Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 46: A Pack of Wolves Hunting

Chapter 46: A Pack of Wolves Hunting

Su Jin explained further upon seeing that Lin Yuan understood.

“The Source Seed’s evolution is different from regular feys. It is equivalent to a seed that you can mold as you wish. By feeding it, nurturing it, and guiding it, you can be certain of the Source Seed’s ability and evolution direction. I advise you to nurture the Source Seed into a healing-type fey as it will be useful for your condition.”

Lin Yuan had a good grasp of the Source Seed’s function now.

Simply put, this Source Seed was like an empty canvas. The Source Seed’s owner could create willfully on the canvas and decide the Source Seed’s evolution form, type, and ability.

Lin Yuan wasn’t planning to nurture the Source Seed into a healing-type fey. On the contrary, he was planning to nurture it into a pure combat-class plant-type fey. That way, he would be able to protect himself at any time and place.

In terms of combat, Lin Yuan had this insistence that he had to possess combat capabilities no matter what. Otherwise, if he became a pure Healer, he wouldn’t be confident in protecting his life.

Su Jin and Dong Hai gave Lin Yuan their contact information and told Lin Yuan to call them if there was any problem.

Lin Yuan nodded in agreement out of courtesy. Based on Lin Yuan’s personality, he would never seek help from others unless it was absolutely necessary.

However, their kind intentions were something that Lin Yuan would remember in his heart.

Auntie Su then took out another box and handed it to Lin Yuan. “This is my personal gift.”

Lin Yuan opened it and saw that it was filled with Radiance dollars. It was unknown how many there were in the stack, but it was at least 100.

Before Lin Yuan could say anything, Uncle Dong spoke unhappily. “Hey! Su Jin, didn’t we say we will give it together? Why did you give it first without telling me?”

He walked in front of Lin Yuan and took out a box smilingly. “Little Yuan, I also have a gift for you. Be it nurturing the Source Seed or supporting your younger sister at school, money is needed. Don’t you save on it. Your Auntie Su and I will be giving you Radiance dollars every now and then.”

He then stuffed the box into Lin Yuan’s hand.

Lin Yuan received it at first before he seriously latched the two boxes and returned them to Su Jin and Dong Hai.

“Auntie Su, Uncle Dong, I cannot accept the money.”

Lin Yuan didn’t explain much and just stood still with a smile. His eyes were filled with determination and sincerity.

Dong Hai got anxious in response and tried to persuade him. “Little Yuan, keep them, be good.”

“I feel that I cannot accept them.”

“I don’t need you to feel, I just need me to feel it is okay!”

Lin Yuan suddenly didn’t know what to say. Why did this Uncle suddenly become so slippery[1]?

Oil Alert!

As Lin Yuan was speaking, Su Jin had been looking at his eyes.

Su Jin was a member of the Spirit Guards that had seen life and death. She suddenly felt that this youth’s eyes were actually clear, sincere, and genuine. From these eyes, she understood that no matter what they said today, Lin Yuan wouldn’t accept the money.

“Dong Hai, enough! It is fine if Little Yuan doesn’t want it.”

She then took back to the two boxes from Lin Yuan. She kept one box to herself and tossed the other box to Dong Hai.

She didn’t forget to say to Dong Hai, “Don’t speak another word tonight.”

Dong Hai felt wronged and closed his mouth in embarrassment.

Lin Yuan realized that Dong Hai’s temperament became very straightforward and wasn’t as slippery as before.

It seems like Auntie Su is an expert in eliminating oil!

Su Jin suddenly changed the topic and said to Lin Yuan, “This time, a Class 1 dimensional rift appeared in Xia Region. It is connected with an insect world. As for now, there are still numerous alien insects in the rift’s vicinity. I can bring you along to see a Spirit Guard’s work. Do you wish to go?”

Lin Yuan immediately agreed and said firmly, “Let’s go!”

Dimensional rift, insect world, all these were things that Lin Yuan had never come in contact with before. However, it was inevitable to encounter these things in this world, so now that there was a chance, Lin Yuan naturally wanted to go.

Moreover, Lin Yuan wanted to understand more about the Spirit Guards’ work. It would also allow him to understand his parents’ experiences as they had also been members of the Spirit Guards.

Perhaps, there would be a day when Lin Yuan would venture into dimensional rifts alone.

There wasn’t a need to talk about the distant future. According to the news, the dimensional rifts would become active in another half a year, and alien beast waves would start to surge out from the dimensional rifts. By then, it would be something that he had to face.

Now that someone was offering to let him understand things in advance, it was truly a great chance.

Su Jin looked at Lin Yuan with approval and said to Dong Hai, “Later on, you will clear the alien insects. I will protect Little Yuan.”

Dong Hai’s eyes immediately lit up, and he quickly nodded.

Instead of acting as a bodyguard, fighting and clearing the alien insects was more fitting to Dong Hai’s style.

Su Jin circulated her spiritual energy and summoned her fey.

A snow-white avian with a wingspan of ten meters and thick and soft feathers, which were pure white, appeared in the air. The talons under the body had a dazzling metallic luster.

The avian’s head was slightly different from regular birds. Regular birds had a smaller head, but Su Jin’s contracted fey’s head was close to a third of the body.

Lin Yuan used True Data to check on this fey’s information.

[Fey Name]: Silk Feather Snowy Owl

[Fey Species]: Conceal Feather genus/Snowy Owl subspecies

[Fey Grade]: Platinum (8/10)

[Fey Type]: Qi/Ice

[Fey Quality]: Flawless


[Feather Assault]: Use the wings to activate an extremely fast flap. At the same time, shoot out razor-sharp side feathers from the wings.

[Feather Shield]: Use the body’s thick feathers to put on a damage defense.

[Snow Feather Thrust]: When shooting out cold-attribute feathers, the feathers will condense ice and execute a scattering attack.

[Snow Walk]: The extremely cold air currents form a snow avalanche on the surface of the ground to execute a snowstorm and ice burying attack.

[Protection of Snow]: Summon the power of extreme cold and condense hard ice to protect multiple targets and also to increase the resistance toward ice and snow.

Exclusive Skill:

[Rapid Cold]: Increase affinity with ice and frost, allowing all ice-type abilities to have the Rapid Cold effect.

The Silk Feather Snowy Owl was a flying and defense-type fey. But just by looking at the Silk Feather Snowy Owl’s talons, Lin Yuan knew that its attack power would definitely be extraordinary.

After reaching platinum-grade, without the abilities and skill, the fey’s physical body would already possess powerful damage output.

Su Jin’s Silk Feather Snowy Owl’s exclusive skill and nurture method was leaning toward offense.

It allowed this defense-type fey to have extraordinary defense and also outstanding offensive power.

When the Silk Feather Snowy Owl appeared, Chimey was frightened, and Lin Yuan quickly comforted it. After comforting Chimey, Lin Yuan left Chimey at home.

Lin Yuan didn’t want to bring along Genius and Chimey as it wouldn’t just be dangerous for them. At the same time, their extraordinary traits might be detected by Su Jin and Dong Hai. It wasn’t something that Lin Yuan wanted.

When Chimey evolved to bronze-grade, it wouldn’t matter if Chimey evolved into the ancestry line or had a spiritual variation. Its looks would definitely undergo an extreme change. By then, people would no longer treat it as a Sound Bird.

Under Su Jin’s instructions, Lin Yuan climbed at the Silk Feather Snowy Owl’s back.

This was the first time Lin Yuan was observing a Platinum fey from such a close distance, and it was also his first time riding on a Platinum flying fey.

He had to admit that the Silk Feather Snowy Owl was so cozy that it was absurd. When stepping on the Silk Feather Snowy Owl’s back, Lin Yuan felt he was stepping on a bed weaved with goose feathers. It was an absolute enjoyment.

When the Silk Feather Snowy Owl was flying in the sky, it was just like a floating cloud.

In just a short moment, it flew out of the Xia Region and arrived at the vicinity of the dimensional rift.

As soon as Lin Yuan got off the Silk Feather Snowy Owl’s back, he could hear faint sounds from all sorts of alien insects on this black night. It felt just like the insatiable butcher that was hidden in the dark.

At that moment, a part of uniformed personnel approached them. Su Jin handed her credentials and her crest. The uniformed personnel immediately saluted and left to patrol other places.

By looking at the outfit of these people, Lin Yuan immediately recognized them as the Redbud City’s famous Redbud Guards.

It was said that each Redbud Guard possessed a Gold fey, and they were considered the core strength of the Redbud City.

He didn’t expect so many Redbud Guards to be in the vicinity of the Class 1 dimensional rift. As of now, Lin Yuan already encountered more than three platoons.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s confused expression, Su Jin patiently explained, “The Class 1 dimensional rift is connected to an insect world. It might only be Class 1, but the danger level isn’t inferior to a Class 2 dimensional rift. The alien insects have strong reproductive abilities and can also evolve by eating their enemies. Their growth rate is extremely fast, so it is very hard to deal with them.”

All of a sudden, Lin Yuan heard a frail sound from behind, and he immediately saw Dong Hai brandishing his fist at the back.

An alien insect collapsed on the ground due to Dong Hai’s fist, and the poisonous fluid in its body was spraying out. It was obvious that it wouldn’t be able to survive.

Dong Hai was extremely stern and serious as he informed, “We are almost reaching the dimensional rift. By then, Little Yuan will be able to see exactly how dangerous this dimensional rift is.”

Soon enough, Lin Yuan looked at the front and could see a black and red crack that stretched across nearly half the place.

Inside the crack, he was able to vaguely see a wonderful world. From time to time, there would be some alien insects falling out of the crack.

It was such a shocking sight that caused Lin Yuan’s irises to contract.

From the looks of it, around 100 alien insects would be falling out of the dimensional rift at every moment.

It was unending and felt as though they were being forced out.

At that moment, Dong Hai shouted to the front, “Spirit Guard Dong Hai is requesting to lift the restriction on the dimensional rift to conduct a fundamental clean up!”

An individual flew over immediately after Dong Hai’s statement. After checking the credentials, the person started to give orders to the Redbud Guards that were guarding the dimensional rift’s vicinity.

Subsequently, Lin Yuan noticed a layer of faint obstruction under the dimensional rift had suddenly vanished. The dimensional rift felt as though it had ruptured, and all sorts of alien insects were rapidly gushing out.

Su Jin stayed beside Lin Yuan and was constantly describing and explaining the knowledge in regards to the dimensional rift.

“Little Yuan, there might be numerous alien insects bursting out of the dimensional rift, but most of these alien insects are elite-grade, and only the minority are bronze-grade. There are basically just a few silver-grade.”

Lin Yuan said with shock, “Even if that is the case, it will also take a long time to clean up, right?”

Lin Yuan had never witnessed such situations, and it was even more shocking than those scenes in sci-fi films.

Lin Yuan could hear Dong Hai speaking. “Little Yuan, I alone am enough to handle this small situation.”

This statement made Lin Yuan feel that Dong Hai was emitting that indescribable aura again, as though he had drunk down big bowls of oil.

Dong Hai snapped his fingers, and a Platinum fey appeared under his feet. It was a giant azure-blue wolf that was emitting a faint purple glow.

Dong Hai extended his hands and brandished them as though he was a conductor and yelled out, “Seek and hunt my wolves!”

The azure-blue giant wolf suddenly flashed, and Lin Yuan realized there were countless wolves that revolved around him.

The pack of wolves sprinted at the alien insects and started a hunting spree.

Lin Yuan took a glance at the azure-blue giant wolf with True Data, and his irises contracted.

[Fey Name]: Hidden Shadow Dire Wolf

[Fey Species]: Dire Wolf species/Canis genus

[Fey Grade]: Platinum (10/10)

[Fey Type]: Dark

[Fey Quality]: Epic


[Tear]: Use its fangs to tear up the prey and inflict penetrative damage.

[Claw Attack]: Use its sharp claws to sweep at the enemy and also rip the target’s flesh.

[Terror Howl]: Let out a horrifying howl that terrorizes the enemy and lowers the enemy’s defense capability.

[Hidden Dark Wave]: The wolf’s mouth emits an extremely destructive dark wave that is lethal within a short range.

[Shadows of Myriad Wolf]: Possess the energy to produce clones. Produce shadow wolf clones that are weaker than the actual grade. The number of wolf shadows is determined by the energy allocation.

Exclusive Skill:

[Energy Extraction]: During the hunt, rapidly absorb energy from the prey to replenish energy.

The Hidden Shadow Dire Wolf was nurtured into an utterly superior fey. The exclusive skill and abilities had the perfect combination.

The clone wolf pack was able to hunt the alien insect to extract the energy and continue to split into more clones, forming a cycle that was to counter low-grade prey.

This Hidden Shadow Dire Wolf was truly a killing machine meant to deal with low-grade alien insects.

The Hidden Shadow Dire Wolf allowed Lin Yuan to have new knowledge on the evolution direction, exclusive skill, and abilities. It was the same as opening the door to a new world.

Under the moon, the battle between the wolf pack and the alien insects was like an extremely beautiful flower of massacre that was blooming.

However, Lin Yuan shook his head as he watched. Dong Hai, who was like a music conductor, revealed a handsome and charming man’s expression. Especially the moment when Dong Hai spread out his arms, Lin Yuan’s mind flashed with the words: A leap of apocalypse![2].

Immediately after, Lin Yuan noticed an oil field that was as far as the horizon that had suddenly appeared!

[1] This is trying to describe a person that likes to brag

[2] This is supposedly taking reference to a League of Legends’ champion, Fiddlesticks’ ultimate spell

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