I didn’t expect you to know about this, Ninth Imperial Aunt. Back then, when the King of Xinan visited the capital, he saw that I was pitiful so he helped me a few times. Due to his kindness, I’ve always stayed in contact with him.”

‘Is that all?’

“Why didn’t Godfather mention this matter to me?” Yu Yunxi muttered under her breath, frowning.

Feng Wei’an shook his head, sounding lonely as he said, “We’re not particularly close. Perhaps that’s why it was not worth him mentioning the matter.”

“Then, what about the symbol on your waist? That’s the symbol of Xinan’s guards. You’re a prince…”

“You, you know about the symbol?!” Feng Wei’an looked at Yu Yunxi in shock. However, he quickly regained his composure and said, “A few years ago, my father entrusted me with a difficult task. He sent me to Minzhou to deal with the bandits.”

Yu Yunxi said solemnly, “That place was a famous bandit’s nest. It’s fine now, but at that time, even Xinan’s troops didn’t dare to easily enter that place…’

In other words, the Emperor sending Feng Wei’an there at that time was no different from sending Feng Wei’an to his death.

“That’s right. In my father’s eyes, I’m a lowly existence. It didn’t matter to him if I died in Minzhou. He didn’t even want to give me more troops. I really thought I was going to die at that time. Before I left, I wrote to the King of Xinan, telling him that I’d repay his kindness in my next life… Unexpectedly, after reading the letter, the King of Xinan sent someone to meet me halfway and bring me to Xinan. At that time, he told me that he would help me to resolve the turmoil in Minzhou. I know that he not only pitied me, but he also pitied the people of Minzhou…”

Yu Yunxi nodded slightly when she heard these words. This was in line with her godfather’s personality. He was magnanimous and cared a lot about the commoners.

Feng Wei’an continued to explain, “We discussed many plans. One of which was to let a guard pretend to be me and vice versa to confuse the bandits in Minzhou. It was at that time that I got the symbol…

“When did you go to Minzhou to resolve the turmoil?” Yu Yunxi asked with a frown.

“It should be about eight years ago…”

‘The timing is correct…’

After a moment, she asked again, “I didn’t expect you to have such a relationship with Xinan. However, I still have another question. What’s with this letter and what happened tonight?”

As she spoke, she brought the letter out.

Feng Wei’an replied seriously, “I received this letter, asking me to meet at the usual place. During the journey there, I encountered the assassins. Ninth

Imperial Aunt, what else do you want to ask?”

Yu Yunxi said hesitantly, “This handwriting… It’s similar to that of my godbrother.. I…”

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