Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Chapter 638 - Discovering Trace

Chapter 638: Discovering Trace

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Bei Feng was unmoved as he focused on the fifth section of his spine.

Large amounts of golden blood appeared from the silverish blood, forming a new piece of spinal bone.

The new bone was golden, filled with intricate patterns.

Bei Feng’s aura began rise rapidly as his cells transformed. As soon as the spinal bone was formed, the blood that flowed from it became golden.

Originally, the percentage of golden blood in Bei Feng’s body was already 30%, but in the instant that the fifth section of spinal bone was remolded, it’d reached 35%!

Bei Feng looked at the small increase in golden blood in his body, and muttered to himself, “Looks like it’ll be harder and harder to form more golden pure Yang blood Qi the further I advance. It might not be possible to completely change all my blood into the golden one in the Thousand Year King realm.”

Perhaps it would still be far from causing a complete change to all his blood even when his entire spine had been transformed.

After remolding my entire spine, I might need to fully clear all my blood vessels and meridians before this change could happen.

With just a mere thought, Bei Feng could feel his scalp growing numb.

Remolding the spine was a doable task. It only required him to cultivate to the peak of the Thousand Year King realm.

However, to completely clear all his meridians…. Bei Feng felt that that task was more difficult than advancing to the Ten Thousand Year Realm.

He’d already cultivated for so long, and spent a terrifying amount of resources. However, he’d only cleared less than 10% of all his meridians to date.

Although there was another 10% that was on the verge of being cleared together.

Still, the remaining 80% would definitely require an astronomical amount of resources to clear!

Only by sacrificing something can one gain anything. How can there not be a price to pay to have power that far surpasses that of the other cultivators at the same level?

Bei Feng shook his head. That he’d managed to achieve perfect blood Qi fusion and have power enough to sweep through the Thousand Year King realm all had to be attributed to the efforts he’d placed into building his foundations.

A powerful body would be able to handle energy better, and in return, abundant energy would have a nourishing effect on the body. Bei Feng had spent a huge amount of effort on both aspects, allowing him to have foundations that exceeded other cultivators’ at the same level.

“Now, I just need to cultivate. It’s also about time to break through.”

Bei Feng’s voice was calm as if he was talking about an extremely normal thing.


Bei Feng gathered a ball of blood Qi, and directly sent it rushing against a certain space in his chest.

Inside that space, there were large amounts of soil and a stalk of Celestial Emperor Bamboo.

It was like a small world by itself, where blood Qi floated in the air, emanating light and heat.

As Bei Feng’s blood Qi slammed into it, the chaos around it began to shatter. At the same time, the entire space began to expand to 20,000 meters!

At the very center, the lake widened continuously. The origin of the water source had only been about the size of an infant’s fist, but now, it already reached the size of an adult’s fist.

This source was continuously spouting clear spring water, which was actually condensed Heaven Earth Ling Qi!

This lake was extremely strange, and didn’t seem to have formed from any source, appearing naturally instead.

Bei Feng looked over, and saw a few lotus leaves floating on the surface, each one no bigger than a child’s palm. They were dark gold in color instead of green, just as if they’d been made out of metal.

Bei Feng was somewhat confused. This lake and the lotus leaves had appeared too abruptly.

“My knowledge is still too lacking… Perhaps the Eternal Heaven Sect would be able to provide me with some answers,” Bei Feng muttered to himself. There was completely no information that pertained to perfect blood Qi fusion in the outside world.

“The Celestial Emperor Bamboo is growing well. In a while, it will reach 6,000 years of maturity. At that time, its ability to absorb Ling Qi will increase further.”

Bei Feng looked at the Celestial Emperor Bamboo with satisfaction. Originally, he was still a little worried that the Celestial Emperor Bamboo would not be suited to be planted in this space, but it unexpectedly was actually very well suited to this environment.

Right now, the amount of Ling Qi that it swallowed every day was equivalent to several hundred or thousands of peak-grade spirit stones.

By the time it reached 6,000 years’ maturity, the Celestial Emperor Bamboo would be able to absorb energy of a much higher grade.

Bei Feng did not rely on the Ling Qi that the Celestial Emperor Bamboo produced to cultivate, and instead allowed it to absorb everything.

After all, sucking away the Celestial Emperor Bamboo’s Ling Qi would affect its growth.

If the Celestial Emperor Bamboo’s Ling Qi was sucked away every day, it would definitely not be able to grow in that year anymore.

Right now, although this Celestial Emperor Bamboo was still not comparable to the parent stalk that Shui Yuntian had taken away, it wasn’t too inferior.

In just a few more months, it would reach 6,000 years’ maturity.

Bei Feng did not know what this space was good for, but since it’d formed because his blood Qi fusion had reached perfection, it shouldn’t be so simple as being just a space to grow plants.

Bei Feng opened his eyes and began to wash himself in the wooden tub.

Right now, his cultivation had already reached the fifth layer of the Thousand Year King realm. In the Thousand Year King realm, he wouldn’t have many opponents capable of contending against him.

“At this rate, I probably wouldn’t need to construct the Star Gazing Tower to achieve a battle strength that could fight against Ten Thousand Year Realm experts at the Thousand Year King realm!”

Bei Feng was in perfect control of this body, so he naturally understood how strong it was.

In the Thousand Year King realm, even those experts with 90% blood Qi fusion would not be a match for him.

Naturally, that applied only to those from small- to mid-sized sects.

Bei Feng was quite sure that if those disciples from the large sects with over 90% blood Qi fusion did not come out, he would be able to sweep across the Thousand Year King realm unhindered!

After all, those ancient and large sects were not simple existences. Their foundations were incredibly deep, and they did not lack all kinds of powerful cultivation and martial techniques. They were not something that small- and mid-sized sects could compare with.

However, this is only temporary. As long as I broke through one more small realm, there would only be a tiny handful of opponents capable of facing me in the Thousand Year King realm. Right now, I’m only at the fifth layer of the Thousand Year King realm. There’s still huge room for improvement.

Bei Feng smiled with ease. There were still four small realms from here to peak Thousand Year King realm. These four small realms were definitely sufficient to increase his strength manifold.

Bei Feng raised his head and stood up from the tub, his jet-black hair splayed behind his back.

His skin was fair and soft as if it would break with a flick of the finger. This skin was definitely enough to make any woman go mad with jealousy.

However, Bei Feng’s defensive strength was exceedingly strong, even to a point where a peak Hundred Year realm cultivator would not be able to do anything to him even if he stood still without moving.

“Family Head, we discovered traces of the Immortal Spirit Fish!” The moment he finished putting on his clothes, Lu Wei’s voice rang out from the outside, carrying a hint of delight.

“En, I’m coming.”

Bei Feng revolved his blood Qi without hurry. In a mere instant, his soaking wet hair became dry. Simply tying his hair up with a white ribbon, he headed for the deck.

The Yellow Golden Sea, whose end could not be seen, held an uncountable amount of resources. It also drew countless humans to hunt for the resources it held. However, the sea was ultimately still mainly a stage for the aquatic beasts.

Every year, countless cultivators were forever buried in the Yellow Golden Sea, disappearing in some unknown corners.

Even Lu Wei and the rest were somewhat worried, unlike the relaxed Bei Feng.

As bodyguards, Lu Bu and the others naturally had to consider much more. Their minds were stretched tight, afraid that a Ten Thousand Year Realm aquatic beast would burst out and swallow the entire ship while they were sleeping.

So, when they discovered traces of the Immortal Spirit Fish, everyone’s heart relaxed considerably.

Bei Feng came onto the deck and cast his sight out as he looked at the shoal of fishes several tens of thousand meters away.

Over 100 multicolored fishes could be seen.

The Immortal Spirit Fish looked incredibly beautiful with dazzling colors. Although their bodies were covered with different colors, they did not look ugly or confusing. Contrarily, the colors looked strangely complementing and breathtakingly beautiful.

There was over 100 of such fishes, and each of them was over five meters long. It was a shoal of adult Immortal Spirit Fish.

Immortal Spirit Fishes grew exceptionally slowly, only gaining an extra centimeter each year! For them to grow to five meters, these fishes were all at least 500 years old!

Only Immortal Spirit Fishes that were over four meters were considered fully mature fishes, and only those could sell for 60 peak-grade spirit stones each.

The size determined the value of Immortal Spirit Fishes. Above four and below five meters, they were worth 60 peak-grade spirit stones.

Above five and below seven meters, one was worth 100 peak-grade spirit stones.

Above seven and below 10 meters, they were worth 300 peak-grade spirit stones.

As for Immortal Spirit Fishes above 10 meters, they would fetch astronomical prices!

At the very least, they would fetch 10,000 peak-grade spirit stones each!

And that was just an estimated value. If one’s luck was good, it was possible to sell it for tens of thousand peak-grade spirit stones!

It was exceedingly rare to see an Immortal Spirit Fish over 10 meters long. The moment they appeared, countless people would snatch them madly.

Only the eyes of an Immortal Spirit Fish over 10 meters long could be used to produce the spirit power ability pill: the Fish Eye Chaos Pearl!

In addition, the blood and flesh of an Immortal Spirit Fish over 10 meters long were not inferior to the energy in Ten Thousand Year Realm Demonic Beasts. The skin of these fishes was also an excellent material for making top-grade defensive clothes!

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