Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 119 - Chapter 119: Father

Chapter 119: Father

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Luo Xiuran looked at the tombstone, and his gaze gradually turned cold. All these years, he lived in his brother’s shadow. His father and mother were very satisfied with this. No one ever asked him if he wanted to live like this.

Qian Qing lowered her gaze. Her eyes were red, and she looked a little at a loss. After a long while, she said with great difficulty, “Then that person who was with me…”

“That was me…”


“When the engagement to the Jian family happened, my elder brother was seriously ill. I don’t know where Father heard it from, but he believed that if someone close to my eldest brother kowtowed three times and kneeled nine times while going up Buddha Mountain mountain before the sun sets, my elder brother would be cured. I was chosen as my brother’s closest relative,” Luo Xiuran said. His tone turned sarcastic at the end of his words.

There were thousands of steps leading up to Buddha Mountain. At that time, his knees were seriously injured.

“So… you weren’t in the capital back then?” Qian Qing asked in a trembling voice. She hated him for so many years, but now he was telling her that she had been hating the wrong person.

“Yili was right. If I had told you from the beginning there were two Luo Xiuran in this world, perhaps things wouldn’t have turned out like this… Although I sent many people to look for you after you left the capital, it’s impossible for me to make up for the damage caused. If hating me makes you feel better, then you can hate me,” Luo Xiuran said. After saying all this, he finally felt relieved.

After a long time, Qian Qing finally calmed down. She threw the sword on the ground and said, “Luo Xiuran, your explanation can’t erase the pain I suffered all these years. You have no idea what I experienced. If you don’t want me to point my sword at you again, please… stay away from me.”

Then, Qian Qing left without looking back. He was right; some damages were irreparable. Although the misunderstanding was resolved, they would at most become strangers. They could never go back to the past.

Looking at Qian Qing’s determined back, Luo Xiuran smiled wryly as he murmured, “That’s fine as well…

‘You deserve to meet someone better…’

Early in the morning.

The moment Yu Yunxi woke up, she went to look for the little bun.

“Junjin, is everything okay?”

She examined the little bun anxiously. She did not know what Feng Yili did

atter sne tell asleep.

“Mother, I’m fine,” the little bun replied softly.

“Did your father come to you last night?” Yu Yunxi asked.

Upon hearing this, the little bun gulped nervously before he whispered, “Father came to me last night and covered me with the blanket. After that, he left.”

After thinking about it the entire night, the little bun decided not to reveal that his father had already discovered his mother’s secret. Otherwise, his mother would be even more worried.

“Really?” Yu Yunxi frowned.

“Yes!” The little bun nodded vehemently.

Yu Yunxi no longer asked any questions. At this moment, she remembered

Qian Qing and the others. She quickly carried the little bun and left the room.

It was also at this moment that Qian Qing returned. She said seriously, “County Princess, the Prince Regent broke in last night. His secret guards easily dealt with our guards. I think we have to strengthen our guards.”

Yu Yunxi frowned. She felt the same way as well.

The King of Xinan’s Residence had a chance of winning against other enemies, but they would always be suppressed by the Prince Regent’s Residence.

“I’ll leave this matter to you,” Yu Yunxi finally said.

“Yes, County Princess,” Qian Qing said with a nod before she left.

The little bun tugged on Yu Yunxi’s sleeve and whispered, “Mother, why do I feel like Aunt Qing is different?”

Yu Yunxi glanced at him. “You noticed it too?”

She also felt that Qian Qing seemed different. It was as though a burden had been taken off her shoulders. She wondered if something happened during the night that she did not know about. She frowned, worried that Qian Qing’s change had something to do with Luo Xiuran.

Finally, she turned to the little bun and said, “Junjin, stay in the room today, and don’t run around.”

The little bun frowned and asked in a small voice, “Mother, what are you going to do now?”

“The Emperor entrusted me with a task to make things difficult for me. He asked me to investigate the matter of Princess Consort Rui’s poisoning. I’m going to start the investigation today,” Yu Yunxi said solemnly.

The little bun nodded obediently. “Okay, Mother. I’ll listen to you.’

After a while, Qian Qing returned again. She knew that she had to think about the secret guards’ training properly and that she could not be anxious. “Qian Qing, I’m going to Marquis Jian Zhong’s Residence later. You..

Yu Yunxi felt that it was better if Qian Qing did not come along.

However, Qian Qing shook her head and calmly said, “County Princess, it’s fine.

Since I’ve faced them once, I’ll be able to face them the second time. Moreover, based on Lady Zhang’s character, she’ll definitely not be at ease once she sees me. She won’t rest and will think of ways to deal with me. Instead of waiting for her to attack, it’s better to take the initiative to attack.”

Yu Yunxi thought about it for a moment and nodded. She wanted to respect Qian Qing’s thoughts. She said seriously, “Alright, come with me then. Remember, you’re a member of the King of Xinan’s Residence. The Jian family can’t do anything to you!”

“I understand,” Qian Qing said as her eyes glinted coldly. With so many people supporting her, she was no longer afraid of the Jian family.

After watching Yu Yunxi and Qian Qing leave, the little bun sat on a stone bench and ate grapes, feeling bored.

Suddenly, a tall and slender figure descended from the roof and stood in front of him.

When the little bun looked up, he saw his father standing in front of him. Shocked and nervous, he choked on a grape.

Feng Yili’s gaze darkened, and he stepped over to pat the little bun’s back.

When the grape fell out, the little bun sighed in relief.


“Thank you…”

The little bun suddenly stopped speaking. He had almost said, “Thank you, Father”. He reacted quickly and hurriedly covered his mouth. After a moment, he said meekly, “Thank you, Your Royal Highness.”

While he prayed inwardly that his father did not notice anything, he asked in a low voice, “Your Royal Highness, why are you here?”

‘Mother just spoke about strengthening the guards, but Father broke in again.. This strength is really overwhelming,’ the little bun thought to himself with a sigh.

Feng Yili glanced at the little bun and said lightly, “The guards from the King of

Xinan’s Residence are too weak…’

The little bun sighed, unable to refute those words. He picked up the grapes and continued eating them. His cheeks were bulging as he said, “Your Royal Highness, if you’re looking for my mot… my aunt, you’re a step too late. She has already left for the Jian family…”

Feng Yili looked at the little bun with a meaningful expression and said, “I know you were pretending to sleep last night…”

The little bun froze. Then, he turned around stiffly and asked meekly, “So?”

“Do you want to call me… Father?”

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