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Chapter 369: A Good Opportunity for the Moon Empress

Chapter 369: A Good Opportunity for the Moon Empress

Hu Quan had been at the mansion for some time. During that period, he had noticed that Lin Yuan mostly used his cell phone to book a flying fey to travel when he went out. It seemed that Lin Yuan should not have a flying fey at the moment.

After Lin Yuan heard Hu Quan’s words, he touched the back of his head and said, “Uncle Hu, I haven’t prepared a flying fey that I can ride on outside.”

Although the little gray fellow in the Spirit Lock spatial zone was a Grus fey, and Grus feys were good at flying, not all of them could fly.

For example, the Cassowary feys were not good at flying. They could only flap their wings and flew a dozen meters away, but they were usually fast and powerful. Their claws could easily grasp through metals that were of a higher grade than them.

The little gray fellow’s genetic model had not yet been fully shown, so Lin Yuan was not sure if it was good at flying.

When Lin Yuan had decided to raise this little gray fellow, he did not decide to use it as a flying mount.

Upon hearing that, Hu Quan’s eyes immediately lit up. “Lin Yuan, when I contract the Bronze/Legend Wood Weaving House Centipede and let it become a Fantasy Breed, I’m confident of building a fey carriage made mainly of jade-textured wood.”

Hu Quan rubbed his hands together and chuckled as he said this again. Clearly, he wanted to make a big piece out of the completely jade-textured wood.

When Hu Quan saw Lin Yuan’s thoughtful look on his face, he continued saying, “Thanks to the Fantasy Breed Wood Weaving House Centipede’s split spinneret, I can use the jade-textured wood to build a variety of sophisticated objects, mixed with some high-grade metals, which can allow the fey carriage to have a very strong defense. Its interior can also be decorated comfortably.”

Lin Yuan nodded in approval. He felt that Hu Quan’s proposal was good.

Lin Yuan would never want to experience the discomfort of riding on a Divine Travel Black Swallow if he was not in a hurry and had a choice.

The feeling of sitting for a long time was like having 30 Wet-Nurse Rong[1] poking your butt with needles. It simply hurt too much.

The fey carriage did not refer to the kind that he could drive with before the Spirit Qi Awakening. Rather, it was to be pulled by feys in front and was somewhat similar to the horse carriage in Lin Yuan’s previous life.

However, the fey carriage was much larger than the horse carriage. A fey carriage could be used on land, water, and air depending on the fey pulling it.

Nonetheless, the feys pulling the carriages were mostly flying ones with abilities that had defensive effects.

Generally, more than three flying feys would be pulling the fey carriage in front. If each of these feys had abilities with defensive effects, in addition to the carriage’s defensive effect, these flying feys could also effectively play the role of protecting the carriage.

Even if there were millions of benefits of having a fey carriage, most spirit qi professionals would not choose to build one, as the resources needed to do so were just too much.

Rather than building a fey carriage, they would rather cultivate a flying fey for transportation. Therefore, the fey carriage was something that only veteran factions with a deep foundation would consider building.

It was undeniable that the fey carriage was sturdy with strong defensive properties, and one could also decorate its interior comfortably.

Hu Quan had given such an opinion because he felt that Lin Yuan’s foundation was enough to build a high-end fey carriage.

After all, Lin Yuan could take out a Bronze/Legend Wood Weaving House Centipede within ten days. Given such a capability, building a high-end fey carriage was very easy.

Hu Quan’s offer to build a fey carriage was actually a way to repay Lin Yuan.

Building a high-end fey carriage was not a small project. Even though Hu Quan, a Class 5 Spirit Craftsman, had always been working hard like this, he would also take at least two months to use a Blacksmith’s spirit to carve out a fey carriage.

Finding a Class 5 Spirit Craftsman who used two months of effort to stay up late and make a fey carriage was not something that could be done with money.

Even veteran factions had to provide some favors after promising enough benefits. They even had to help the Class 5 Spirit Craftsmen search for some kind of rare materials as payment, and only then would it be possible for them to invite the Class 5 Spirit Craftsmen.

The new batch of completely jade-textured wood within Lin Yuan’s Spirit Lock spatial zone was about to mature. He could get 20 wooden boards from the completely jade-textured rare wood in one go, which were more than enough to make the horse carriage’s bottom.

Lin Yuan was not lacking in materials to make the fey carriage but the flying feys pulling the carriage.

Lin Yuan had always been different from ordinary Creation Masters. Although he could easily enhance Bronze/Epic feys and even Bronze/Legend feys, he had no way of doing so for high-grade feys.

Given his current level of a C-rank spirit qi professional, he could only enhance Gold feys at most now.

Even if he used the crystals condensed by Morbius’s Spirit Qi Condensation, he could at most raise the feys’ grade to Platinum.

As long as Lin Yuan was in his right mind, he would never use the spirit qi crystals to enhance the flying feys pulling the fey carriage.

Although one spirit qi crystal would condense every seven days, it was still considered a shortage of resources to Lin Yuan. He still had to use the spirit qi crystals to first strengthen his feys.

Secondly, even if he did not need to strengthen his feys, would it not be good to use the spirit qi crystals to enhance Bronze/Legend feys?

When Lin Yuan was about to speak, a clear laugh suddenly came from the mansion entrance. Lin Yuan’s eyes lit up because he knew who had let out that peal of laughter.

He said to Hu Quan, “Uncle Hu, let’s put aside the fey carriage first. I still don’t have a flying fey that is suitable for pulling the fey carriage right now.”

Then Lin Yuan turned around and walked to the door. As expected, he looked at the entrance and saw a man standing there wearing a silver robe almost all year round. He was Mystic Moon.

Lin Yuan hurriedly said, “Uncle Mystic! You came over so late without informing me! I could have picked you up at the entrance of the mansion!”

Mystic Moon looked at Lin Yuan with a clear smile on his face and replied, “It’s cold in early winter. If I told you in advance that I was coming over and picked me up outside the mansion, you would have to stand in the chilly wind for nothing.

“Instead, it’s better that I come straight in and bring you the things your master has for you.”

When Mystic Moon entered the mansion, he heard the conversation between Hu Quan and Lin Yuan. Upon hearing Lin Yuan say that he did not have a suitable flying fey pulling the fey carriage, Mystic Moon secretly took Lin Yuan’s words to heart and intended to tell the Moon Empress when he returned to the Radiant Moon Palace.

Mystic Moon thought about how the Moon Empress was always dazed in the inner palace of the Radiant Moon Palace, thinking about what gift she should give to her disciple but never thought of anything suitable.

Wasn’t this a good opportunity now!?

[1] [Annotation text missing]

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