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Chapter 776 - Silver Corona Completely Transformed

Chapter 776: Silver Corona Completely Transformed

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The Sacred Sword Wielding Queen was only full of happiness and hope now.

Lin Yuan could not help but sigh at how easily gluttons were placated with food.

The Golden Lotus Brocade Pearl and Sea Burial Lotus Flower’s fairies murmured the names they were given, and the Sea Burial Lotus Flower’s fairy flew up to Lin Yuan’s shoulder to kiss his face.

The Sea Burial Lotus Flower’s fairy’s cold expression became even more flushed as it whispered, “Master, I like the name Silver Corona.”

Lin Yuan did not think that it was strange for Silver Corona to kiss him as it was just a sign that it liked its name.

Although Brocade Zither also wanted to fly up to Lin Yuan’s shoulder and be closer to him, it did not dare to land next to Silver Corona.

Silver Corona noticed how Brocade Zither was acting and pulled Brocade Zither down to land on Lin Yuan’s shoulder.

“Master, I like my name too,” said Brocade Zither meekly.

Lin Yuan used True Data to check on Silver Corona and Brocade Zither’s characteristics.

Brocade Zither’s True Data showed that it had perfectly inherited everything from the Golden Lotus Brocade Pearl.

[Fey Name]: Golden Lotus Brocade Pearl (Brocade Zither)

[Fey Species]: Crassulaceae genus/Cyperus-type

[Fey Grade]: Bronze (10/10)

[Fey Type]: Source/Fairy

[Fey Quality]: Legend


[Copious Juices]: Increase the amount of juices stored in the leaves and congeal it into protein when properly nourished.

[Wrap Leaves]: When the leaves mature, a layer of wood protein will form on the exterior, which will store all the energy from inside the leaves.

Exclusive Skill:

[Lively Plant Pearls]: After training, the plant pearls will form new ones if they are sufficiently nourished. When nutrients are depleted, the new pearls will provide the main pearl with some nourishment. However, if the new pearls grow newer Lively Plant Pearls, they will separate from the main body to form an independent plant pearl.

It could be said that besides the change in type, the abilities and exclusive skills were all the same.

But after the Sea Burial Lotus Flower transformed into Silver Corona, the information on True Data had changed significantly.

The information about Silver Corona indicated that it was transforming.

The Sea Burial Lotus Flower had been growing quickly in the Spirit Lock spatial zone, and its grade had unknowingly evolved to Silver VII/Epic.

The Sea Burial Lotus Flower had always been different from other feys, and it did not evolve even when Lin Yuan injected pure spirit qi into it.

The Sea Burial Lotus Flower’s grade and quality were connected to the strength of the Sobbing Sea Crystals.

However, after the Sea Burial Lotus Flower transformed into Silver Corona, its method of evolution seemed to have changed slightly.

Such change was indicated as a suppressed state on True Data.

Feys knew best how to evolve themselves.

When Silver Corona’s intelligence had still been developing, Lin Yuan had to guess everything about its transformation and evolution.

Now, Lin Yuan could just ask Silver Corona if he had any questions about it.

“Silver Corona, is there anything I can do to help you during your transformation?”

Silver Corona hurriedly replied, “Master, I was just about to ask you if you could pluck my Sobbing Sea Crystals for me.”

Lin Yuan was surprised by Silver Corona’s words. The Sobbing Sea Crystals were Silver Corona’s main source of energy.

Why does Silver Corona want me to pluck its main source of energy? Won’t it cause its grade to drop from Silver VII/Epic to Normal I/Normal?

However, Lin Yuan did not reject Silver Corona’s request.

Lin Yuan strode toward the Sea Burial Lotus Flower’s main body and plucked the Sobbing Sea Crystals.

Once Lin Yuan plucked the Sobbing Sea Crystals, Silver Corona weakly collapsed onto Lin Yuan’s shoulder.

Brocade Zither was very nervous and worried about seeing Silver Corona fall from mid-air.

Lin Yuan checked on Silver Corona and the Sea Burial Lotus Flower using True Data and noticed that both had fallen to Normal I/Normal.

At that moment, Lin Yuan heard Silver Corona exclaim in delight, “Master, I can finally break through and complete my transformation!”

Silver Corona weakly flew over to the Sea Burial Lotus Flower’s main body. A moment later, rainbow lotus flowers bloomed at Silver Corona’s feet.

The rainbow lotus flowers caused corals to grow towards the roots.

Suddenly, the Sea Burial Lotus Flower’s roots became active and wrapped around the corals like snakes.

Finally, the roots seemed to melt and combine with the corals.

The spots on the corals quickly moved toward the Sea Burial Lotus Flower’s white flowers through the roots and caused the number of spots on the white flowers to double.

At that moment, Lin Yuan noticed Silver Corona’s aura shift from its cold intimacy to intense loneliness.

This intense feeling of carnage made Lin Yuan feel as though he had returned to a desolate sea bed that only had Bone Lotus Flowers as far as the eye could see.

As the spots on Silver Corona’s armor increased and moved, a large crown made of corals appeared on its head.

The crown looked extremely odd and was at least twice as large as Silver Corona’s body.

When the crown appeared, Silver Corona’s aura started to increase.

The spots in the coral jade had mostly been transferred to the small white flowers.

Lin Yuan realized that the Normal I/Normal Sea Burial Lotus Flower had evolved to Elite X/Epic and was evolving to Bronze grade.

He also noticed that Silver Corona was no longer a carcinoma fey.

It had now transformed into a fey with true abilities.

“Master, please choose my exclusive skill!” said Silver Corona.

Silver Corona’s aura increased again when it spoke, and it broke through its Bronze grade limit to become Bronze I/Normal.

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