Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 149 - Chapter 149: Leaving the City (2)

Chapter 149: Leaving the City (2)

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Seeing that someone came in, the woman shrank back in fear.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m here to help you,” Yu Yunxi said gently.

Perhaps Yu Yunxi’s voice had a calming effect, the woman gradually calmed down. Then, she fidgeted her fingers anxiously as she said gratefully,

“T-thank, thank you for saving me…’

“Can I ask you a question…” Yu Yunxi walked over.

Upon seeing this, the woman said anxiously, “Miss, don’t get close to me!”

Yu Yunxi’s expression turned slightly solemn when she heard the woman’s words. She asked, “You’re aware of your situation?”

“Y-yes. My village chief said that this disease is bad and that it’s infectious…” the woman said anxiously.

“Your village chief? Tell me, did something happen in your village?” Yu Yunxi asked urgently with a frown.

“I, I’m actually from Nanyue. My family and I were living well, but one day, some officials came to our village and locked us up, forcing us to drink something day and night… Not even a few days had passed before my husband began to cough. Many people around him also began to feel unwell. Some even died! However, no matter how much we begged for mercy, we were ignored…

After a while, those people released us, but they drove us away to Tianxia.”

Yu Yunxi’s heart sank when she heard this. The woman’s words verified her and her godbrother’s speculation.

“Where did you go in Tianxia?” Yu Yunxi asked in a low voice.

“My husband, my child, the villagers… All of us were secretly driven to Xinan in Tianxia by those officials. I snuck away when they weren’t paying attention. I wanted to ask for help, but I didn’t know who to look for. I could only secretly follow a group of merchants here,” the woman said tremblingly.

‘Xinan… In order to seize Xinan, Nanyue actually… They’re crazy!’

“Please, please save us!” the woman cried out as she kneeled in front of Yu


Yu Yunxi said, “Stay here first. I’ll definitely save those who can be saved.”

After saying that, Yu Yunxi quickly left the room. She said to Qian Jiao, “Qian Jiao, that woman came here with a group of merchants a few days ago. Find them as soon as possible. No matter what method you use, don’t let them come in contact with the crowd…”

“Yes, County Princess,” Qian Jiao said immediately. She knew the severity of the situation.

At this time, Qian Ji, who had just returned, hurried over and reported, “County

Master, the news about Xinan and Nanyue is already circulating outside…’

‘This is good…’ Yu Yunxi thought to herself as she said, “Qian Ji, I’ll give you a letter. You must give it to Feng Yili no matter what.”

Yu Yunxi’s expression was extremely grave as she fell deep into her thoughts.

This matter was no longer just about the King of Xinan’s Residence and the Prince Regent’s Residence; it concerned the entire country of Tianxia. As the Prince Regent of Tianxia, Feng Yili had to be informed about this matter.

“Yes, County Princess!” Qian Ji nodded immediately.

Yu Yunxi waited the entire day, but Feng Yili did not look for her nor did he send a reply. Instead, what she received was a letter from the King of Xinan’s Residence, informing them about the urgency of the war, and an imperial edict from the imperial palace.

Yu Yunxi and Shen Hezhi had yet to calm down after reading the letter, but Lin De naturally did not care about their feelings at all. He calmly read the long and disgusting imperial edict. After that, he said with a smile, “His Majesty’s meaning is that the County Princess will stay in the capital while Lord Shen returns to Xinan to deal with Nanyue’s impending invasion of Xinan…”

At the critical moment, the Emperor was still guarding against the King of Xinan’s Residence. With Shen Hezhi’s health, how could he alone shoulder the burden of the war?

Yu Yunxi clenched her hands and asked through gritted teeth, “Did the

Emperor say that he’ll send reinforcements to Xinan?”

“About this… County Princess, His Majesty only said that when Nanyue invaded Xibei in the past, General Yu and General Chen only used tens of thousands of soldiers and a few months to win the battle. As such, it shouldn’t be difficult for the King of Xinan’s Residence to win the battle as well, right?”

Yu Yunxi’s expression darkened.

‘Does the Emperor not know about the severity of the situation, or does he plan to use this to reduce the number of troops in Xinan?’

“Lord Shen, if you’re ready, you should leave as soon as possible,” Lin De said. “I understand. You may take your leave, Eunuch Lin.”

After Lin De led a group of people back to the palace, the expressions on everyone’s faces were grim.

Yu Yunxi was worried about her godbrother facing Nanyue alone.

On the other hand, Shen Hezhi worried about Yu Yunxi and Yu Junjin staying in the capital.

After a moment of silence, Yu Yunxi said stonily, “The news about Nanyue has spread widely among the people, but the Emperor is still not taking it seriously. He doesn’t care about the lives of the people in Xinan at all!”

She turned around and asked, “Qian Jiao, have you made the preparations like I told you to?”

“County Princess, everything is ready.”

“Alright. Tonight we’ll return to Xinan together,” Yu Yunxi said flatly.

Upon hearing this, the eyes of Qian Jiao and the others lit up. None of them wanted to stay in this lousy place.

However, after a moment, Qian Mei frowned, looking troubled. She said, “But the useless Emperor and the others surely won’t allow us to leave so easilv.

“So what if he doesn’t allow it? ” Yu Yunxi said coldly.

Shen Hezhi pondered for a moment and agreed with Yu Yunxi’s decision. Then, he began to give orders.

“Qian Ji, bring a group of people with you and secretly escort Junjin and the others away.”


Then, Shen Hezhi said to Yu Yunxi in a soft voice, “Yunxi, we’ll leave together.” “Alright,” Yu Yunxi replied with a nod.

After arranging everything, Yu Yunxi put on her armor and dressed up as a soldier.

The horse carriage set off from Shen Hezhi’s residence in a grandiose manner. When it reached the city gates, the general there had already been informed about the matter. Seeing that only Shen Hezhi was in the carriage, no one suspected anything.

“Lord Shen, have a safe journey. All of us in the capital are waiting for the good news from Xinan,” the general said with a bow.

The words sounded mocking.

At this moment, Yu Yunxi, who was riding a horse and mixed in with the others, felt even more disappointed with the imperial court when she heard these words.

Very quickly, the others let the carriage and the entourage go.

Things were going so smoothly that Yu Yunxi felt a little uneasy.

Just as they were about to leave, the sounds of soldiers and horses rang from behind.

“Wait! Lord Shen, you can leave, but my Princess Consort has to stay.”

The familiar voice made Yu Yunxi’s heart skip a beat. She had thought of endless possibilities, but she did not expect that the person who came to stop them would be Feng Yili..

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