Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 220 - Chapter 220: The Second Prince of Nanyue Is Shocked

Chapter 220: The Second Prince of Nanyue Is Shocked

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At this moment, the officials who followed Feng Weichen began to flatter him.

“Prince Chen, the Prince Regent has a good relationship with you. If he has made great contributions, doesn’t it mean that you’ve made great contributions as well?”

“That’s right. The Emperor is very happy. I saw that the Emperor was very good to you during this morning’s court session…”

Feng Weizhou said coldly, “Fifth Imperial Brother, only those who have no ability will take other people’s credit. It’s true that Ninth Imperial Uncle helped you in the past. However, now that he has Yu Yunxi and the King of Xinan’s Residence, do you think you can still do as you please?”

Feng Weichen’s smile faded when he heard these words. Although he tried his best to remain calm, he still could not help but panic. After all, Yu Yunxi had bad blood with the Wei family. It would be bad for him if she spoke ill of him to Feng Yili. However, he thought about how Feng Yili’s poison had yet to be detoxified so Feng Yili still needed the Wei family. With this, he quickly calmed down again. He said lightly, “The Crown Prince doesn’t need to worry about me…”

Following that, Feng Weichen left with his men.

Feng Weizhou looked at Feng Weichen’s back with a gloomy expression on his face. He could not hide his killing intent at all.

At this time, the guard behind Feng Weizhou asked softly, “Your Royal

Highness, what should we do now?”

Feng Weizhou sneered. “What else can I do? I naturally have to enter the palace to see how Ninth Imperial Uncle is going to claim credit…”


After Feng Weizhou left, the crowd also began to disperse. In the end, only an old woman holding a child’s hand was left. There were many maids and guards standing behind her.

Consort Dowager Ning lowered her head and said warmly to Feng Zixiu, “Zixiu, are you happy? Your father has finally returned.”

However, there was no joy on Feng Zixiu’s face. His voice was low as he said, “Grandmother, do Father’s words earlier mean that that woman is going to be the Princess Regent? What about my mother?”

Consort Dowager Ning’s smile faded immediately when she heard these words.

She said coldly, “I also didn’t expect your father to go to Xinan for that woman. Moreover, the moment he returned, he even openly acknowledged that woman’s status in front of so many people…”

Consort Dowager Ning was angry that her son had been taken away by Yu Yunxi. After a moment, she held Feng Zixiu’s shoulder and said patiently to comfort him, “Zixiu, don’t worry. As long as Grandmother is around, your mother will be the mistress of the Prince Regent’s Residence, and you’ll also be the heir. That Yu Yunxi is nothing!”

“Really?” Feng Zixiu asked hopefully.

“Of course! When have I ever lied to you?” Consort Dowager Ning asked in return.

“Okay, Imperial Grandmother. I believe in you,” Feng Zixiu quickly said and nodded.

Seeing the smile on Feng Zixiu’s face, Consort Dowager Ning was relieved. However, when she recalled Feng Yili’s attitude toward Yu Yunxi, her smile faded again.

Now that the King of Xinan’s Residence had made such a great contribution, even the Emperor, who had always been suspicious of them, had become more polite. With this, Yu Yunxi would become even more difficult to deal with.

Suddenly, Consort Dowager Ning’s eyes flashed when she thought of something. She quickly said to the person behind her, “When Yu Yunxi got off the carriage, I vaguely saw other people in the carriage. Those who are able to share the same carriage with her must not be simple. Go investigate for me. Find out who was in the carriage.”

Since it was difficult to deal with Yu Yunxi, Consort Dowager Ning decided to start with the people around Yu Yunxi.

“Yes, Consort Dowager.”

Meanwhile, Yu Yunxi rode a horse and entered the palace with Feng Yili and Nan Xun. After thinking about it, she decided to let Luo Xiuran bring Liu Xiaolan, Gao Shixuan, and the others back to the Luo family first.

Earlier, Chen Kui had gone ahead and entered the palace first to report the situation.

As for Feng Weiping, she was tired from the traveling so she quickly returned to her own residence after entering the palace.

In the end, only Yu Yongnian followed Yu Yunxi and Feng Yili.

When the eunuch saw them, he quickly ran over and said with a flattering smile, “Prince Regent, County Princess, you’re finally here. His Majesty, the officials, and the envoys from Nanyue are already waiting inside.”

As the eunuch spoke, he could not help but look behind Feng Yili. He was curious about how the Crown Prince of Nanyue looked like now that he was a prisoner.

Nan Xun’s current appearance was indeed not the best. He was tortured by the evil technique and had problems sleeping. Moreover, Yu Yunxi also ordered people to bind him with black iron. As a result, he had lost weight and looked sickly. However, his eyes were still bright and piercing.

When one of the young eunuchs standing at the back met Nan Xun’s gaze, he quickly flinched, frightened out of his wits.

Nan Xun sneered and said, “So this is the courage of a servant in Tianxia?” “We’ve already arrived at the imperial palace of Tianxia, and yet Crown Prince Nan is still so prideful and arrogant,” Yu Yunxi said expressionlessly. She took a key out and unlocked the black iron lock on his wrist.

The black iron chain dropped heavily and loudly to the ground.

Nan Xun’s wrists were badly injured after being bound by the black iron for such a long time. However, he did not seem to feel anything. He raised his head and looked at Yu Yunxi strangely as he asked, “Aren’t you worried that I’ll escape after you freed me?”

“Do you think you can escape with your current physical conditions?” Yu Yunxi retorted.

Nan Xun’s expression turned unsightly when he heard these words. After a moment, he said, “Lend me your handkerchief.”

“Why do you want a handkerchief?” Yu Yunxi asked curiously.

“I’m the Crown Prince of Nanyue. What will happen to my dignity if I meet people looking like this?” Nan Xun said through gritted teeth.

‘As expected, it’s for his reputation…’

Before Yu Yunxi could reply, Feng Yili pulled her back and said icily, “She doesn’t have a handkerchief. Even if she did have one, she wouldn’t have given it to you…”

Yu Yunxi was slightly stunned.

‘Feng Yili… Is he… jealous?’

Nan Xun wanted to protest, but Feng Yili did not give Nan Xun a chance and dragged him in by his collar.

As soon as they appeared, the envoys from Nanyue stood up immediately.

“Crown Prince!”

The decadent aura around Nan Xun vanished immediately as he said, “What are you so anxious about? I’m not dead yet.”

Although Nan Xun was in a sorry state, it did not affect his majesty and dignity at all. His cold gaze swept past the envoys from Nanyue, and all of them were terrified.

Yu Yunxi and Feng Yili exchanged a glance.

A wolf was a wolf no matter what. It would not turn into a dog just because it was caught.

Although Nan Xun was despicable, he was indeed a very qualified and capable Crown Prince.

Meanwhile, Feng Yijin, who was sitting on the dragon throne, saw Feng Yili and the others bring Nan Xun in, his eyes shone with joy. His voice was much friendlier as he said, “Prepare the seats of Crown Prince Nan, the Prince Regent, and the County Princess.”

Nan Xun suddenly raised his chin and said loudly, “I want to sit next to the County Princess.”

Nan Xun knew that the people of Tianxia did not dare to kill him. After all, too much was at stake. As such, why not do something to make others unhappy?

In the next moment, Feng Yili gripped Nan Xun’s shoulder tightly and dislocated it.


A figure rushed in from outside and said worriedly, “You must be the Prince Regent of Tianxia. I’m the Second Prince of Nanyue. If my Imperial Brother has offended you, please forgive him.”

This person was Nan Congming, the Second Prince of Nanyue. Seeing that Feng Yili had dislocated Nan Xun’s shoulder, he rushed forward to plead for mercy.

With this, Feng Yili expressionlessly helped Nan Xun fix his shoulder.

“Nan Xun, your second brother is very different from you,” Yu Yunxi said mockingly.

One was ruthless and arrogant while the other was kind and polite, at least on the surface.

Upon hearing Yu Yunxi’s voice, Nan Congming looked over. When he saw her face clearly, he dropped the thing in his hand to the ground, shocked..

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