First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce

Chapter 1628

Chapter 1628: Chapter 1628: cold or not


“If you still don’t get up, don’t blame me if someone drags you down to get a few burly men to kill you! ” Xi Lingheng’s face was cold as he interrupted her. He had already stepped onto the bicycle Then, a low but cold voice rang out. “If I can’t count to three, you’ll just wait here for someone to kill you. Three, two… ”

Fang Xiao did not wait for him to count to one and immediately jumped onto the back seat of his bicycle. Before she could even sit firmly, Xi Lingheng’s bicycle had already stepped out like a fly. Fang Xiao’s body instinctively swayed twice She almost got off the bicycle, so she quickly grabbed his waist to steady herself.

When they passed the road at the entrance of the Bar, Fang Xiao clearly saw that the woman’s friend had already chased after them, and those people were actually holding sticks in their hands.

Although Xi Lingheng’s bicycle was broken, he rode it very quickly. Perhaps he was afraid that the woman’s friend or something would catch up to him, so he did not walk down the main street completely. Instead, he shuttled through various small alleys.

It was cold, very cold. Because it was snowing, it was below zero degrees Celsius. Xi Lingheng’s bicycle was moving as fast as the wind. The cold air kept pouring into his mouth, so cold that Fang Xiao could not stop shivering.

“Don’t you know how to hug my waist? Hug Me tighter. Put your face on my back so that the cold air won’t go into your mouth, ” Xi Lingheng’s voice came from the front Then, there was a cold snort. “I’ve never seen anyone more stupid than you. When people see a fight, they can’t even dodge in time. But you’re a hothead. You just charge straight up. ”

Fang Xiao was immediately unhappy when she heard that. Her face, which had just been pressed against his back, suddenly turned away She snorted coldly and said, “stop the car. I’ll get off here. If you want to go back and earn money, it’s still not too late. Maybe that woman hasn’t left yet. Tonight, it’s my fault for being nosy and ruining your opportunity to enjoy beauty and earn big money, right? ”

Xi Lingheng, who was in front, could not help but laugh. He felt that the small hand on his waist had disappeared He could not help but whisper again, “alright, black girl, I’m just afraid that you’ll suffer a loss if you go up. I’ve been working at a bar for a long time. I can handle many situations by myself. What I mean is… ”

“You mean that I overstepped my bounds today, and overestimated myself and became a hothead? ” Fang Xiao gritted her teeth and jumped down when he pinched the brakes and was about to cross a speed reduction belt.

Although it was already a speed reduction belt, and although he had pinched the brakes quite a bit, it was still a level road, and the bicycle was still in operation. Therefore, due to inertia, she still fell on the snow.

“ouch. ” Fang Xiao rubbed her ankle, which had been twisted because she jumped too fast, and couldn’t help but cry out in a low voice.

Damn it, she thought that she would be fine after jumping down, but who would have thought that she was wearing a pair of high-heeled half-bucket boots today? She had not stepped on it properly after jumping down just now, and her ankle had actually twisted.

Xi Lingheng’s bicycle had skidded for a while before he rode back. When he saw her rubbing her feet in the snow, he could not help but pull the bicycle to the side. Then, he walked over and squatted down beside her.

“What’s wrong? ” He frowned and asked, “did you fall and hurt yourself? If you’re fine, who told you to jump off the bicycle? ”

Seeing that she did not speak and was just rubbing her ankle with her hand, tears welled up in her eyes from the pain, she immediately reached out again, grabbed her boots and took them off.

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