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Chapter 362: Lin Yuan Has Grown Taller!

Chapter 362: Lin Yuan Has Grown Taller!

Although it had to be said that Black had won this duel without much of a fight, this duel was very precious. Black had turned everyone’s perception of him upside down, after all.

He had used a combat system in this duel that he had never used before. It seemed that in this duel, he had yet to show his complete strength before he ended the duel.

At that moment, the viewers in Poison Beauty’s live-streaming room could not help but grumble about Poison Beauty. Why was she so weak that she let Black end the duel so quickly?

It was not even enough!

However, they were just grumbling.

Although Poison Beauty had many anti-fans, none of them would hate her strength. After all, her strength was self-evident.

Poison Beauty’s strength never lay in the fact that she had the two poison-type feys, the Gold IX/Elite Illusory Mist Western Jackdaw and Gold VII/Flawless Poison-Weaving Dark Spider.

Instead, it was because of the combination of the four poison-types feys’ abilities and exclusive skills after she had contracted the Silver X/Elite Carrion Parasol Mushroom and Silver X/Elite Tainted Toad.

Otherwise, she would not have made people so terrified in the Celestial Stairway promotion duels and been known as one of the most reliable goalkeepers.

At that moment, the viewers in Poison Beauty’s live-streaming room were very curious.

What was the chain blade that came out of the sea of sand?

How had Poison Beauty and the Illusory Mist Western Jackdaw died deep in the sea of sand?

Only Poison Beauty might be clear about this!

Or maybe it had happened so quickly that she had lost her life before she could even react.

In any case, Black had once again broken the impression that everyone had on him with a new posture. At the same time, Black had added another layer of mysteriousness that made people could not help but explore.

If many people felt that Black’s strength was his age and talent previously, when mentioning his strength, besides sighing about his age and talent, they would have to sigh about his true strength.

Black’s stance was like a natural disaster, completely killing Poison Beauty, an experienced combat-class spirit qi professional.

From this point, Black’s combat ability could be seen to exceed the standard of Gold. Previously, when he wanted to participate in the Radiance Hundred Sequence competition, even his fans thought he would merely be taking part in it this year.

They did not think that the strength Black had shown could qualify him to pass the competition this year and become a Radiance Hundred Sequence member. But now, based on the strength that he had revealed, it seemed to be possible for him to become a Radiance Hundred Sequence member this year.

After all, the strength that Black showed now had reached the level of Platinum.

So did he have any other hidden trump cards?

This was something that only the mysterious Black himself would know.

After Lin Yuan finished this Celestial Stairway duel with Poison Beauty, he did not plan to have another duel.

Lin Yuan checked Black’s personal data on Star Web.

Name: Black

Gender: Male

Height: 179cm

Weight: 62kg

Star Tower Floor: Celestial Stairway 6-Stars

Spirit Qi Occupation: Healing-Type Professional

Occupation Rank: C-Rank

Exclusive Achievement: Straight to Celestial Stairway (No losing streak from Star Tower to Celestial Stairway)

Contracted Feys:

Morbius (Bronze X/Legend)

Thousand Questions Beast (Bronze X/Legend)

Twilight Starbird (Silver I/Fantasy I)

Red Thorn (Silver I/Fantasy I)

Acid Corrosion Queen Bee (Gold I/Legend)

Source Sand (Gold I/Fantasy I)

Duel Record:

(Star Tower) Duels: 100, Wins: 100, Losses: 0, Highest Floor: 100

(Celestial Stairway Promotion Duel) Duels: 2, Wins: 2, Losses: 0

(Celestial Stairway) Duels: 6, Wins: 6, Losses: 0, Consecutive Wins: 0, Highest Star: 6

Lin Yuan saw his Celestial Stairway star rating had changed from Celestial 1-Star to Celestial 6-Stars.

After experienced five consecutive duels, nothing was difficult for Lin Yuan. The only one that could be considered difficult was the duel with Poison Beauty just now. If she had not given him so much preparation time and the Source Sand had not spread its formation, Lin Yuan would need to spend a lot of effort to defeat her.

However, Poison Beauty’s effort to stall for time had also happened to give Lin Yuan time to prepare.

Looking at his own profile, Lin Yuan was suddenly surprised to find that it was almost a new year. He had managed to grow a centimeter taller in the last few days, from 178cm to 179cm. He was also 500 grams heavier.

This discovery surprised Lin Yuan because he was someone who wanted to grow to 180cm!

At that moment, Lin Yuan saw Tian Ningning’s message.

Tian Ningning: “God Black, you’re simply too impressive! Your elemental source-type lifeform is really too powerful.”

Upon looking at her message, he could not help but blink his eyes. He could not afford to be called God Black!

Black: “Just call me Black.”

When Tian Ningning saw Black’s reply, she somehow felt a puff of youthfulness. He was just like a shy youth that had received a compliment.

When Tian Ningning recalled Lin Yuan’s elemental source-type lifeform, she sent a question.

Tian Ningning: “God Black, I wonder if you can tell me the grade of that elemental source-type lifeform that can manipulate gravel?”

When Lin Yuan saw Tian Ningning’s message, he could not help but look straight at how she addressed him.

However, he did not hesitate to reply.

Black: “Gold I/Fantasy I”

Lin Yuan felt he did not need to hide the grade of his source-type Source Sand. He knew that even if he did not tell Tian Ningning, the scholars would still figure it out at that time. Instead of that, it would be better to let his exclusive reporter reveal it openly.

After she saw his reply, she was elated and secretly shocked by his strength. After chatting for a while, Tian Ningning asked Lin Yuan about what to write about the five Star Web duel records.

Lin Yuan gave a brief reply and logged off Star Web. He looked in the mirror in his room to see if he had really grown a centimeter taller!

After looking for a while, he sighed. He simply could not see whether he had gone a centimeter taller. He also did not know how he had gained 500 grams.

At that moment, there was a knock on Lin Yuan’s door. He opened the door only to see Liu Jie standing there in glowing spirits.

Upon seeing that, he said with a smile, “Big Brother Liu, has the Cocoon of Evolution completed its parasitism?”

When Liu Jie heard that, his eyes flashed.

“Yes. The source-type Cocoon of Evolution has parasitized the Insect Queen.

“It will soon reproduce, suck the Insect Queen’s energy, and be able to reach Normal.

“At that time, the Bayonet Beetles inscribed by my Insect Queen’s Normal ability will be able to be enhanced.”

Upon seeing the glow in Liu Jie’s eyes, Lin Yuan knew that the Heart of Insect Swarm’s fighting spirit and ambition had returned!

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