Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 115 - Chapter 115: In Fact, I’m the Biological Mother of this Child

Chapter 115: In Fact, I’m the Biological Mother of this Child

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Yu Yunxi shook her head. “Consort Qin, this is too precious. I can’t accept it.”

“You saved Princess Consort Rui and the child in her womb; you’ve done a great deed. It’s just a string of Buddhist prayer beads. Take it,” Consort Qin said, adamant that Yu Yunxi accept her gift.

Yu Yunxi knew she could not refuse it so she took the string of Buddhist prayer beads and said seriously, “Thank you for the reward, Consort Qin.”

Just as Yu Yunxi was about to withdraw her hand, she accidentally touched Consort Qin’s hand. She frowned slightly.

‘As a consort, why are there calluses on her palm?’

Yu Yunxi’s expression did not betray her thoughts.

Consort Qin raised her head to look at Yu Yunxi and said, “I heard that the Empress Dowager has summoned the heir of King of Xinan’s Residence and his son to the palace. I’m sure you must be very worried so I won’t delay you anymore. Hurry up and go to the Empress Dowager.

These words immediately reminded Yu Yunxi of her godbrother and son. Her heart tightened, and she quickly nodded. “Thank you for your reminder, Consort Qin. I’ll take my leave first.”

As Yu Yunxi hurried away, Qian Jiao and Qian Mei quickly followed after her.

Qian Jiao asked worriedly, “County Princess, did that b*stard Emperor make things difficult for you?”

“He asked me to investigate the matter of Princess Consort Rui being poisoned,” Yu Yunxi replied solemnly.

That day, when she told Jian Xin that she was poisoned, Jian Xin was shocked. It seemed like Jian Xin knew who the culprit was, and it was someone she knew. Who was it?

Qian Jiao scoffed and said angrily, “That b*stard Emperor doesn’t want to find the culprit. In fact, he hopes that you won’t be able to find the culprit so he can punish you, right?”

Qian Mei’s expression was also very ugly.

‘Stupid Emperor! He won’t feel at ease unless he’s making things difficult for the King of Xinan’s Residence!’

“Let’s not talk about this first. Junjin and Godbrother have already entered the palace, right?” Yu Yunxi asked worriedly.

“Yes, County Princess,” Qian Jiao quickly replied.

“Let’s look for them.

In the Empress Dowager’s Fushou Palace.

The Empress Dowager sat on the peach blossom chair, and a palace maid was fanning her at this moment. She looked down at Shen Hezhi and the little bun before she said with a chuckle, “The heir of the King of Xinan’s Residence is just as charming as the King of Xinan back then…”

Shen Hezhi was dressed in a white robe. Although he looked a little weak, his face was still handsome, and his eyes were devoid of emotions. He said in a neither servile nor overbearing manner, “You’re overpraising me, Empress


“I heard that you’re not in good health. There are many imperial doctors in the palace. Let them come and have a look at you,” the Empress Dowager said nonchalantly. Although her hair was white, she did not look old. Her gaze was also very sharp when she looked at people.

‘Ha, is she worried that news about the heir being sickly is fake?’ Qian Qing thought to herself as her eyes flashed with anger.

Indeed. The Feng family was afraid and wary of the King of Xinan’s Residence day and night. They naturally hoped that the heir of the King of Xinan’s Residence would not live long.

Meanwhile, there was no change in Shen Hezhi’s expression when he heard the Empress Dowager’s words. He lowered his gaze to hide the emotions in his eyes as he said faintly, “Thank you, Empress Dowager. I’ll be happy if the imperial doctors have a way to treat my illness.”

The Empress Dowager looked at the old nanny behind her, and the latter quickly left.

Soon after, nearly ten imperial doctors entered with their medical boxes in hand. Based on their speed of arrival, it seemed like they did not come from the imperial hospital and had been waiting in Fushou Palace.

“Take a look at the heir of the King of Xinan. You have to think of a way to treat him,” the Empress Dowager said sternly to the imperial doctors.

“Yes,” the imperial doctors replied in unison, looking frightened.

Meanwhile, the little bun tugged at Shen Hezhi’s finger nervously when he saw the approaching imperial doctors.

Shen Hezhi patted his little head and said gently, “Don’t be afraid.”

It was not a lie that he was ill. If the Feng family wanted to confirm it, then so be it.

After the imperial doctors checked Shen Hezhi’s pulse, one of them approached the Empress Dowager and reported to her in a low voice.

The Empress Dowager’s eyes flashed when she heard the report. Then, she said with a sigh, “All right, you’re all dismissed. If there’s any good medicine, send it over.”

Then, the Empress Dowager shifted her gaze to Shen Hezhi and said, “You’ve suffered for so many years.”

“Life and death are fated. I’ve already seen through it,” Shen Hezhi said calmly. It was as though the person who was about to die was not him.

“This child is the King of Xinan’s grandson, right?” the Empress Dowager suddenly asked, looking at the little bun. She waved at the little bun and said,

“Come here and let me have a look.”

Shen Hezhi frowned slightly, but the little bun patted the back of his hand, silently comforting him. After that, the little bun smiled and ran to the Empress Dowager with his short legs.

The little bun said in a childish voice, “Junjin greets the Empress Dowager.”

The Empress Dowager was briefly stunned. After a moment, she smiled and said, “You’re not afraid of strangers at all. As expected of someone raised in the King of Xinan’s Residence.”

The Empress Dowager’s smile seemed more sincere at this moment. She had been in the palace’s harem for many years. When her grandchildren visited her, they were all very cautious. No one dared to look at her openly like the little bun did.

The Empress Dowager patted the little bun’s head, but her gaze suddenly turned cold when she thought of something. She asked, “Why didn’t I hear anything about the child’s mother? Who’s the child’s biological mother?”

‘What does the Empress Dowager mean by this? Why is she investigating the matter of the little master’s biological mother?’

Shen Hezhi and Qian Qing’s expressions turned slightly solemn.

The Empress Dowager continued to say, “In the past two days, I heard rumors that this child belongs to you and the County Princess…

It was also at this moment that Feng Yili and Luo Xiuran arrived. When they heard these words, their footsteps paused.

‘The Empress Dowager actually suspects that Junjin is the child of Shen Hezhi and Yu Yunxi?’

Luo Xiuran gulped as he glanced at Feng Yili, who was next to him, nervously.

The Empress Dowager continued to say expressionlessly, “The County Princess still holds the position of the Princess Regent. Moreover, she’s your godsister. Even if you’re not blood related, you still shouldn’t do anything rash.”

Shen Hezhi calmly smoothed the crease on his sleeve as he asked, “Where did the Empress Dowager hear such a ridiculous rumor?”

“Even if it’s ridiculous, it’s not without reason. Moreover, if there are too many rumors, it won’t be good for the King of Xinan’s Residence. Why don’t you tell everyone who the child’s biological mother is?” the Empress Dowager said sharply.

‘What’s the Empress Dowager’s motive for forcing Shen Hezhi like this? Is this also a way to trouble the King of Xinan’s Residence?’ Luo Xiuran frowned.

Meanwhile, Feng Yili’s gaze was very dark. He wanted to walk in and say that Yu Junjin was his child.

Just as Feng Yili and Luo Xiuran crossed the threshold, Qian Qing suddenly stepped forward and said loudly, “Your Majesty, in fact, I’m the biological mother of the child..”

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