Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 396: Carcinoma Fey, Sawtooth Devour Ant

Chapter 396: Carcinoma Fey, Sawtooth Devour Ant

The Moon Empress smiled and explained, “The Great Lush Federation is rather interesting. They are a nation of Scholars and benevolent merchants.

“The merchant guilds on the continent are mostly controlled by the Great Lush Federation’s citizens. It’s the reason they formed the supply chain, allowing for the Iron Hammer Federation and the Divine Wood Federation to make trades even though they refused to contact each other.

“However, the Great Lush Federation also has the greatest ambition. They have tried using the massive resources to control the Divine Wood Federation and the Iron Hammer Federation. However, they are also silently getting smashed up by the two federations.

“The Great Lush Federation is merely superior in terms of resources, but what they lack the most are top-class experts.

“As a result, the Divine Wood Federation and the Iron Hammer Federation send spies to the merchant guilds of the Great Lush Federation to plunder its controlled resources.”

After the Moon Empress finished explaining the three federations’ relationship, Lin Yuan couldn’t help but rub his head. It seemed like the three federations were like old foxes trying to scheme against each other.

Each party wanted to devour the two other parties. However, it was how they formed the mutual triangular tug of war. They would be biting each other mutually, forming a subtle balance.

On the surface, it might be a pool of calm water, but there were turbulent currents underneath.

However, this made Lin Yuan even more interested. After all, one could only catch a fish in muddy waters. The more chaotic it was, it would give more meaning for it to stir up the waves.

When the Moon Empress noticed Lin Yuan’s excited and interested expression, she was astonished. She didn’t think that her disciple was actually a little boor.

The Moon Empress suddenly had a thought that if she sent her disciple to the Iron Hammer Federation, would her disciple be using the iron hammers just like those muscle-headed brutes in the Iron Hammer Federation to negotiate or smash them on the head?

The Moon Empress was really afraid that once Lin Yuan teleported through the Space Tunnel, he might act violently with the factions on the other continents. She wasn’t afraid that Lin Yuan might create trouble, but it might cause Lin Yuan to fail on the objective of developing on the other continent.

But immediately after, when Lin Yuan asked his question, it dismissed the worries on the Moon Empress’ mind.

Lin Yuan asked, “Master, I have decided to set up a foothold in Divine Wood Federation’s city that is nearby. I will then slowly make contact with the Divine Wood Federation.”

The Moon Empress was filled with approval after hearing Lin Yuan’s question, but she asked, “Wouldn’t it be better to reveal your identity as a Creation Master in a major city of the Divine Wood Federation?”

Lin Yuan didn’t even consider and replied, “Creation Masters have such noble status in the Divine Wood Federation, even a Class 1 Creation Master already possesses the authority to decide one’s life or death. In such an environment, the amount of contribution and reward is always equal. I can imagine that it isn’t easy to survive as a Creation Master in the Divine Wood Federation.”

The Divine Wood Federation, Iron Hammer Federation, and Great Lush Federation were all connected together on the same continent.

For Creation Masters who had such esteemed status, it would be easy to develop in any of the federations.

The Divine Wood Federation was lacking heavily in Creation Masters, so they treated them particularly well. They would certainly make sure that the Creation Masters were under their control and forbidden from moving out.

As such, Creation Masters in the Divine Wood Federation were destined to lose their freedom. Perhaps, they weren’t just losing their freedom. They might also be in danger of losing their lives.

The Divine Wood Federation had an abundance of fey resources. As long as they had more high-class Creation Masters, the Divine Wood Federation would be able to develop rapidly.

But even after so many years of preferential treatment to Creation Masters, the number of Creation Masters in the Divine Wood Federation never increased.

It was evident that the Iron Hammer Federation and the Great Lush Federation had been making moves on the Divine Wood Federation’s Creation Masters in the dark.

It was probably that most of the Creation Masters in the Divine Wood Federation had hazily walked into the underworld while they were developing.

Back when Lin Yuan had been training in the controlled Class 3 abyss dimensional rift, he had already experienced firsthand the chaotic hearts of humans.

The lack of Creation Masters in the Divine Wood Federation allowed Creation Masters to hold such esteemed status in the federation.

Therefore, Lin Yuan couldn’t help guessing that the stagnant number of Creation Masters in the federation was probably related to the current Creation Masters in the Divine Wood Federation.

But the more Lin Yuan contemplated, the more he wanted to train himself in the Divine Wood Federation.

No one in life was born a genius without learning—it was the same for Lin Yuan.

Even though Lin Yuan had lived one lifetime before, Lin Yuan still had plenty of things to develop. Therefore, the more chaotic the place was, the faster Lin Yuan would develop.

Seeing that Lin Yuan had a clear objective, the Moon Empress didn’t give him any more pointers, allowing Lin Yuan to do as he pleased as long as there wasn’t any danger.

The Moon Empress knocked on the table with her finger and asked in a serious tone, “Do you know what a carcinoma fey is?”

Seeing the Moon Empress’ stern look, Lin Yuan sat straight and was also particularly serious.

Lin Yuan truly didn’t know anything about carcinoma feys, so he simply shook his head.

But seeing how the Moon Empress was so stern, it was obviously something he had to pay attention to.

“It isn’t a formidable fey, but once it appears, it will bring devastation to low-grade feys, making it known as the carcinoma fey. Just like the Sawtooth Devour Ants and the Poison Dust Locusts that appeared three years ago in Golden Edge City.

“Carcinoma lifeforms aren’t famous because they are rare mutated individuals in the natural world.

“The carcinoma feys occasionally appear in the Radiance Federation too. However, whenever a carcinoma fey appears, the Spirit Guards will subdue it before it can have time to become a danger.

“However, the Divine Wood Federation doesn’t have an organization like the Spirit Guards. Many individuals with a hidden agenda collect the carcinoma and use them as weapons.”

Lin Yuan felt the chills as he heard the Moon Empress’ explanation.

Back when the Sawtooth Devour Ants and the Poison Dust Locusts had appeared in Golden Edge City, they had caused the ranked 7th Golden Edge City among the 32 major cities to drop last in the ranking.

It was simply a disaster, and Lin Yuan never expected the disaster’s culprit to be the Sawtooth Devour Ant and the Poison Dust Locust, the two carcinoma feys.

At the start of the disaster, the adventurers outside the Golden Edge City had merely felt there was a sudden increase in ants that they seldom encountered.

When these ants appeared individually, they were very fearful of humans. Even if they formed groups, they might not run far away from humans, but they would always do their best to make a detour.

Therefore, most of the adventurers hadn’t noticed them. Even the members of the Spirit Guards hadn’t really paid attention to the ants that were the sizes of a green bean.

But just after three days, when the residents of Golden Edge City had woken up, they were shocked to notice that Golden Edge City had been surrounded by an ant horde, turning the surrounding area black.

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