Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 101 - Chapter 101: Going Back

Chapter 101: Going Back

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“County Princess, the maidservant’s corpse has already been discovered, but the palace has suppressed this matter. We can’t find much information,” Qian Jiao whispered to Yu Yunxi after she walked into the room.

Yu Yunxi was reading her mother’s medical journal. When she heard Qian Jiao’s words, she looked up slowly and said, “Think of a way to plant our spies in the palace. It would be best if they can be planted next to the Empress.”

The portrait of the Empress and that black-clad person were not simple. Perhaps, they could find clues from the Empress.

“By the way, how’s Feng Weigeng?” Yu Yunxi asked.

“County Princess, news from Jingyue Hall says that the Twelfth Prince’s right hand can no longer be used, and he’s become a mute. He also couldn’t remember what happened. There was nothing the imperial doctors could do,” Qian Jiao reported, looking like she was in a good mood. There was no need to guess. It must be the work of Yu Yunxi.

‘The Twelfth Prince deserves it! Who told him to hurt Little Master?’


At this time, the little bun ran in.

“What’s wrong?” Yu Yunxi’s icy expression immediately turned gentle when she saw her son.

“It’s nothing. I just wanted to see you,” the little bun said coquettishly.

Since there was no outsider here, the little bun did not wear his human mask, revealing a face that was very similar to that of Feng Yili. Yu Yunxi was slightly dazed when she looked at her son.

‘How can they look so alike?’

After regaining her senses, she said to her son, “Tell me, what are you thinking?”

He was her son after all. She knew what he was going to do as soon as he moved his butt.

The little bun smiled sheepishly after being seen through by his mother. He rubbed his hands together and whispered, “Mother, when will I be able to see Father? I’ve not seen him for many days…”

The little bun’s eyes were filled with anticipation when he spoke.

Yu Yunxi sighed inwardly.

‘As expected, it’s because of Feng Yili.’

“Junjin, our situation is very complicated now. Everyone in the palace is watching us so we must be very careful. Otherwise, we risk implicating the King of Xinan’s Residence,” Yu Yunxi explained softly.

After a moment of silence, the little bun nodded obediently. Although he was disappointed, he said firmly, “Alright. I’ll listen to Mother. If I can’t see Father now, then so be it.”

Yu Yunxi felt guilty when she saw how obedient he was. She quickly said,

“When things settle down a little, let’s look for your uncle, okay?”

“Alright,” the little bun quickly said with a nod. When he saw the books on the table, he asked curiously, “What are you reading, Mother?”

“I’m reading the book your grandmother left behind,” Yu Yunxi replied softly.

Last night, she went through her mother’s belongings and found a few remaining medical journals. At first glance, the books were normal, but after flipping through them, she saw those strange characters on a few pages. It should be the same ones that Doctor Li mentioned. She copied all of them down, but she could not figure out what they meant.

The little bun tilted his head and asked in a childish voice, “Huh? Mother, did you have the same dream as I did?”

“The same dream? What do you mean?” Yu Yunxi asked, confused.

“I saw these characters in my dreams before. I didn’t recognize them so I thought that it must be because I didn’t study hard enough, ” the little bun replied seriously.

Yu Yunxi and Qian Jiao were thoroughly shocked.

“Junjin, are you sure you saw these in your dreams? Why didn’t you tell me about them?” Yu Junjin asked seriously as she held the little bun’s shoulder.

“Yes, Mother. At that time, I didn’t think too much of it so I didn’t say anything,” the little bun replied.

‘What’s going on?’

Yu Yunxi frowned. She knew she had never shown these characters to her son before, but why did they appear in his dreams? Why was it that so many mysterious things happened after she returned to the capital?

“It seems like I’ll have to gather all of Mother’s medical journals before I can figure it out,” Yu Yunxi muttered under her breath. Alas, some of the books were with the Wei family, and some of them were with Yu Wanrong.

Yu Yunxi’s eyes glinted coldly when she thought about Yu Wanrong.

Qian Jiao, who was standing at the side, asked softly, “County Princess, are you going back to the Yu Residence?”

If Yu Yunxi wanted the medical journals, she would have to look for Yu Wanrong.

“Didn’t the Yu family send a letter last night?” Yu Yunxi asked in a low voice.

“Yes. It’s said in the letter that Old Master Yu has returned. They said as the Eldest Miss of the Yu family, you should return,” Qian Jiao said respectfully.

‘Old Master Yu? Grandfather?’

Yu Yunxi’s eyes shone coldly when she thought about this. Her so-called grandfather had bullied and embarrassed her mother many times in the past. “Alright. Let’s go back. How can I not go back when the Yu family has yet to fall?” Yu Yunxi muttered under her breath as she lowered her gaze.

Causing Yu Zhongcheng to lose his official position was just the beginning. Her ultimate goal was to completely destroy the Yu family.

At this moment, Qian Qing walked in and said grimly, “County Princess, the Yu family sent people over again. This time, they said Old Master Yu ordered you to return.”

Qian Jiao said darkly, “County Princess, it’s clear that they don’t have good intentions. I’ll accompany you if you’re going back.”

“No need. You and Qian Mei stay in the Revival Hall. Qian Qing will go back with me,” Yu Yunxi said softly.

Qian Jiao frowned, but she understood Yu Yunxi.

Among the three of them, Qian Qing was the calmest and most skilled in martial arts. She was also skilled in medicine and was from a noble family in the past. There was no doubt that she would be of great help to Yu Yunxi.

At this moment, the little bun suddenly said seriously, “Mother, I want to go back with you.”

“No,” Yu Yunxi refused him without any hesitation.

The people in the Yu Residence were no jackals. Few of them had good intentions. How could she bring her son with her?

“I want to go back with you, Mother. I’m a big boy now, and I should protect you!” the little bun said seriously.

Yu Yunxi thought about it for a long time before she finally agreed.

Her mother had lived in the Yu Residence for many years, and her son had dreamed of those strange characters. Perhaps, she would be able to find something if she brought him back.

Yu Yunxi suddenly asked, “Where’s Aunt Qing? Tell her that go back to the Yu

Residence with me.”

After moving out of the Yu Residence, Yu Yunxi told Qian Jiao to find Aunt Qing a place to live. Now that she was going back to the Yu Residence, it was time for Aunt Qing to prove her usefulness. After all, Aunt Qing knew quite a bit of Madam Chen’s secrets. Most importantly, there was the matter of the Empress and Yu Zhongcheng.

In the Yu Residence.

An old man with a piercing gaze sat on the main seat in the hall while Old Madam Zhou sat next to him.

“Where’s Zhongcheng?” Old Master Yu asked unhappily.

The atmosphere in the hall turned strange as soon as these words were spoken.

After a moment, Yu Qianyu, the Seventh Miss of the Yu family, scoffed and said, “Where else could he be? He must be at the brothel.”

Yu Qianyu could not conceal her resentment at all when she spoke.

Yu Zhongcheng had many concubines in the Yu Residence, and Yu Qianyu’s mother was not favored. Not only that, but after her father was dismissed, he visited the brothels every day and even said that he wanted to make those women his concubines.

How could Yu Qianyu not feel dissatisfied?

Meanwhile, as soon as Old Madam Zhou heard Yu Qianyu’s resentful words, she reprimanded loudly, “He’s your father! The head of the Yu family! What right do you have to speak about your father like that when you’re just a concubine’s daughter?”

Yu Qianyu quickly lowered her head and apologized, “Grandmother, I was wrong.”

The others were also dissatisfied with Yu Zhongcheng. However, with Yu Qianyu serving as an example, they did not dare to say anything.

Old Master Yu said, “He’s been dismissed from his post, it’s only natural that he needs to vent his frustration. If you women can’t help him, then you shouldn’t add to his trouble.”

Old Madam Zhou shut up as soon as Old Master Yu spoke.

Old Master Yu continued to say commandingly, “However, as the head of the family, he shouldn’t be so decadent. Bring him back. In a few days, I’ll enter the palace. If I can meet the Emperor, I’ll try to intercede on his behalf.”

Although Old Master Yu had been away for a long time, he still loved having the Yu family under his control.

“Old Master, that’s great! Zhongcheng is meant to be an official, after all. It’s a loss for the Emperor and the people if he doesn’t serve the country! It’s Yu Yunxi’s fault. She’s the one who harmed Zhongcheng!” Old Madam Zhou started to complain.

“Where’s Yu Yunxi?! A concubine’s daughter should not know her place. Does she think she’s so great just because she’s been conferred the title of County Princess?” Old Master Yu shouted, slamming his hand on the table.

At this moment, an icy voice rang from the entrance.

“Grandfather, are you looking for me?”

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