Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 379: I’m First-Class Among Flowers

Chapter 379: I’m First-Class Among Flowers

Under the strange gaze of the Ostrich Logistics courier, Lin Yuan received the delivery with some uncertainty. Then, the Ostrich Logistics courier rode on his own flying fey and speedily left 500 meters from the Return from Faraway mansion as if he was escaping.

Lin Yuan looked at the Silver fey storage box of Gold ingredients that he had bought from Big Brother Feng and lowered his head to sniff the smell on his clothes.

He only felt his stomach churning again, so he hurriedly used Morbius’ Calm Mind on himself. Only then did he save himself from ejecting a parabola from his mouth.

Since Lin Yuan was standing against the wind in the empty space outside the mansion, his clothes were also stained with the fishy smell of the flesh of the water world dimensional lifeform.

This fishy smell stayed on longer than the fragrance of perfume. If one did not wash it properly a few times, they would not be able to get rid of this fishy smell.

Lin Yuan hurriedly took this Silver fey storage box of Gold ingredients back into the mansion and put it on the table made of completely jade-textured wood. Then he went straight upstairs to take a shower and change his clothes.

After cleaning the fishy-smelling clothes he had just taken off, Lin Yuan thought that he should really change his name into Lin Suffering.

He had jumped into the man-made lake once that night, been cleaning the courtyard for three hours, taken two baths, and changed clothes twice.

What was this called if it wasn’t suffering?

Lin Yuan suddenly paused. It was okay if he wasn’t called Lin Suffering. He could be called Brother Bathe.

His biological clock had been changed, and he slept before 11 o’clock every night. Lin Yuan looked at the time now and realized that it was already past one in the morning.

However, he was not sleepy because of the fishy smell of the water world dimensional lifeform’s flesh.

He went downstairs and took the Silver fey storage box of Gold ingredients to the kitchen. He sorted them on the huge kitchen cabinets that almost occupied one side of the wall.

After arranging the Gold ingredients, Lin Yuan carefully washed his hands before returning to his room.

After returning to his room, he thought of the beeswax box that Mystic Moon had brought to him on behalf of his Master, the Moon Empress when he had come earlier.

Lin Yuan summoned the not-so-large beeswax box from his amber-button-shaped Diamond fey storage box. After he leaned on his back, opened it, and saw what was inside, he sat up on the bed.

There were a total of three items placed inside. There was a delicate-looking openwork pendant made of Flowing Cloud Beeswax.

This pendant was engraved with layers of osmanthus patterns and looked to be full of a kind of ‘pure’ feeling.

Layers of osmanthus seemed to be dappled in the shade of the tree and growing. There was a small groove above the pendant. Lin Yuan looked at the size of this groove and took out the Extreme Token he had previously placed in the Spirit Lock spatial zone with a flip of his hand.

This Extreme Token contained the Moon Empress’ one-time moonlight domain. It was also a treasure that she had left to him in addition to arranging a Path Protector, the Mother of Bloodbath, for him.

The moonlight domain sealed by this Extreme Token could not only protect him but also allow him to unleash a fatal blow when necessary.

This Extreme Token could be set in this openwork pendant made of Flowing Cloud Beeswax. Lin Yuan looked at its groove and found that it could fit perfectly.

A pattern of a half-moon at the bottom and top was revealed from the hole of the Flowing Cloud Beeswax pendant. The osmanthus pattern on this pendant was like a quietly growing osmanthus under the moonlight night.

It had the feeling of ‘The osmanthus flowers bloom in the evening, and the faint shadow reflects in the curtains. They fall with the wind, and the fragrance lingers at night.’

They did not compete and were quiet, but they had become the most beautiful scene under the moon.

There is no need for green foliage and red flowers, for I’m the first class among flowers.

Lin Yuan somehow suddenly thought of this line of poetry. This verse might be considered a kind of encouragement!

After another look at the Flowing Cloud Beeswax pendant, Lin Yuan stood up and put a black string through the hole before hanging it on his neck. Then he put the pendant close to his chest, inside his clothes.

The Flowing Cloud Beeswax was a kind of spiritual material that could quickly channel spiritual power and was very sensitive to spiritual power.

Since he had placed the Extreme Token inside the pendant, as long as Lin Yuan circulated the spiritual power within his body slightly and channeled it into the pendant, then the Extreme Token inside would immediately be activated and release the moonlight domain sealed within.

As he looked at the three star-shaped stamens on the osmanthus engraved on the Extreme Token, Lin Yuan immediately recognized it as the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia. The Moon Empress should have carved out this pendant by herself stroke by stroke.

As for the other two items in the amber box, one of them was a light-greenish liquid in a crystal bottle. When Lin Yuan took a look at it, he saw a line of words engraved on the walls of the bottle.

“Disciple, this source-type item is a spatial source-type item. This bottle of spirit fluid is a spirit fluid with Hollow Crystal Shellfish’s shell powder.

“As for how to use the spirit fluid in this bottle and that source-type item, consider it as a test from me.”

After looking at the words on the bottle, Lin Yuan suddenly felt that his Master wanted to give him something but had to find an excuse because of the independence he had always been talking about.

This made Lin Yuan feel very ashamed, and this was the first time he wondered if he was too overly independent!

However, if he wanted to make a career, he could not rely on the Moon Empress for everything, even if he could do so for a lifetime.

After a careful study of the test that she had given him, even if a Class 2 Creation Master could not necessarily see the effect of this source-type item after contracting it, they could also see how a source-type item should actually be contracted.

At a glance, the light-green spirit fluid in the bottle was related to the method to contract this source-type item. If he knew how to contract that spatial source-type item, he naturally would know how to use that light-green spirit fluid.

The Moon Empress had always known that he was a Class 2 Creation Master, so this was not considered a test at all.

The moment Lin Yuan opened the stopper of that bottle of light-green spirit fluid, pure spirit qi mixed with medicinal properties assailed him.

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