Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 141 - Chapter 141: Let’s Return to Xinan

Chapter 141: Let’s Return to Xinan

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Luo Xiuran stammered, looking nervous, “Why don’t you ask Yili about this?”

Meanwhile, Qian Qing finally noticed Yu Yunxi, who overheard the conversation. She called out worriedly, “C-County Princess…”

‘County Princess?!’

Luo Xiuran turned around in shock and saw Yu Yunxi standing behind them.

‘Did she hear everything?’

“Yunxi, let me explain. That child’s identity is a little complicated…”

“Qian Qing, your leg is injured. You should rest well. There’s no need to care about other things. I’m going to see Junjin first,” Yu Yunxi said. Then, she walked past Luo Xiuran without another word.

Luo Xiuran scratched his head awkwardly, really not knowing how to explain the situation. After all, Feng Zixiu’s identity was really complicated; it was not something he could explain. He muttered helplessly under his breath, “Why is Yili busy today?”

Yu Yunxi was not in the mood to care about Luo Xiuran’s thoughts. Right now, she was only concerned about Yu Junjin and her godbrother.

The little bun was lying in bed, and when he heard the noise, he immediately leaped off the bed. Seeing that it was his mother, he called out softly, “Mother.”

“Junjin, how do you feel?”

Yu Yunxi walked over and quickly examined the little bun from head to toe. She still did not feel at ease.

“I’m fine. Mother, don’t be sad. We still have Uncle, Grandfather, Grandmother,

Aunt Qian Jiao, Aunt Qian Mei, and.. ‘

The little bun raised his hand and counted his fingers as he spoke.

Yu Yunxi naturally understood the little bun’s thoughts.

‘He’s worried that I’ll be sad because of that child..

Yu Yunxi said softly, “I’m more worried about you… My heart really aches for you..

With the little bun’s abilities and the guards around him, it would not have been easy for Feng Zixiu to get his way so easily, but the little bun was still injured. She knew that he was just careful, afraid of dragging the King of Xinan’s Residence down. He was just a child, and yet, he had to consider so many things. Her heart really ached for him the more she thought about it.

She leaned over and gently stroked his head as she said, “Junjin, I hope that in the future you’ll put your safety first before you consider other things. The King of Xinan’s Residence is indeed in a difficult position, but if we can’t even protect you, what’s the point of all our efforts?”

The little bun listened attentively and nodded seriously. After a long time, he fidgeted his fingers and said seriously, “Mother, I understand. I’ll protect myself in the future, and I won’t let you worry.”

Then, he asked, “Oh, right. How’s Uncle?”

“He’s fine now. He’ll probably wake up soon,” Yu Yunxi replied gently. “If it wasn’t for saving me, he wouldn’t be like that,” the little bun said with a frown.

“You don’t have to blame yourself. When he wakes up, you can help take care of him,” Yu Yunxi said patiently.

The little bun nodded. “Okay, Mother, I understand.”

He suddenly remembered another matter and hurriedly said, “That’s right. It seems like Grandfather sent Uncle a letter.’

Yu Yunxi’s eyes flashed with a fierce light, but her voice was gentle as she said,


The letter had said that Nanyue Kingdom was stirring up trouble at the border of Xinan again.

Nanyue Kingdom and Tianxia Kingdom were mortal enemies. They would each think of ways to attack one another when there was a chance.

Three years ago, when Nanyue attacked Xinan, Yu Yunxi and Shen Hezhi had driven them away. However, three months ago, Nanyue began to bypass Xinan and went all the way north, conspiring with Beixiao Kingdom to attack the northwest of Tianxia. At that time, it was the Chen family who led the troops to repel them.

It was also because of this war that the Chen family and Yu Yongnian made great contributions to the country. Yu Yongnian was even promoted to general.

‘The war has only been over for less than a month, but the people of Nanyue made a comeback so quickly?’

Looking at the little bun’s curious gaze, Yu Yunxi said calmly, “It’s Nanyue

Kingdom. They’re starting to cause trouble in Xinan again.”

In the entire Tianxia Kingdom, the place where Nanyue Kingdom caused the most trouble was Xinan. This was because during the reign of the Great Ancestor, Nanyue had invaded Xinan. Until now, Nanyue still thought of Xinan as their territory and was determined to get it back.

“Nanyue again? I thought they dragged their troops to Beixiao? I thought that they had given up on Xinan…” the little bun said gloomily.

As the little master of the King of Xinan’s Residence, the little bun was privy to the affairs regarding the war. Although he was young, he understood things quite well.

The little bun suddenly thought of something, and he raised his head before he asked, “Mother, they suddenly launched a sneak attack on the northwest some time ago before they suddenly surrendered. Could it be a trap?”

Yu Yunxi was shocked by the little bun’s words. She was not shocked by what he said, but she was shocked that he could think of such things at such a young age.

Indeed, her godfather had also mentioned this in the letter.

From the monarch to the foot soldiers, all of Nanyue’s people were very ruthless. They did not fear death and would die to achieve their goals, which was particularly difficult to deal with.

Back when Xinan fought with them, they were entangled for two years. Although Xinan won, they suffered a great loss as well.

Then, later on, Nanyue led their troops away to the north and joined forces with Beixiao to fight with Yu Yongnian and the others in the northwest. However, they were defeated in just two months.

‘Is it because Yu Yongnian and the others were too powerful, or is it because…

Nanyue had no intention of going to war in the first place?’

Yu Yunxi and the little bun suddenly said in unison, “Their target is not the northwest, but Xinan all along!”

The duo exchanged a look and smiled. They had quite a tacit understanding. “You’re so quick to catch on in matters related to war. I wonder if you take


Yu Yunxi stopped speaking abruptly when she recalled what happened today.

The little bun could guess Yu Yunxi’s thoughts so he hurriedly changed the topic. He asked, “Mother, what are we going to do then?”

“Your grandfather is getting old. Although the soldiers are loyal to him, it’ll still be exhausting for him to handle everything if he goes to war. Now, we’ll have to see what the Emperor is going to do…” Yu Yunxi said as her voice grew increasingly cold.

If Nanyue really made a move, she and her godbrother would have to return to Xinan.

Now, they would have to see if the Emperor would protect Xinan or if he was willing to sacrifice the lives of the people of Xinan just to restrain the King of Xinan’s Residence.

“Mother, if there’s a chance, let’s return to Xinan,” the little bun said as he held

Yu Yunxi’s hand.

“Junjin, you…”

Yu Yunxi was surprised.

‘Won’t he miss Feng Yili and the capital?’

“Mother, I only want to be with you. I don’t want you to get hurt again,” the little bun said earnestly, but he sounded a little lonely when he spoke..

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