Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 151 - Chapter 151: Disappointed; Escape from the Capital

Chapter 151: Disappointed; Escape from the Capital

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After Yu Yunxi took a deep breath, her eyes glinted coldly as she pulled Feng Yili’s hands away and said expressionlessly, “Prince Regent, I’m tired. Please leave.”

She was very polite and distant when she spoke to him.

Sensing the change in her tone, Feng Yili’s heart sank. “Yunxi, I…”

Yu Yunxi ignored him and entered the room. She closed the door behind her, not giving him a chance to speak.

Feng Yili clenched his hands tightly as he looked at the tightly shut door. His emotions were tense. After a long time, he said hoarsely, “Calm down first. When you calm down, I’ll explain everything to you.”

In the room, Yu Yunxi only laughed sarcastically when she heard his words. If he did not have anything to hide, why did he not explain it earlier?

Yu Yunxi sat in the room and did nothing. She was waiting…

The sky gradually darkened.

Outside, Jiang Ying and the others had sent food over several times, but Yu Yunxi did not open the door.

Luo Xiuran also came a few times, trying to persuade her to open the door. However, the door remained closed.

Finally, in the second half of the night, Yu Yunxi heard a familiar voice from outside the window.

“County Princess.”

Standing outside of the window was one of Shen Hezhi’s trusted aides, Mu


“Has Brother met up with Junjin and the others?” Yu Yunxi asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry, County Princess. When I left, they had already met up. Moreover, we chose to take a small path that no one knows about. Even if the imperial court sends people after us, they might not be able to find us,” Mu Yuan quickly replied.

Yu Yunxi finally relaxed after hearing these words.

“County Princess, Young Master sent me here to bring you away. There are still a few people waiting for us outside the city,” Mu Yuan said seriously.

Yu Yunxi nodded. She was naturally at ease with her godbrother’s arrangements.

Jiang Ying and the others were guarding the front yard so she quickly jumped out of the window. Just as she was about to leave with Mu Yuan, she caught a glance of Feng Yili when she was sneaking past the front yard. Her heart  tightened immediately. She exchanged a glance with Mu Yuan; both of them did not dare to breathe loudly as they retreated into the darkness.

“Is she still unwilling to open the door?” Feng Yili asked Jiang Ying in a low voice.

Jiang Ying nodded and said bleakly, “The Princess Consort said that she was tired and told us not to bother her anymore.”

These words made Feng Yili stop in his tracks, and he dismissed his thought to look for her.

“Y-your Royal Highness, I heard that the Crown Prince plans to send reinforcements to Xinan… We…” Jiang Ying said solemnly.

“Tell Luo Xiuran to think of a way to stop him,” Feng Yili said frostily.

Yu Yunxi frowned when she heard this. Although she knew Feng Weizhou had ulterior motives, Xinan was in dire need of soldiers. Feng Weizhou’s action was akin to sending charcoal during winter. The Emperor was unwilling to provide reinforcements so Feng Weizhou sending his private troops to Xinan was indeed a blessing. Why did Feng Yili want to stop Feng Weizhou? She could not help but feel angry and disappointed with Feng Yili.

Jiang Ying also did not think that it was a good idea. He said in a muffled voice,

“Your Royal Highness, if the others want to help Xinan…’

“Stop them. No one is allowed to move their troops from the capital to Xinan!” Feng Yili said.

Yu Yunxi’s expression turned colder and colder as she listened in the dark. The smile on her lips turned more and more sarcastic as well.

‘So this is Feng Yili’s attitude toward me and Xinan…’

She was muddle-headed and thought she could give him a chance.

After a moment, she suppressed her emotions, and she gestured to Mu Yuan silently to leave.

Mu Yuan looked at her worriedly as he followed her silently.

The duo went around the wall.

Yu Yunxi took a deep breath and turned to look at the courtyard as she thought to herself, ‘Perhaps I won’t be returning here after returning to Xinan… I’ve already seen the true faces of those in the imperial court. If Xinan obeys them, it’ll die. If Xinan disobeys them, it’ll still die. If so, we might as well just do what we want! In any case, it’s not like the imperial court has ever helped us.’

Yu Yunxi and Mu Yuan quickly left. They had a small path that led out of the city without the need to go through the city gates. This was also where Yu Junjin and the others left the capital.

The duo’s journey was very smooth.

“County Princess, fortunately, you were thoughtful and predicted that someone would stop you so you chose to leave with Young Master,” Mu Yuan said with a hint of relief in his voice.

Yu Yunxi’s expression was slightly complicated when she heard this.

If she had followed Yu Junjin and the others and left from this small path. When the time came, she and the others would not be able to leave if someone discovered that she was missing. As such, she chose to take a gamble and left with her godbrother. She had expected someone to stop her, and if so, she would ‘obediently’ leave with the other party. However, she did not expect the person to stop her to be Feng Yili.

“Let’s go,” Yu Yunxi said calmly as she mounted the horse that had been prepared earlier.

“Yes, County Princess…”

With that, they and a few others from the King of Xinan’s Residence rode away.

Half a month later.

At the gates of a city in Xinan.

Hundreds of soldiers were waiting there at this moment. The person in the lead was Shen Si, the King of Xinan. His hair was half-white, but he looked extremely energetic when dressed in his armor.

Soon a few carriages appeared before everyone’s eyes.


A childish voice rang in the air before the little bun jumped out of the carriage and ran toward Shen Si with his short legs.

The expression on Shen Si’s face softened upon hearing this voice. He quickly reached out and picked up the little bun. He asked with a smile, “You’ve been in the capital for so long, did you miss Grandfather?”

The little bun was acknowledged as the little master of the King of Xinan’s Residence so he naturally addressed Shen Si as Grandfather.

“Of course! I miss everyone in the King of Xinan’s Residence,” the little bun said seriously.

The little bun’s words not only made Shen Si laugh, but the other generals laughed as well.

At this moment, Yu Yunxi lifted the curtain of the carriage and asked helplessly, “Junjin, how old are you now? Do you still need Grandfather to carry you?”

“Don’t say that, Yunxi. In fact, I hope he’ll always stick to me like this,” Shen Si said, filled with affection for the little bun.

At this time, Shen Hezhi also alighted from the carriage. He said gently, “You know what Father is like. He likes it to be lively. I bet it’s been hard on him since we left Xinan.’

Although he was exhausted from the journey, and his face was paler than before, his temperament was still unique and dazzling.

Meanwhile, seeing that Yu Yunxi and Shen Hezhi had returned, the commoners fell to their knees and greeted the duo.

“Welcome back, Young Lord Shen, County Princess!”

All of them had come to welcome the duo back. Based on this, it could be seen that the duo’s status in the commoners’ hearts was high.

Shen Si looked at the duo and said with a hint of pity, “Thank you for your hard work.”

Yu Yunxi was worried so she asked directly, “Godfather, what are we going to do with Nanyue?”

Upon hearing this, the expressions of Shen Si and the generals next to him turned solemn immediately..

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