Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 251 - Chapter 251: Interrogation

Chapter 251: Interrogation

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“Empress Dowager, you mentioned this matter to us because…” Yu Yunxi said, confused.

“Weiping’s heart is tied to the young general. However, the future of the young

general is limitless. Our Tianxia’s troops depend on these generals. In conclusion, he and Weiping aren’t a good match,” the Empress Dowager said. After a moment of silence, she continued to say, “My meaning is very simple. First, I want to ask you if General Yu is interested in Weiping. If so, then it’s better for him to forget about Weiping. After all, he still has to consider his future.”

Yu Yunxi’s emotions were rather complicated after listening to the Empress Dowager. Although the Empress Dowager was very pleasant and kind to them now, if it concerned the imperial family and the country’s affairs, she might not be so pleasant or kind. It was truly difficult for there to be real kinship in the imperial family.

After a moment, Yu Yunxi replied in a low voice, “Empress Dowager, as far as I know, Yongnian has now romantic feelings for the Fourth Princess. As for the specifics, you can speak to him personally…”

“Alright, I understand,” the Empress Dowager said with a nod.

After that, the Empress Dowager played and chatted with the little bun. It was obvious that she really liked the cute and sensible little bun.

When they finally left the Empress Dowager’s palace, Yu Yunxi patted the little bun’s head and asked curiously, “Junjin, what do you think about the Empress Dowager?”

“She’s very domineering in matters related to the country, but she’s a gentle grandmother when it comes to trivial matters,” the little bun replied seriously.

Yu Yunxi nodded. It was a good answer. She sighed softly and said, “We can’t blame the Empress Dowager either. It’s just that our stances are different…” She suddenly thought of something and looked at Feng Yili. “Feng Yili, we…”

Feng Yili saw through her worries and said reassuringly, “Don’t worry. I won’t let us fall into such a difficult situation…

Yu Yunxi gradually calmed down when she heard his words. She did not care about herself, but she was worried that one day, the little bun’s life would not have autonomy over his life. However, she also knew that Feng Yili should be able to protect the little bun.

“Let’s go,” Yu Yunxi said softly.

Their trip to the imperial palace this time was relatively smooth.

When they returned to the residence, it was almost midnight. Yu Yunxi said to Qian Qing, “Qian Qing, please bring Junjin to rest.” Then, she turned to ask Qian Jiao, “How’s Qian Mei’s injury now?”

“Princess Consort, don’t worry. We’ve already applied medicine for her. She’s resting in her room now. We’ll keep an eye on her and let you know if anything happens,” Qian Jiao quickly replied.

Yu Yunxi’s heart finally relaxed when she heard this.

At this time, Feng Yili said in a deep voice, “Go and rest first. I’ll take care of the rest.”

‘The rest? Is there anything else to deal with?’

Yu Yunxi’s expression changed slightly.

Seeing the confusion in her gaze, Feng Yili explained in a low voice, “Gao Shixuan’s accomplice has been found. I have to deal with this matter.”

“Gao Shixuan’s accomplice? Who is it?” Yu Yunxi asked.

“Consort Qin,” Feng Yili said coldly.

‘Consort Qin?’

“Isn’t she cultivating with the Imperial Preceptor? Why is she suddenly in the capital?” Yu Yunxi asked. Her tone was cold as well. If Feng Yili did not mention Consort Qin, she would have almost forgotten that there were still many grudges between her and Consort Qin.

“Cultivating with the Imperial Preceptor is just a cover. She’s been hiding in the capital and has a close relationship with Gao Shixuan,” Feng Yili said gloomily.

Yu Yunxi said with a hint of urgency, “I’ll come with you. I’ve got a lot of questions for her.”

If the Emperor found out about this matter, he would surely interfere. At that time, it would not be easy for her to deal with Consort Qin.

Hearing the urgency in Yu Yunxi’s voice, Feng Yili sighed lightly. However, in the end, he still nodded and said, “Alright, let’s go together.”

Gao Shixuan and Consort Qin were imprisoned in a straw hut outside of the city. They were meeting here when they were caught by Jiang Ying and the others.

When Gao Shixuan and Consort Qing heard the door open, they looked up at the same time.

Consort Qin was dressed in black, looking like a martial artist. It was a huge difference from how she usually looked in the imperial palace. When she saw Feng Yili and Yu Yunxi, she was not surprised at all. It was as though she had already expected this. Nary an emotion could be seen on her face at all.

On the contrary, Gao Shixuan’s expression was dark, and her eyes were brimming with hatred.

“You deliberately set a trap for me! Wait! Did Liu Xiaolan tell you that I escaped from prison?” Gao Shixuan questioned, pushing all the blame to Liu Xiaolan.

Seeing Gao Shixuan like this, Yu Yunxi truly felt sorry for Liu Xiaolan.

Earlier, Jiang Chuan had gone to the Heavenly Prison. However, Liu Xiaolan refused to mention a word about Gao Shixuan’s escape. Although he was disappointed in Gao Shixuan, he was still doing his best to protect her. Alas, this was how Gao Shixuan treated him.

‘Forget it. Such an ingrate would not understand Liu Xiaolan’s good intentions…’

Yu Yunxi ignored Gao Shixuan’s resentful gaze and approached Consort Qin. She asked, “Consort Qin, how have you been?”

“Ha, I originally thought that I’d be able to kill during your journey back to Xinan or your journey back to the capital. I didn’t expect that I’d fail after so many attempts. Not only did Gao Shixuan fail, but I even had to personally save her,” Consort Qin said with a scoff. At the same time, she glanced at Gao Shixuan with disdain.

Yu Yunxi asked, “Consort Qin, are you doing this to… avenge the First Prince?”

Consort Qin smiled, looking sinister. She said, “I’ve already said that he’s not my biological child. He was born into the imperial family, and he lost to the imperial family. I’m very satisfied with this outcome. Why would I avenge him?”

“Then why are you so determined to kill me?” Yu Yunxi asked icily.

“That’s because you’re just like your mother. You deserve to die! Many people are unhappy that you’re alive so you should die!” Consort Qin said with a sneer.

“What does it matter to these people if my mother and I were alive? Who did we hinder?” Yu Yunxi asked frostily.

This time, Consort Qin did not respond. Although she was captive now, she was still arrogant and did not take Yu Yunxi and the others seriously at all.

Consort Qin sneered again and said nonchalantly, “I’ve already sent a letter back to the palace saying that I’ll return to the capital early in the morning. If the Emperor doesn’t see me, he’ll definitely investigate it thoroughly. At that time, whatever you plan to do to me will be exposed…”

“Oh, so what you mean is that we shouldn’t torture you? Don’t you think we’re treating you very well now?” Yu Yunxi asked expressionlessly.

“It’s good that you understand my meaning,” Consort Qin said in a leisurely manner.

Suddenly, Yu Yunxi turned around and asked Jiang Ying, “Jiang Ying, there’s another hut outside, right?”

“Yes, Princess Consort,” Jiang Ying quickly replied.

Yu Yunxi said coldly, “Very good. Then I’ll have to trouble you to help me bring Consort Qin out after this..”

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