Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 398: The Pine Nut from the Pine Needle Spring Return Rat

Chapter 398: The Pine Nut from the Pine Needle Spring Return Rat

Lin Yuan recalled in his head when he had consumed the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar. He didn’t even have the time to carefully feel the osmanthus flower’s sweet fragrance among the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar.

He felt as if a lightning bolt had exploded in his stomach, and a kind of intense pain swept along the abdomen toward his internal organs.

Finally, this intense pain was then transmitted from the internal organs to the limbs, as if it was going to tear his body into pieces inch by inch.

Although it was akin to his entire body being reborn after taking the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar to cleanse himself, the pain he had to experience in this process was 100 times more torturous than death.

His master had said that washing away the soul’s impurities was not as easy as washing away the flesh’s impurities. He knew that after drinking this lotus root powder made from the Suzerain lotus feys’ lotus root and the Suzerain Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia’s osmanthus’s nectar, he would certainly suffer unbearable torture.

Lin Yuan had no way to understand the soul and what would happen after washing away the soul’s impurities. He couldn’t help but very much look forward to it.

The Moon Empress instructed Xi Cha, who was carrying the assorted lotus root powder next to her, “Take this bowl of lotus root powder over to Little Yuan first and then put the water in the hot spring.”

Xi Cha responded and bowed before retreating from the inner palace. She hurriedly went to help Lin Yuan clean up and set up the hot spring in that pavilion.

The Moon Empress told Lin Yuan some secret stories about the Divine Wood Federation for a while.

Then, seeing that it was almost time, Lin Yuan left the inner palace of the Radiant Moon Palace and went toward the pavilion where he usually lived.

There were many rare feys outside the Radiant Moon Palace, all running around like they were free-range in nature all over the Leaning Moon Mountain.

At present, many rare feys were frolicking and playing outside the Radiant Moon Palace unrestrainedly.

However, Lin Yuan did not have the heart to look at the surrounding scenery as usual. He covered his stomach with his hand in preparation for enduring a new round of sweet torture.

When Lin Yuan walked to the entrance of the pavilion where he lived, he saw a squirrel fey holding a nut half the size of its own body and kept knocking it for a long time but still did not crack open the nutshell.

At that moment, Lin Yuan’s line of sight and its line of sight intersected.

Lin Yuan saw the squirrel fey and immediately recognized it. It was the healing-type Pine Needle Spring Return Rat.

The huge nut was a Gold Iron Pine, which was planted on the Leaning Moon Mountain. This Pine Needle Spring Return Rat was only a Silver fey, so it obviously couldn’t crack open this pine nut.

The Pine Needle Spring Return Rat was very humane and had high intelligence among the rodent feys.

When it saw Lin Yuan rubbing his stomach and looking at the huge pine nut in its hands, the Pine Needle Spring Return Rat somewhat reluctantly rubbed the pine nut on its big fluffy tail.

Then it looked at Lin Yuan’s hand that was covering his abdomen and picked up this huge pine nut before scampering to his feet and raising the pine nut.

It had the look of ‘I watched you rub your stomach, and you look very hungry. I’ll give you this treasure to eat!’.

Lin Yuan squatted and took the pine nut from the Pine Needle Spring Return Rat. He had seen its little actions earlier clearly. It obviously wanted to eat it badly, but when it saw him rubbing his stomach, it shared the pine nut with him.

He understood that a large part of the reason for this situation was that there was a lot of food on the Leaning Moon Mountain. However, he had to admit that the Pine Needle Spring Return Rat had warmed his heart.

Upon seeing Lin Yuan take the pine nut, the Pine Needle Spring Return Rat turned around and scampered into the distance. It intended to find some nuts to eat on the Leaning Moon Mountain.

Lin Yuan let the amber-button-shaped source-type Source Sand on his sleeve transform into a wisp of fine sand that crushed the pine nut shell into pieces with force.

He took this huge pine nut and ran toward the Pine Needle Spring Return Rat’s route before throwing it with force. The Pine Needle Spring Return Rat immediately experienced having something fall into its lap.

It was a little confused. It had given away its Iron Pine, but why was it a pine nut kernel now?

When it turned around, it found nobody behind it.

Lin Yuan had already walked into the pavilion. Xi Cha was waiting for his return at the entrance.

When she saw him enter, Xi Cha hurriedly bowed and said, “Young Lord, the hot spring is ready. I’ve also added some Morning Lotus Clear Dew into it, which can help you wash your soul in the hot spring and calm your mind when removing the impurities on your soul.”

The corners of Lin Yuan’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. How painful was washing away the impurities on the soul?

The Morning Lotus Clear Dew was the dew condensed by the lotus leaves of the high-grade lotus feys when the morning sun arrived. The effect of calming the mind was comparable to the anesthetic of physical surgery.

After Xi Cha left, Lin Yuan took the bowl of assorted lotus root powder that contained the Suzerain Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia Nectar to the hot spring and drank it. Then, he entered the hot spring.

Once the lotus root powder entered his mouth, he felt an intoxicating pleasure. It felt warm and very comfortable in his stomach, and such a comfortable feeling spread from his stomach to his internal organs and then finally to his limbs.

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but be a little confused. Wasn’t this relaxing? This comfortable feeling was simply too good!

Just as this comfortable feeling rose in his brain, he suddenly felt like he had turned into Crazy Dave, and a huge wave of zombies was gnawing on his brain like crazy.

Such a feeling was not the kind one would experience if their head split open or skull shattered. Rather, it was a stabbing pain of the deepest part of his brain. It was as if being churned and squeezed to the verge of shattering.

The intense stabbing pain made Lin Yuan unable to find the pain’s specific location, so he could only grit his teeth to endure it. The pain dominated all his nerves, causing him to not even be able to scream in the hot spring.

Lin Yuan could only empty his mind to passively feel the painful sensation in the deepest part of his mind.

At that moment, under this extreme pain, Lin Yuan seemed to have seen the soul world that he had never had a glimpse of from the deepest part of his mind.

He only saw two cloudy illusory figures there with black-and-brown fragments constantly floating on their surface and were stripped away.

As these fragments were stripped away, the two cloudy illusory figures became more and more translucent and solid.

When Lin Yuan felt these black-and-brown fragments being stripped out of these two illusory figures, he felt the memories of his past life and present life in his mind became clearer and clearer. Even those fragments that were suddenly lost in the years all appeared clearly before his eyes.

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