Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 130 - Chapter 130: Retaliation

Chapter 130: Retaliation

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Feng Yili slowly walked to Yu Yunxi’s side and said in a deep voice, “I went to check the road’s condition. Although it’s still a little slippery, it’s not difficult to leave this place.”

“T-that-s good.” Yu Yunxi also realized she was a little too anxious earlier so she nodded unnaturally. At this time, she recalled she was still wearing his robe so she hurriedly handed it over and whispered, “Thank you. By the way, do you feel unwell?”

“I’m fine.

“Alright, then let’s leave this place first,” Yu Yunxi said, taking a deep breath before she strode out.

Suddenly, Feng Yili walked to her side and held her hand.


“The road is slippery; it’s not easy to walk. It’s better for us to help each other,” Feng Yili said with a straight face. His voice was also very serious.

Yu Yunxi could not find any excuse to refute him so she could only let him hold her hand.

Just as he had said, although the road was slippery, it was not difficult to leave since the terrain was quite smooth.

The two walked for a long time before they heard Jiang Ying and the others.

In just a few moments, Jiang Ying appeared with the guards. They quickly ran over.

“Prince Regent, Princess Regent!”

“It’s great that you’re alright!”

Jiang Ying and Jiang Chuan were frightened to death yesterday. After all, falling from such a high place would usually result in death. However, Feng Yili was not an ordinary person so they believed that he would definitely survive.

The duo’s eyes swept past Feng Yili and Yu Yunxi’s clasped hands, and they were both a little excited. It seemed the couple’s relationship had improved, and the day that Yu Yunxi returned to the Prince Regent’s Residence was drawing closer and closer.

“Where’s Luo Xiuran?” Feng Yili asked.

“Your Royal Highness, after we captured Prince Rui last night, Young Marquis Luo escorted the former into the palace after midnight. However, there’s no news until now,” Jiang Ying replied with a frown.

They were busy looking for Feng Yili and Yu Yunxi so they forgot about Luo Xiuran.

Yu Yunxi and Feng Yili exchanged a look with solemn expressions on their faces. It seemed like things were not going well.

“We’ll have to enter the palace as soon as possible,” they said in unison.


Yu Yunxi turned around when she heard the familiar voice. She saw Shen Hezhi, Yu Junjin, Qian Jiao, Qian Mei, and a group of guards from the King of Xinan’s Residence.

“Aunt, aunt! Are you okay?”

The little bun’s eyes were red as he ran into Yu Yunxi’s arms with his short legs.

Jiang Ying hurriedly explained, “Prince Regent, Princess Regent, the incident yesterday was too big. When the heir of the King of Xinan’s Residence heard about it, he also sent people out to search.’

Yu Yunxi comforted the little bun as she looked up at Shen Hezhi. As expected, his eyes were bloodshot. She felt guilty for making her godbrother worry. She quickly picked up the little bun and said, “Don’t worry. I’m fine.”

Yu Yunxi’s words were not only for the little bun, but they were also for her godbrother and everyone from the King of Xinan’s Residence.

Feng Yili looked at the little bun in Yu Yunxi’s arms. He wanted to hug the little bun as well, but when he thought about the consequences, he could only suppress his impulse.

At this moment, the little bun looked at Feng Yili. He rubbed his nose and quickly asked, “Your Royal Highness, how are you?”

Hearing his son’s concern for him, Feng Yili’s gloominess vanished immediately. His expression softened as he said in a deep voice, “I’m fine. You don’t have to worry.”

Yesterday, after arriving at Marquis Jian Zhong’s Residence, Feng Yili briefly considered bringing the little bun to the temple with him. However, he thought the trip might be dangerous so he decided against it in the end and sent the little bun to Shen Hezhi’s temporary residence. Although he was wary of Shen Hezhi, Shen Hezhi’s place was currently safer than the Prince Regent’s


“That’s good,” the little bun said, patting his chest in relief.

Yu Yunxi looked at the little bun and Feng Yili strangely.

‘Is it my imagination, or is this pair of father and son’s interaction a little strange? Why do they seem different from before?’

After a moment, Yu Yunxi dismissed her thoughts and carried the little bun to Shen Hezhi and said, “Godbrother, can you help me look after Junjin? I..

Yu Yunxi trailed off, realizing she had said something wrong. She was only Yu Junjin’s aunt, and her godbrother was supposed to be Yu Junjin’s father. Was there a need for her to ask her godbrother to take care of Yu Junjin?

While Yu Yunxi was feeling helpless and nervous, Shen Hezhi chuckled and said gently, “You promised to accompany Junjin yesterday, but you broke your promise. It doesn’t matter, Junjin and I are not angry. Do what you have to do.

If you need help, I’ll always be here.”

Yu Yunxi sighed in relief and nodded gratefully at Shen Hezhi.

Feng Yili stood where he was and looked over. He frowned when he saw the gentle expression on Shen Hezhi’s face. He felt like the way Shen Hezhi looked at Yu Yunxi was not the way an older brother would look at his younger sister.

However, before he could take a closer look, Yu Yunxi had already walked back to his side.

“Let’s enter the palace now. By the way, how’s Qian Qing’s injuries?”

“Princess Regent, Miss Qian Qing is fine. Apart from that, the doctor also gave us good news…’

‘Good news? What good news?’

Yu Yunxi frowned slightly.

In the imperial palace.

“Young Marquis Luo, don’t slander me. Jian Xin is my Princess Consort, and

Marquis Jian Zhong is my father-in-law. Why would I harm them?”

Feng Weirui’s robe was tattered, and his face was stained with a little blood. His gaze was extremely dark at this moment.

“You sure know how to quibble! It was clearly you who conspired with the bandits. This is a case of a thief crying, thieves! You killed your Princess Consort first before killing Marquis Jian Zhong and his wife!” Luo Xiura said indignantly. He was so angry that his face turned red.

‘How can there be such a shameless person?!’

“Young Marquis Luo, I stand by what I said. You’re slandering me. Do you have any evidence?” Feng Weirui asked, looking fearless.

Meanwhile, Feng Yijin’s expression was extremely unsightly. He asked Lin De who was standing behind him, “Any news about the Prince Regent?”

“The imperial guards had already gone out to search for him in the mountain, but there’s still no news,” Lin De said worriedly.

When Feng Weirui heard this, he grew even calmer.

‘Ninth Imperial Uncle and Yu Yunxi are dead for sure, and my men have already killed Marquis Jian Zhong and his wife. Not a single bandit is left alive… Luo Xiuran has no evidence at all…’

Feng Weirui smiled smugly as he said, “Since Young Marquis Luo doesn’t have any evidence, let me present my evidence now…”

After that, Jian Si, who was standing behind Feng Weirui, stepped forward.. She walked to the middle of the hall, kneeled, and kowtowed before she said, filled with grief and indignation, “Your Majesty, I want to report Young Marquis Luo for conspiring with the County Princess of Xinan! They forced my sister to death and murdered my parents!”

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